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    josefsmoe reacted to MSU158 in Transfers   
    Even without Moisey, tOSU returns 5 AA's: Pletcher-4th, McKenna-3rd, Jordan-5th, Martin-2nd and Moore-4th. Of those 5, 4 have AA'd more than once and Hayes just missed as an R12 and is a very likely AA next season.
    So, that leaves Campbell, to either man 165 or 174 with Romero(a very high end recruit) coming off redshirt to man the other weight and Singletary to take on 285 with possibly better accolades than Romero.
    If Moisey mans 125, tOSU would have 6 returning AA's of which 5 had AA's more than once. Hayes and Campbell have won multiple matches and the two remaining guys would be blue chip recruits.
    PSU and Iowa look pretty damn tough, but you don't redshirt a team like that!
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    josefsmoe reacted to MadMardigain in Transfers   
    Did Cialas offer up a more compelling package?
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    josefsmoe reacted to BAC in For all those that blasted Courts for his Senior Season   
    I think if you read the full context of his comments, it is pretty clear that Courts attributes his weight difficulties to his own failings, not having grown out of the weight.  For example:
    All of it was self-inflicted, Courts said. He showed up on campus too heavy, spent an entire season worrying too much about his weight and took for granted all the little things that made a difference in the end. Courts beat himself.
    “My senior year, I came in 30 pounds over weight,” Courts said. “The whole year, I wasn’t worried about getting better at wrestling, it was about making weight. My biggest opponent was making weight. I couldn’t beat myself first, so that was always my biggest problem.
    “My discipline outside the room, my social life, management, discipline, I didn’t give my all,” Courts said. “Sometimes, talent really makes you believe you don’t have to follow all the rules. You get away with some things.”
    Source:  http://highschoolsports.pennlive.com/news/article/3525134740482105210/central-dauphin-grad-kenny-courts-bursts-onto-the-international-wrestling-scene-after-2-year-hiatus/
    I hear what you are saying; I think most folks here can sympathize with a rough weight cut.  But I see no need to foist excuses on Courts where he isn't making any.  Lets just applaud his candor and root for him to make a comeback.  The truth is he is massively talented, and his ceiling is way higher than what he achieved at tOSU.
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    josefsmoe reacted to BAC in For all those that blasted Courts for his Senior Season   
    2 time PA champ.
    But point taken -- tOSU does have a long history of failing to develop multi-time PA champs.  Maybe Courts would have been better off elsewhere.
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    josefsmoe reacted to boconnell in How Good are Women   
    I had a friend who was given some scholarship money as a basketball manager for that exact reason.  He was a starter in HS who had zero offers even for D3 basketball and his job was to hammer the D1 girls starters in scrimmages. 
    But I will say this is a stupid thread and Women's sports need to be enjoyed and celebrated for what they are rather than knocked for what they aren't.  Men's sprinters would get destroyed by mediocre horses but we still celebrate Usain Bolt for being the best in his sport and we put no asterisks on him because he is only the fastest human.  Let women be great without either pretending they are as good as men or pretending they are not good because they aren't as good as men.  
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    josefsmoe reacted to Coach_J in Which Greek God has it in for Nate Tomasello?   
    Think of it in the reverse:  NATO has the perfect script to ensure his legacy--takes out a nemesis from a school that has his number on the way to the title.  Avoids all the inevitable troll baiters saying, "Yeah, but if he had been on the same side as ----- he would have never made the finals."  In finals, he seals the deal by defeating the reigning champ or the most hyped wrestler in the weight over the past two years.
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    josefsmoe reacted to silver-medal in Which Greek God has it in for Nate Tomasello?   
    Is it Aries?  Hades?  Or Zeus himself?  
    How else to explain that if all goes to form he will see the toughest wrestler in the Iowa lineup in the semis for the third consecutive year? 
    I really think Lee and Nate are the top two at this weight.  I understand the bracketing.  But either Suriano or Cruz was done a big favor.  If Suriano is hurt, Cruz will "cruise."  And if he's ok, he has an easier path to finals than either Nate or Lee.  I'd personally like to have seen Suriano with the 3rd seed and Lee with #4. 
    Big team race implications involved in the way this weight was bracketed.  If I were rooting for PSU, I'd be happy.  
