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  1. I'm so intrigued by this. This hire could really boost interest in wrestling out in the Northwest. Did Barnes give any different names to add to the mix? Is anyone hearing anyone else's name?
  2. Adam Hall! How did I forget him? He would definitely be my choice over those other guys mentioned. I think his personality, work ethic, and knowledge of the area would suit the Beavers well.
  3. I agree with others on the Guerrero front - I don't think any Beaver fans would be happy with that one. I'm the same age as him--and from the West coast--and nothing he has done in the last 30 years has made me root for him. I like the idea of Varner, but I don't know enough about him personally. Perry would be a big splash. Cody Sanderson would be great, although I am sure he has been pursued for many other jobs, and I'm not sure what would make Oregon State different than the other possible situations.
  4. That's funny, as I just finished my 20th year of coaching high school, too. My kids are 4 and 6, so I have another 15 years or so in me! My dad is gone, but my mom still goes to most of our team's matches. I coach with my brother, too, which makes it a real family affair.
  5. My parents went to all of my events, all the way through college. They would rarely sit together, as Dad was tightly wound and he wanted some space from our fans. I have young sons myself, and I'll follow my parents' lead, every step of the way. One of my wrestling highlights came last spring in Vegas, when I re-introduced myself to Steve Sanderson and we chatted for awhile. (Cody--who still goes out of his way to say hi to me--worked me over a bunch growing up, and the Sanderson parents were absolutely wonderful to me and my family in the early 90s.) Steve remembered who I was, and just that mere fact fills me with pride.
  6. I agree. I know part of the IOC's rationale is that there are too many medals for wrestling. Why can't we just eliminate the ridiculous double-Bronze and add a couple weights instead?
  7. I've also heard that he's not a fan of Taylor, although I can't say that I have any inside information that he's going 86kg for this reason. I would like him to go 86, as I would love for him and Snyder to both be on the team.
  8. I would love to see it in Phoenix someday. Major city and airport, and let's not forget about the sunshine. Many wrestling junkies get their Vegas time at the US Open, which I think is plenty. The basketball tournament comment is relevant too, as I'm sure the city goes crazy that weekend.
  9. Gotcha. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks. So if the Open is right after the Trials, then we can reasonably assume that this won't be nearly as good as the years past, correct? What would be the point for guys to wrestle in the Open if they just wrestled in the Trials?
  11. I know this has been talked about a bit, but in my limited internet-searching capabilities, I haven't found answers to this question: Where and when will the US Open take place? Besides being genuinely curious about it, I am working on my wrestling trips next year, and if the Open isn't in Vegas at its usual time then I might take a year off from my usual Vegas trip. Thanks for any responses.
  12. Washington 1. Kirk White 2. Otto Olson 3. Chandler Rogers
  13. It's funny that Metcalf is mentioned here. I was in the corner as a coach against him in one of his many Fargo finals matches. His left-handed style, particularly in Greco, was very unfamiliar for our guy, and also very successful for Metcalf. I try to teach everything left-handed for all of the reasons previously mentioned.
  14. Isn't there a fair bit of Quentin Wright in Nickal's style? Rarely wrestling on their knees, lots of upper body attacks, and wrestling left-handed. Both aggressive, and very fun to watch. Have they wrestled together at all, I wonder?
  15. Obelix

    D1 vs D3

    Simon Fraser University, a current Division II and former NAIA school (in Canada), boasts a number of freestyle World medalists: Chris Wilson, Bob Molle, Jeff Thue, Chris Rinke, and Daniel Igali, to name a few.
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