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  1. There's been a lot of drama at NIC within the last couple years, and I am not going to pretend like I know too much. Essentially, I would say that it comes down to an unjust firing of Whitcomb by a (now former, fortunately) AD who had a beef with him. Since then, there has been talk of them joining the club ranks around the NW and out of the NJCAA. There has been a lot of push-back since then--as there should be--but I'm not too sure where they stand now.
  2. I really liked doing this kind of drag (from the initial post), but I think it's so damn hard to teach. It takes a reaction from your partner/opponent that I don't think you can really replicate while learning the move and drilling it.
  3. I need to throw Daniel Igali's name in the mix. I wrestled with him in college, and there were some times when he was in the mood where I was absolutely helpless.
  4. Well, it was sure fun to watch wrestling again, even with the glitches. I would love to hear someone in a pre-match talk say something nice about their opponent. "Man, _____________ is GOOD. I think I can beat him, and I'm definitely going to try my hardest." This might have something to do with watching with my 5 and 7 year-old kids, but so be it. RBY and Taylor are pretty darn good at getting to those legs. I was excited to watch Caldwell again, and kudos for him for taking the match. As a 43 year-old, those matches are nightmares I still have: I'm wrestling in a big match but I haven't trained for it. How about Caldwell and Dylan Ness next time? Dake is great, but watching him "split wood" annoyed me more than it should have. Maybe he's on the cutting edge for that technique, too?
  5. Awesome. That's my generation there, and those guys were absolute studs. Guerrero would definitely agree that he had the best hair, too.
  6. While Washington obviously doesn't compare to the heavyweights like Ohio, Jersey, and PA, our group of champs from '95 have probably been our best in the last 30 years. Mat Orndorff, Kirk White, and Otto Olson lead the way, with a few other guys at the other levels.
  7. I actually coached against him in the 7th/8th Greco match in Fargo DC's senior year. He was a highlight real for sure, and I tried to catch every match of his after that. He also seemed like a cool dude, too.
  8. Mark Hall has to be on the list here, right? He was signing autographs for young fans minutes after losing to Valencia in the finals. Pretty awesome.
  9. Thanks for posting. That was a really fun event, one that I was lucky to witness in person. Little did I know--as a 13 year-old--that future me would wrestle with and get to know the some of the Canadian team very well in college.
  10. I'm a little confused here. The insinuation is that Reader is going to Oregon State, then - is that right?
  11. Do we know that IMar is a good coach? Exceptional wrestler, yes, but as we know this doesn't always translate.
  12. I am excited he will be at Simon Fraser next year. I've been able to watch him in this area since he was a little guy, and have always been impressed with him. SFU is getting some good recruits, and this is definitely good for wrestling in the Northwest.
  13. While I don't pretend to know the scoop at Nebraska, it sure seems like Snyder is waiting to take the reins once Manning hangs it up, doesn't it? Hearing so many great things about Snyder--and the performances from those Nebraska middle-weights--sure makes me think that he could have had a head coaching gig by now.
  14. MadMardigain and Plasmodium: Good stuff. I almost lost some of my coffee reading your posts. Nice.
  15. My friend has been to the OTC three times while both JB and Dake have been there. JB has taken all comers, wrestling anyone in the world who is there. He's also won all the sprints and done everything you would want your guy to do. Out of the three times that my buddy has been there, Dake has not wrestled one time, instead sitting on the sideline and watching.
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