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  1. I'm a little confused here. The insinuation is that Reader is going to Oregon State, then - is that right?
  2. Do we know that IMar is a good coach? Exceptional wrestler, yes, but as we know this doesn't always translate.
  3. I am excited he will be at Simon Fraser next year. I've been able to watch him in this area since he was a little guy, and have always been impressed with him. SFU is getting some good recruits, and this is definitely good for wrestling in the Northwest.
  4. While I don't pretend to know the scoop at Nebraska, it sure seems like Snyder is waiting to take the reins once Manning hangs it up, doesn't it? Hearing so many great things about Snyder--and the performances from those Nebraska middle-weights--sure makes me think that he could have had a head coaching gig by now.
  5. MadMardigain and Plasmodium: Good stuff. I almost lost some of my coffee reading your posts. Nice.
  6. My friend has been to the OTC three times while both JB and Dake have been there. JB has taken all comers, wrestling anyone in the world who is there. He's also won all the sprints and done everything you would want your guy to do. Out of the three times that my buddy has been there, Dake has not wrestled one time, instead sitting on the sideline and watching.
  7. Good points on Fleeger and Hazewinkel over Simmons. The fact that Hazewinkel beat Simmons twice at the NCAAs makes the Simmons pick pretty silly now. Fleeger's NCAA losses were sure against tough guys, too! I also think Coon would beat Z nine times out of ten.
  8. That was awesome. Bormet kicked my ass in '99, and watching this match makes me feel better about it! He was sure great.
  9. I just read that the 2021 Worlds are still going to happen in Oslo. I'm happy about this--mostly for the guys and girls in the non-Olympic weights--but I wonder what the tournament will look like. Will the Olympic wrestlers work through and compete there to try to add another World medal to their collection? I know the women have had Worlds in Olympic years, and I can't help but think (and admittedly not know for certain) that there is an asterisk next to those medals. UWW has said that Oslo will most likely have the tournament several weeks later than the early October plan. I was dreaming about going, but now it's totally out of the question. I also wonder what the qualification process will look like? Maybe this will be connected to the US Open - that's my wish!
  10. Well, I think we're all pretty close, actually. I included guys who finished in 2000 and wrestled earlier, so that's why I have Frayer, Snyder, and Olson. Cael sure didn't help guys at 184 and 197 either, did he? The fact that Eggum and Vertus Jones could have qualified for this if we added a few years makes it even more amazing. Cael always wrestled someone very tough in the finals. Poeta and Snyder would be a doozy. Poeta was so fun to watch. Tyler Caldwell's stats are so good, but I can't erase Anthony Valencia demolishing him in Vegas as a high schooler. I'm fairly certain Kollin Moore would have won this year - and even if he didn't I would put Trenge and Brester over him. Hochstrasser would have been a 3-time top 4 guy if there weren't some transcript issues as a junior. No one else mentions Humphrey? It's fun to read all your opinions.
  11. All good calls from you all. I now remember I had Brester on my original list. He was sure a stud. I also wanted to note the crazy and epic 174 mash-ups between Kokesh, Storley, Evans, and Brown. Only one title between the four of them, but a dozen or so AA awards. I don't remember a group like this who wrestled each other so much for so many years that were as good as this group.
  12. I think this one is more open for debate, as there as so many guys who could be in each weight. I had some notes, but I can't seem to find them, so I am surely missing some guys. And again, this one could be objective if we just use their placements, but let's add some subjectivity to this, eh. 125- It's hard to go against Hazewinkel here--and I think I'll stay with him--but I think Gilman would sure give him a run for his money. 133- How fun would a folkstyle match be between Simmons and Hochstrasser? I'm going to go with the latter, mostly because he is sure a swell guy. Cody Sanderson and Graff get noted, too. 141- I'm going to go Humphrey over Kennedy and McKenna. 149- Frayer or Zadick? I'm going to lean towards Frayer, but I could be convinced otherwise. 157- Bryan Snyder. Green and Poeta were absolute studs, of course, but I'd top my list with Snyder. 165- Churella* or Tyler Caldwell? I'm going with the former here. 174- I'm going with Otto Olson here because (he's a local guy and) he was an absolute horse. 184- Roger Kish here? Or do I go with Cormier? I think I'll go with Cormier. 197- I don't think anyone can hang with Trenge here, can they? 285- Coon. I don't think there's a question here, either. Again, I'm sure I'm missing some great guys who should be on the list. I do appreciate your opinions and interest, and these are fun conversations to have.
