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  1. Velocity

    UVU 24 WV 9

    You can watch it on the UVU Wrestling Facebook page.
  2. Velocity

    UVU 24 WV 9

    LaMont pins Moisey in overtime, great match and great way for LaMont to begin his season!!
  3. West Jordan High School and Cottonwood High School in Utah are both seeking High School Head Coaches immediately for the upcoming season. If you are interested please see the Utah wrestling website, www.wrestleutah.com for details of who to contact. West Jordan: http://www.wrestleutah.com/news_article/show/412372?referrer_id=945899 Cottonwood High School: http://www.wrestleutah.com/news_article/show/413247?referrer_id=945899
  4. Velocity

    how to fix USA Wrestling HS level

    GuillermoBilletas - what state are you from? Do they not let you coach your club kids? You say the whole model is broken, are you referring to your state or all states? I don't think the model is broken in all states as some states run very nicely using the state model.
  5. Velocity

    Utah Valley 26 Arizona state 15

    Cooper and Meredith are two very important wrestlers to lose, 2 of their wins and 2 of their ranked guys.
  6. Velocity

    Utah Valley 26 Arizona state 15

    Yes it hurts to have their 174lber out but the fact that he was out doesn't change the fact that ASU lost and lost pretty good (due to bonus points). Injuries are a part of the sport and you deal with them. UVU could have won a lot worse as 165lber Cook lost on a call that could have gone either way, but bad calls are a part of the sport as well and Cook lost. UVU has a great program and they return 100% of their starters so it looks to only get worse for ASU if they wrestle again next year! Good job UVU, way to take it to the Sun Devils!