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  1. Maybe they hit my account with that because I got a refund for OSU/PSU botch. Trying to get customer service to respond.
  2. There is no second option showing for me just the yearly.
  3. All I'm seeing is for a year. Maybe because I requested a refund for the OSU/PSU botch job.
  4. Just a heads up, I went to reup my sub and they only offered a yearly subscription, no more monthly. Be prepared to shell out 150 if you want to watch this weekend.
  5. What about a parent or relative who has no real interest in wrestling that just wants to see their kid wrestle in a select event? You going to lock them in for a year? Super shady stuff. These clowns have ended up being bad for the sport.
  6. Every decent streaming service out here has a monthly option to come and go as you wish. FLO can't handle that though?
  7. Went to purchase a monthly sub to watch the Open this weekend but the only option they have is to buy a yearly sub. If so, that is absolute garbage because they don't have events every month that I'm interested in watching.
  8. The past two shows have been great, both have great analysis of wrestling. When the show flows like that it's easily one of my top 3 favorite podcasts that I listen to and not just for wrestling.
  9. Today's episode was a great listen
  10. Constructive criticism and honest feedback is a good thing. I, as a consumer, am just voicing my opinion on the product. That is what forums are for. If you don't like it start a forum where it's nothing but high fives and bro hugs because everything in wrestling is awesome all the time.
  11. Let me start this off by saying when Willie and CP are actually talking wrestling, I enjoy the show and the analysis they provide. But for the love of God I don't tune in to listen to stories of CP being pulled over or where Willie shops for clothes, spending 20 minutes talking about their love for slim jims. I think at some point you got the lines crossed that people tune in for you as personalities and I assure you that is not the case. Is there any other weekly wrestling podcasts out there that center around discussion of the latest news and results? Askren and Rowlands show is probably the best one but it seems like it's too infrequent that episodes are released.
  12. I listened to the FRL show and they gave the impression that this was just a one time thing. This stuff happens constantly with their streams. I hope Trackwrestling keeps gaining ground because I really don' want to support these guys anymore.
  13. I do actually. I Get great wrestling on BTN and WatchESPN without any issues. It's great.
  14. No just me and everyone else in America has bad internet.
  15. Lol you can't be serious. I have Xfinity blast 150mb internet, stream every service out there and FLO is the only service that consistently gives me issues. Are you a FLO employee troll account.
  16. You must be the luckiest man alive, play the lottery tomorrow. Everyone I know who subs to FLO has constant issues with streams and have for years.
  17. The backlash was such that they couldn't just ignore the terrible streaming issues like they've done the dozens of times this has happened before.
  18. That does sound like some adversity to deal with. All the pressure and expectations that came from when you won a match in the wrestlebacks at the Susquehanna Open, must have felt like the whole world was on your shoulders.
  19. What a bunch of losers you guys are. Comparing your 2 years you wrestled for a bumf*ck D3 school to a P4P #1 recruit at a top D1 school like Oklahoma State who also competed under the microscope of the social media age.
  20. He's going to college, he just isn't wrestling in college.
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