  13. Thanks for the video. I had forgotten what an absolute beast McIlravy was. Just relentless. I went to school and wrestled with Igali--so I prefer their last three matches over the first three--but McIlravy (and Terry Steiner) were the guys who really helped Daniel improve the most.
  14. Thanks for the responses. A four person bracket at 133 might be needed to suss this weight out: Ness, Garrett, Scott, and Gomez. An eight person bracket will be needed for 149! I know this isn't a large subset, but it's interesting to me how this weight seems substantially tougher than 141. It's probably an anomaly, but interesting to me nonetheless. Becker over Leen? I think you convinced me. I should have added Letters to the mix at 165. 174 should be Koscheck, as Hall would most likely have not qualified for this One-Timer tournament. I coached against Caldwell in Fargo, in the Greco 7th and 8th match. I quickly learned firsthand what a dynamic wrestler he was, and he sure seemed like a cool dude, too. This definitely added interest and intrigue to his college career. The atmosphere in the arena when he beat Metcalf was unreal.
  15. Folks, Thanks for your participation in my last Dream Team. This one is a little different, but might be a little easier, as we can't really change wrestlers' weights. It's simple: Who were the best one-time champs in each weight since 2000? 125- I would say this is between Nickerson and Robles, with a slight edge to a healthy Nickerson. (I'm a little biased towards this generation, as I watched/coached against many on the Freestyle circuit.) 133- This one is so tough. Ness, Scott, Gomez, Nahshon....I'm gonna go with Scott here, but I could be convinced otherwise. Ness won the Hodge, so that sure muddies the water. 141- Kind of interesting that there aren't many here. Cliff Moore, Derek Moore, and Maple? I might put Derek Moore here, mostly because of his annihilation in the finals. 149- This is the craziest one. Tony Davis, Tirapelle, Lawrence, Larkin, Jantzen, Esposito, Schlatter, or Caldwell? I might go with Jantzen here, but I got to see Schlatter and Caldwell's dominance in person, and it's hard to go against them here. Now I just saw that Larkin won the Hodge that year.... Holy cow. 157- Becker, Gentry, or Leen? I want to put Gentry here--as his weight was ridiculous that year and he's a super nice guy--but Becker and Leen's history is a little better. I am going with Leen. 165- Heskett or Howe? Wow, what a contrast in styles, and guys who were great very early. I'm picking Heskett would win this in OT, so a slight lean to him. 174- Tucker, Koscheck, Myles Martin...but I gotta go with Hall here. 184- I'd go with Max Askren over the field here, mostly because I sure like him. 197- Vering, Munoz, Phil Davis....but one guy placed ahead of two very soon-to-be World Champs: Gadsen. I have to go with him for this reason. 285- This one is kinda tough. I'll go with Lesnar here. Going in, I thought this would be easier than it is. The toughest question is if I should go with entire careers, entire seasons, or exceptional tournaments? Entire careers would be the most objective, but I want this a little more of a combination of all. I am by no means an expert on these things, and I would love to hear others' opinions on this very important matter.
  16. We had a fun debate on this last night. A couple of the essential questions: - 133 is a tough one. Some of you guys put Stieber there, which is a good call in order to fit Yianni at 141. Thompson was sure fun to watch, too. - Since you can move Dake and Burroughs around a bit, who is the next best guy: Taylor, Metcalf, Nolf, Retherford, Schlatter.......? - Since you can move Cael around, who is the next best guy: Cox, Bo, Ruth, Rosholt....? - This doesn't need to be said, but it's sure amazing what Penn State has done. Their champs seem to maintain their dominance, which is obviously incredibly hard to do in this day and age. Thanks for all the replies. This is fun to do anyway, but especially since most of us have a little more time on our hands these days.
