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  1. You trying to be funny, you stirring up sh*t, or are you finally serious? Whatever. Here's your answer: http://bwi.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1600290
  2. Purdue wins 4 of the first 5?? Steiber held to a Major?? Tom Ryan, what gives???
  3. LOL...so the kid's a glory hound. Hopefully he can live up to the hype.
  4. Is there a list of teams that are competing out there yet?? Thanks.
  5. I think Jered Cortez had a recent congratulatory tweet to DT as well, so that may be another "possibility".
  6. 37 here. Single. Never married. No kids. And happier than a pig in ****. I do what I want, when I want, how I want, and nobody can tell me otherwise. I work at a fire department with 105 men who all pretty much say the same thing as you, DF, and that is "Don't do it!!!" Many of them have been down that road, and it ain't as pretty as it first seems. And even if you get a prenup, which you should regardless of who makes what, it better be a damned good one, from a good, solid attorney who knows the laws in your state, because not all of them will hold up when stuff hits the fan. Be careful out there. Those women are wacky! :D
  7. I'm pretty sure this is inaccurate, Truth. An insider over at BWI stated earlier tonight that Haines was not offered any money.
  8. Kilgore is favored on that line. :oops: My bad...guess I need to learn how to read lines. Good thing I'm not putting any money down on this.
  9. No. According to http://www.sportsbook.ag/livesports/indexmember.php?sportsname=boxing, the odds are in PSU's favor (see Wright-Kilgore match).
  10. This is all really too bad. I really liked and still do like McD. But so typical of Iowa and it's program. From St. John and Telford taking their cheap shots, pushing and mouthing off, and now this, this just adds up to the poor image Iowa gets. It's just a shame.
  11. Lol. I watched the same Iowa radio announcers get into it with Nebraska's after St. John's loss to Green.
  12. Reported attendance at Rutgers today vs. PSU is 3,500.
  13. Yeah. Penn State will probably be #5 next month too. That's pretty amazing.
  14. Perry just got too high.
  15. Wow. Brands dinged team points??
  16. I just wish he would punctuate more so I could read his posts easier.
  17. I don't think we are attacking Kyle's character here. That's not the intent of this. His character is what it is, and I just wanted to gauge what the Iowa (and other) fans were feeling, that's all. No ill will here...
  18. Thanks. Not stirring the pot, just a legit question as I didn't know.
  19. Agreed. There are plenty of times when I'm listening and wondering if I'm still connected to the internet due to the long silence. If there's little to no action, he's not making sh*t up. I think he's a very fair and great announcer and this sport needs more like him. That said, who does Ok. St, Minn, or tOSU have??
  20. Hatchet, I was really looking for Iowa fan's opinions since I thought it would be more interesting to see what they had to say. But I guess if others wanna throw their 2 cents in there, they can. And it's not who you think is gonna win, but who you would pull for if these 2 met in the finals with everything off the table. Dake is Dake. He would be going for a major accomplishment in NCAA history. Something that if you're a wrestling fan you might want to see happen in your lifetime. But he also comes across as arrogant. Almost too arrogant to some. And this may cause some people not to like him, and to root against his 4th championship. We all know what happened last year in the Finals. On the other hand, Taylor may be on a team that most Hawk fans hate (even after beating them Friday night). But he showed some respect to Iowa. And he is a respectable guy, I think. So in the end, who do you pull for??
  21. Who you rooting for if comes down to these 2 at Nationals (assuming Moore does as well as expected and team points are not an issue)?? We all saw Taylor give Hawk fans a little respect on TV, and we all know how arrogant Dake is. So after seeing a post about this topic on another forum, I figured I'd ask. Who do you like? And if you don't cheer for either, that's cool too.
  22. I can assure you, I am most certainly human. There are more than a few individuals on this board that have seen me in the flesh and blood. True that! This year's Midlands...
  23. No offense by Gonzalez. Goofs gonna take it. Cody Olson has got to be fired. Thought we would've seen the last of him after last season.
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