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  1. IMO......... you have NO clue as to what is best for Suriano. And I am not saying this to denigrate you.
  2. I no longer live in the city........ for lots of reasons.
  3. that moving out thing is where the problem lies...... just when kids get big/old enough to be useful .......they move out.
  4. I would be in on that....for how much. But the winnings have to go to a wrestling entity. I don't care who wins just want wrestling getting a donation.
  5. yeah.....Spencer is not bright enough to make that decision.
  6. I am older than dirt soooooooooo you may be right......yikes!
  7. most people won't argue your craziness. :)
  8. there are a number of good reasons for April. Most of which have already been mentioned on this forum......... so I won't bore you listing them again.
  9. and this is a bad thing? lol
  10. only time will tell. Personally I think this could be a great move. Let's give Poeta a few years to show us what he can accomplish. The mat is now his.
  11. matches between those two were epic. 2 VERY fit big men.
  12. when was Greg Gibson at Oregon? and what were their places with him there?
  13. don't make weight in the time allowed ............ sorry but see ya. This is NOT new to this sport. Happened to my son ONE time.
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