  17. I am guessing that this has been done before, but here goes anyway. I'm meeting online with some coaching buddies tonight, and the challenge was for each of us to pick an All-Star team from 2000 and later. There are a few caveats, however. You can't pick the same guy for multiple weights and it isn't necessarily the best guy in each weight, as you might pick one guy--Dake, most likely--at a different weight to fit other guys in. Here's what I have, and I would love to hear your thoughts: 125- Abas, with Spencer Lee a close second. 133- Probably the toughest one. I went with Travis Lee, but Oliver, Scott, Nahshon, Valenti, and Gomez are obviously in the mix, too. 141- Stieber or Yianni? This is sure a tough one. I'm picking Yianni, but it's a very close call. 149- Larkin, Metcalf, Caldwell, Retherford....but I'm going with Dake. 157- While Burroughs was probably best at this weight--and his weight class was incredible--I want to put him at 165 so I put Nolf here. 165- I'm going with Burroughs over Hendricks, Perry, and Taylor. 174- Askren, Pendleton, Ruth, or Zahid? You could go with any of these guys reasonably. A very slight lean to Askren, but I could be convinced otherwise. 184- Cael was halfway decent, so I'm going with him here. 197- Rosholt, Varner, Quentin, Bo, or J'Den? I'm going with J'Den. 285- While these other guys were obviously incredible, I think we have to go with Snyder here. It would sure be interesting to see him against monsters like Mocco, Konrad, and Rowlands, though.
  18. Well, this came as a bit of a shocker to me, but I trust that everyone's excitement on this board means something. Although I could understand why he would bring his own guys in, I hope he at least considers keeping Meeks around. Besides my admitted bias, Meeks would sure help Pendleton in the transition period. He's also one swell guy, too.
  19. I've been to most of the tournaments in the last 15 years, and I would have to put Metcalf/Caldwell ahead of Jenkins/Taylor for biggest finals upsets. Metcalf had already proven that he was an absolute stud, and Caldwell just went out there with nothing to lose and guns-a-blazing. It's unfortunate how that match ended--on both fronts--as it puts a bit of a tarnish on the match.
  20. Even though I was there in '13, it was sure fun to watch those matches yesterday, especially with my young kids next to me on the couch. Some takeaways: - I had forgotten how fun Quentin Wright was to watch. His offense is so unique.. - Although I was rooting for Chamberlain, Oliver's shrug to score was incredible. - I hadn't re-watched Taylor/Dake in awhile,, and was sure surprised to see that it didn't look like Taylor was confident. I'm sure this has been discussed on the excessive Taylor/Dake posts, so I'll leave it at that. All in all, very fun to watch, especially with what we're dealing with these days.
  21. I'm so intrigued by this. This hire could really boost interest in wrestling out in the Northwest. Did Barnes give any different names to add to the mix? Is anyone hearing anyone else's name?
  22. Adam Hall! How did I forget him? He would definitely be my choice over those other guys mentioned. I think his personality, work ethic, and knowledge of the area would suit the Beavers well.
  23. I agree with others on the Guerrero front - I don't think any Beaver fans would be happy with that one. I'm the same age as him--and from the West coast--and nothing he has done in the last 30 years has made me root for him. I like the idea of Varner, but I don't know enough about him personally. Perry would be a big splash. Cody Sanderson would be great, although I am sure he has been pursued for many other jobs, and I'm not sure what would make Oregon State different than the other possible situations.
  24. That's funny, as I just finished my 20th year of coaching high school, too. My kids are 4 and 6, so I have another 15 years or so in me! My dad is gone, but my mom still goes to most of our team's matches. I coach with my brother, too, which makes it a real family affair.
  25. My parents went to all of my events, all the way through college. They would rarely sit together, as Dad was tightly wound and he wanted some space from our fans. I have young sons myself, and I'll follow my parents' lead, every step of the way. One of my wrestling highlights came last spring in Vegas, when I re-introduced myself to Steve Sanderson and we chatted for awhile. (Cody--who still goes out of his way to say hi to me--worked me over a bunch growing up, and the Sanderson parents were absolutely wonderful to me and my family in the early 90s.) Steve remembered who I was, and just that mere fact fills me with pride.
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