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  1. Google "heel vs babyface" and then you can start to realize why sports like Boxing,MMA, and pro wrestling are multi million dollar industries and wrestling is in danger of not even existing.
  2. Found out it's the Sparta Cup. Thanks for nothing wrestling enthusiasts :)
  3. Heard about some guys competing in Puerto Rico this weekend but cant find anything on an event there. Anyone know?
  4. Fila is absolutely clueless. Lets stream the tournament with to America with an English speaking announcer but not stream any of the US matches
  5. Good stuff. Anyone know when the wrestling resumes?
  6. The guy is an all time great, when asked he says he is going to win.
  7. Flo got me taken care of and my stream up and running but still buffering quite a bit.
  8. I got the same thing and made a separate thread. Got no response from customer support or the flowrestling twitter. Basically we are screwed
  9. Unacceptable. Send a email to customer support and even tweet them about the problem for a solution and get no response. What a bush league operation they run.
  10. Was getting some lag on my pc so I restarted and now it wont let me log in because it says I'm logged in from another location. Any clue how to fix this?
  11. Don't be such a tool. It's just some insight into why they didn't perform up to expectations.
  12. "That's what I use for my takedown, the shoot, that people see, it's zero wrestling. It has nothing to do with my wrestling. My wrestling is once I get that leg, I'll finish the takedown. But how I get in and out is because of karate. People are like, ‘no way, Karate, no.' And I'm like, 'yes.' Karate allows me to cut the distance and take the people down. I have a very good single, a very good double and very good penetration. It's because of my leg, the way I do it, and the timing is because of my karate. I wrestle, too, but my karate is primary. Before I started wrestling, I was a karate guy pure." Interesting quote. Perhaps the D1 rooms should start practicing kata.
  13. Where do you see a list of participants?
  14. Don't mean to sound like a jerk in that last post either even though it comes off that way. NCAA wrestling is my favorite sport BY FAR and I'm a huge fan of just about every major sport. I hate to see it not get the support and recognition that it deserves.
  15. I'm all for putting butts in seats and numbers to TV ratings. These are the ONLY things that can save wrestling. Who cares for what reason a guy is watching or attending as long as they are there. But hey, if you want to have your little fraternity and remain a fringe sport while a new program gets cut every year then by all means enjoy it while it lasts. It's already gone from the Olympics, and NCAA isn't far behind.
  16. You also have to keep in mind that a wrestler is a different breed of a man. You think a Tom Brands type is going to lay down for anyone? MMA gambling is huge and they havent dealt with any gambling scandal so why would NCAA wrestling? Even in the rare instance that it did, has it killed other sports where it has happened? No, they are just as healthy as ever.
  17. Exactly! Thank you! I know they offer for NCAA's and Olympic's but I'm talking about for every dual and tourney, not just the rare event. For those thinking scandals are all of a sudden gonna pop up, how many NCAA matches were thrown over the years at the events they offer now?
  18. I guess you don't pay attention to the world championships and occasionally the Olympics. I don't get what you're trying to say. Of course I do.
  19. If you don't think that it will raise interest and TV ratings, well I don't what to tell you. It 100% would. As far as point shaving or guys laying down for money, these kids are so competitive and hard nosed, do you really think that would happen?
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