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  1. The SFU women had fun with this, too. They had shirts made that had something to the effect of "I'm Mike Jones, B*tch" written on them. This is even more funny if you knew the wrestling Mike Jones.
  2. Mike Jones! He's the epitome of the kind of coach previously mentioned: the guy who deserves the credit but never wants or asks for it.
  3. Gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks.
  4. I'll bet this has been covered before, but after hearing that JB is sticking at 79 for the next couple years, I can't help but wonder if Dake will stay at 74 or go back to 79. Has this question been answered?
  5. Yup. Are these generous folks his parents? Great stuff.
  6. I'm guessing that they're still related, but the donors aren't his parents, and the guy I wrestled is not his brother.
  7. I wrestled a Varner from Bakersfield in 2000. I assumed--after Jake went to college--that they were brothers. I met Jake's dad (Steve, and not this donor) in Vegas a few years ago. "I wrestled your other son," I said. "I don't have another son," he said.
  8. Thanks. I finally found a little information, at least when they will be: September 3rd-5th. I vote for Vegas as the location! I think that's how it works, right? Posters get to vote on it.
  9. Where and when are the trials for the Worlds? Thanks.
  10. I have heard that some schools--Iowa, for one--have been able to add more to the typical 9.9 scholarships, and some have not. There is no right way to handle this entire situation, in my opinion, but this definitely adds another wrinkle.
  11. Yeah, I am sure hoping for it. I seem to recall someone mentioning that the arena there might not be well-suited for eight mats, or something like that. Otherwise, it's perfect: a place you want to be in March, a big airport, and plenty of lodging and accommodations.
  12. You're saying we should try to book two and half years in advance? Is that even possible?
  13. Argh. I can't help but be a little disappointed by these sites. I am biased since I am coming from the Northwest, but so be it. Is Tulsa better than Oklahoma City? I feel like that was one of my least favorite NCAAs in semi-recent years. And then while Philly is cool, I'm assuming it's the same arena as last time, which I feel was too much on the outskirts of the city. I've heard that Cleveland is better than their image, and I'm excited to check out Kansas City again. These are all first-world problems, I know. I was sure hoping Phoenix would throw in a bid, but I'm guessing their arena isn't a good fit. Imagine that possibility: NCAAs in a place you want to be in March!
  14. I was pretty good my freshman year, but not great. I had a goal to be top three in state (WA). When the state brackets came out, I saw that I had Jason Brines in the quarters, a match I wasn't optimistic about. (My older brother had barely beaten him the year before.) Somehow Brines loses his first match, and without knowing better I win the quarters and am in the state semis. A teammate who won it that year pumps me up on our way out of the gym that night: "Dude," he says, "you could be our state's first four-time state champ!" The thought had never really entered my mind, surprisingly, but then it did. I am so jacked to wrestle Brandon Bates in the semis the next morning. I get a great warm-up, go out there, and take him down immediately. Then he scores 17 straight points on me.
  15. There's been a lot of drama at NIC within the last couple years, and I am not going to pretend like I know too much. Essentially, I would say that it comes down to an unjust firing of Whitcomb by a (now former, fortunately) AD who had a beef with him. Since then, there has been talk of them joining the club ranks around the NW and out of the NJCAA. There has been a lot of push-back since then--as there should be--but I'm not too sure where they stand now.
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