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  1. Yeah for one event and was only offered by a couple books. I'm talking about offering lines like they do for Football and Basketball. Also, just curious but what book was offering Dake at +2.5? Didn't see that number anywhere.
  2. Yeah but how often do point shaving scandals happen in other sports? Compared to how many games are played not many at all. Also those scandals didnt do anything to take fans love for the game away, those sports are as strong as ever. With the Olympics gone and probably not coming back, when does the trickle down effect come? It's not out of the realm of possibility that NCAA wrestling isnt even around 25-30 years from now and even then with maybe a dozen or two programs tops. I'm just thinking about the long term health of the sport which doesnt look good at all. I hope I am wrong.
  3. More people would care and watch it. If the gamblers can bet it, they will watch it. This is the best way to get more interest in the sport.
  4. You never made one point that had anything to do with him trying for the olympics. It was all bashing him for not wrestling at tough tournaments, which couldn't be further from the truth. Yeah he is down at 160, which is his natural weight, after wrestling up a weight and still beating the top guy in the entire country at that weight.
  5. I guarantee the guy has done more for the program he supports than 99 percent of the people on this thread.
  6. You implied that he ducks competition to protect his record when in fact he wrestles at the toughest tournaments that he can go to and takes on all comers.
  7. I don't like to get involve in the online pissing contest but Hammerlock, you are a moron. The kid won Super 32 last year and didn't compete this year at that event because he broke his arm at THE CADET WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Does a kid who ducks competition go to the world championships? He also tried his hand at the Junior level while being Cadet aged. As far as Beast and Ironman goes, the last I knew high school kids don't draw up their teams schedule. Get a clue.
  8. Great for the sport imo. It's a combat sport, promote rivalries and the like.
  9. I can't believe how hateful and mean spirited some of you are. I wish nothing but the best for both Alton boys and hope they learn from this to make themselves better people and wrestlers.
  10. Caldwell looked very explosive with good punching power. Could be a real force.
  11. Watching the Michigan State-Wisconsin dual and some of the comments from the girl commentator are pure comedy.
  12. I wonder if concussions/brain injuries factored into this.
  13. The guy was rated a 3 star football prospect by rivals. Not even the top 100 for his position. Wasn't really a big time football recruit.
  14. Is Deron Winn wrestling for them this season?
  15. Ah thanks. Maybe I should change my name to SansAttentionToDetail.
  16. So did I read this right? 5 matches on the Big Ten channel and the rest on online stream?
  17. Any of you Penn State guys know if he is done for good or just this year then looking to transfer? Would hate to hear he is hanging it up for good.
  18. I couldnt find anything online for it so I assume it hasn't been released yet. Just posting this in case I missed it or someone here is better at the internets than me. Thanks
  19. Where has Dirk Cowburn been all year?
  20. Yes but how is your Big Ten all access stream quality?
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