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  1. Dude shared the weight for a while with 5’3” Dave Nakasone.
  2. So going somewhere with a mascot named Pistol Pete is a natural fit.
  3. Nobody in the current field beat him at nationals last year, though.
  4. Micic-DeSanto final unless Wilson gets hot again.
  5. Lehigh and Penn State did a similar thing in 2007. https://lehighsports.com/news/2007/12/7/WREST_9675.aspx
  6. Congrats to the ACC for being the only conference to qualify over two thirds of its starters, including every one of its 133s, heavyweights, and Finesilvers.
  7. So there's a Lewboo. Has anyone considered calling this one BooLew?
  8. I'm just thinking about seeds. Yeah, dude's huge. Wins over Piccinini and LaMont, though.
  9. Who gets it if a B1G team gets blanked by an out of conference foe on a televised dual?
  10. Not convinced PSU's a lock at 197.
  11. They probably don't. Wasn't 197 redrawn a few years ago to prevent Huntley vs. Huntley?
  12. They get at least one of those two. (Assuming Haas and Gentile)
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