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    josefsmoe reacted to Aviator12 in Funny There Has Been No Mention   
    In the irony of Nick Suriano defaulting out of the Big Ten tourney, In a bracket on a collision course with NaTo. Didn’t Nate take a ton of flack on here for not wrestling Nick first weekend back from injury and here’s Suriano doing the exact same thing, right off a 9-2 win for the kid from Illinois. Jus sayin.....
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    josefsmoe reacted to Medicine_Man in Spencer Lee will win the NCAA's   
    No, this is Vak's year of redemption!

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    josefsmoe reacted to silver-medal in Gable Steveson @ NCAAs THIS SEASON   
    He doesn't place right this second.  He still needs to adjust.  Snyder mauls him.  Coon beats him easily.  
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    josefsmoe got a reaction from madcat11 in Tom Ryan accepts your apologies   
    I see you mock. Quality contribution.
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    josefsmoe reacted to NYWRESTLER94 in Tom Ryan accepts your apologies   
    His hands weren’t forced his wrestlers were just healthy
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    josefsmoe reacted to steamboat_charlie in Tom Ryan accepts your apologies   
    Did you think I was being literal...
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    josefsmoe reacted to madcat11 in Tom Ryan accepts your apologies   
    Regarding the accusations of seed protection.
    Predictable responses, commence!
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    josefsmoe reacted to NYWRESTLER94 in tOSU at Michigan - Prediction Thread   
    Pletchers in the probable line up unless he’s hurt he’s wrestling that’s always been the case at tOSU no matter how anyone else wants to spin it
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    josefsmoe reacted to Coach_J in that shoe company   
    Nike honcho Phil Knight axed wrestling so he could start baseball at Oregon.  Nothing circuitous about it.  He's a jerk and I won't ever buy a Nike product.  Adidas does just fine by me.
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    josefsmoe reacted to Medicine_Man in Cael and Marcus... what now?   
    Joey Davis, won four national championships,  the only D-II wrestler to ever go undefeated, and is only the third NCAA wrestler to accomplish the feat (the other two? Mat legend Cael Sanderson who did it in D-I and former UFC fighter Marcus LeVesseur who did it in D-III).
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    josefsmoe reacted to KTG119 in How do you prepare for a giant like Adam Coon?   
    Coon is aware 
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    josefsmoe reacted to tec87 in ASU Wrestle off   
    Had a terrible flashback to the ball grab era when seeing those scores.
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    josefsmoe reacted to Peso in Thanks Kyle   
    I know he has years of greatness ahead of him.  Possibly/Probably the GOAT when he decides to leave the shoes on the mat.  What I appreciate about him on top of his greatness is how hard he works to keep a whole nation of folkstylers and freestylers happy.  We can always count on him.  Duderino freaking challenged the guy who many said is the greatest pound for pound and he pulled it off...on top of crowning us World Champs.  Flys out late to the Yarigyn so he can wrestle a back-up hawkeye, and then goes out and wins the tournament.  Flys back, puts on his folkstyle hat and leaves his heart and soul out there.  Fell short, but sheesh!  What a freakin man!  I've known a lot of truly amazing men in my lifetime, but this man sure makes me proud to be a wrestler, and an American.  Good stuff!!!!  Continued success sir!
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    josefsmoe reacted to tabenn in Spencer Lee   
    I for one was shocked when Lee rode Nato for 2 min!
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    josefsmoe reacted to Fletcher in Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter   
    Anyone who would call a D1 wrestler a snowflake has never set foot in a D1 wrestling room. You're out of your flippin' mind.
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    josefsmoe reacted to treep2000 in tOSU's next few weeks.   
    This sounds extremely fair... do it.  Both of you...  it would be the most rational thing seen on these boards in... well...  ever.
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    josefsmoe got a reaction from NYWRESTLER94 in tOSU's next few weeks.   
    You are clearly an idiot. Tell you what, if Pletcher sits vs. Micic I will come on here, bash Ryan for seed protecting, apologize to you, claim you a genius, and I will never post on this board again. But, when Pletcher does wrestle you should come on here and apologize, and admit you are an idiot, and in the future point out to others that Tom Ryan and seed protection is a myth.
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    josefsmoe reacted to ionel in Cleveland ticket brokers   
    but did the Browns show up to play that day?  ;)
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