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  1.  Is it a requirement to be an awkward nerd to be included on the panel? Holy **** is it hard to watch/listen. I watch mostly mainstream sports where these kinds of panels usually feature accomplished athletes and and personalities with, you know, personality. Say what you want about Willie but at least he's colorful. I'm out on it dog

  2.  Another big match marred by technical difficulties that have been going on for years which it seems they have no interest in fixing. Then you have that absolute clown Christian Pyles take to twitter to talk rudely to people who are upset that they overpay for their garbage product. Honestly this is the product that wrestling fans deserve for accepting and supporting these guys. 

  3. Your right I'm thinking 2015. AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamora are probably bigger names right now. Neither guy looks roided out.


    Wrong again. Neither of those two come close to guys like Lesnar, Cena, Orton or Reigns in overall popularity although the misleading live crowd responses might make it seem so.

  4. I don't have a solution to spoiler alerts. i understand fans don't want to know the results until they are able to watch, but we also have to 'report' results and add color to what happened. and the one's who haven't yet watched are in the minority. 


    as far as the "Match 1 vs Match 2" thing - i did label them as such in the description beneath each video.


    i suppose i should have titled them that way instead. 


    How about just putting the entire broadcast up as one event? Very simple

  5. The 2 biggest "roided up freaks" currently are Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Interestingly enough they are 2 guys they that have legitimate wrestling backgrounds.

    The biggest and most popular star in prowrestling these days is Daniel Bryan. Hardly a roided up freak. The days when the prowrestling industry wanted roided up bodybuilder freaks has passed, but you seem to be unable to get over that fact. Its far from the norm anymore. WWE has a very strict wellness policy in place where their performers get publicly fired for violating.


    As for ESPN? They're going to cover anything and everything that will draw them viewership, whether is the major professional sports organizations, WWE, or Texas Hold'm Poker tournaments. To not cover such events would be "irresponsible" as they would be missed opportunities for viewership.


    Daniel Bryan is nowhere near the biggest or most popular star in pro wrestling

  6. https://www.flowrestling.org/pay


    If you scroll down from that link and read the info under "What is my PRO subscription?" in the faq, it gives details. Looks like I'll be done with FLO permanently after January because I only use FLO for a handful of events and can't justify paying for a whole year. Kind of a shame because I really like the US Open and the WTT events. USA Wrestling made a big mistake getting in bed with them. They've been awful for the sport. 

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