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  1. I agree. I know part of the IOC's rationale is that there are too many medals for wrestling. Why can't we just eliminate the ridiculous double-Bronze and add a couple weights instead?
  2. I've also heard that he's not a fan of Taylor, although I can't say that I have any inside information that he's going 86kg for this reason. I would like him to go 86, as I would love for him and Snyder to both be on the team.
  3. I would love to see it in Phoenix someday. Major city and airport, and let's not forget about the sunshine. Many wrestling junkies get their Vegas time at the US Open, which I think is plenty. The basketball tournament comment is relevant too, as I'm sure the city goes crazy that weekend.
  4. Gotcha. Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks. So if the Open is right after the Trials, then we can reasonably assume that this won't be nearly as good as the years past, correct? What would be the point for guys to wrestle in the Open if they just wrestled in the Trials?
  6. I know this has been talked about a bit, but in my limited internet-searching capabilities, I haven't found answers to this question: Where and when will the US Open take place? Besides being genuinely curious about it, I am working on my wrestling trips next year, and if the Open isn't in Vegas at its usual time then I might take a year off from my usual Vegas trip. Thanks for any responses.
  7. Washington 1. Kirk White 2. Otto Olson 3. Chandler Rogers
  8. It's funny that Metcalf is mentioned here. I was in the corner as a coach against him in one of his many Fargo finals matches. His left-handed style, particularly in Greco, was very unfamiliar for our guy, and also very successful for Metcalf. I try to teach everything left-handed for all of the reasons previously mentioned.
  9. Isn't there a fair bit of Quentin Wright in Nickal's style? Rarely wrestling on their knees, lots of upper body attacks, and wrestling left-handed. Both aggressive, and very fun to watch. Have they wrestled together at all, I wonder?
  10. Obelix

    D1 vs D3

    Simon Fraser University, a current Division II and former NAIA school (in Canada), boasts a number of freestyle World medalists: Chris Wilson, Bob Molle, Jeff Thue, Chris Rinke, and Daniel Igali, to name a few.
  11. I couldn't read these messages without thinking about this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJnk4vI4lw8
  12. This is a silly question, but here goes: There's the trackwrestling $40 option to watch the NCAAs. Would I be able to watch it live through track, or is ESPN my only option? I don't have ESPN, and obviously I need to watch this weekend. Thanks.
  13. Let's not forget Hochstrasser in this discussion. He was great, and sure fun to watch. He had his mission after his freshman year. He was also Kuhn's coach at Boise, for whatever that's worth. If healthy--which is a big if--Kuhn could be the difference-maker in Cleveland.
  14. I love these topics- thanks for starting it. Mine are a little biased because I am a coach: 1. State Tournament (WA) Saturday 2. NCAA Friday 3. Worlds Day Two 4. Worlds Day One 5. State Tournament Friday 6. World Team Trials 7. NCAA Saturday 8. Fargo Quarters/Semis 9. US Open Quarters/Semis 10. Big Ten Sunday
  15. I heard from a very reliable source (who probably shouldn't be named) that Portland had at least worked on a bid, but if you can't find any information on it then perhaps it was never formally submitted. Oregon State would be--or would have been--the host school.
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