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  1. Another big match marred by technical difficulties that have been going on for years which it seems they have no interest in fixing. Then you have that absolute clown Christian Pyles take to twitter to talk rudely to people who are upset that they overpay for their garbage product. Honestly this is the product that wrestling fans deserve for accepting and supporting these guys.
  2. Time to get these amateurs out of the sport and get some real people in here who can get a product to work with some consistency. The marks will say something like "hey we get more access to wrestling now than ever" but that's more a sign of the times and technology than anything to do with FLO. These jabronis are the absolute worst.
  3. Wrong again. Neither of those two come close to guys like Lesnar, Cena, Orton or Reigns in overall popularity although the misleading live crowd responses might make it seem so.
  4. How about just putting the entire broadcast up as one event? Very simple
  5. Daniel Bryan is nowhere near the biggest or most popular star in pro wrestling
  6. His antics would fly less in today's WWE than they would in NCAA Wrestling
  7. Yeah he showed up at his house to recruit him because he didn't want him
  8. Most of the time they spend commentating on matches they aren't even showing, when it's not buffering that is. All the wrestling going on and they will show 45 seconds on injury and blood timeouts. Just a mess.
  9. https://www.flowrestling.org/pay If you scroll down from that link and read the info under "What is my PRO subscription?" in the faq, it gives details. Looks like I'll be done with FLO permanently after January because I only use FLO for a handful of events and can't justify paying for a whole year. Kind of a shame because I really like the US Open and the WTT events. USA Wrestling made a big mistake getting in bed with them. They've been awful for the sport.
  10. Sounds like a great deal. Will they have matches archived in bracket format like FLOarena does?
  11. 11/10, everything about the event this weekend was perfect.
  12. It was a great job all around and one of the best events I've ever witnessed.
  13. I'll give credit where it's due, not a single issue for me today. Lets see how tomorrow goes.
  14. I don't even know where to begin. I don't think I've ever watched an event on FLO that didn't have issues at some point.
  15. Early rounds will be spotty at best I'm thinking and the finals will be a major sh*tstorm I'm guessing with FLO addressing none of it. I'm thinking the best thing for me to do is stay off the internet until after the event and just watched the archived matches but sometimes they even f*ck those up.
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