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  1. Well.... me and my bride begin our trek to "the burgh" this morning......... it's a nice day here in Southeast Alaska so we know we are "getting out" and not stuck HOPING to get out tomorrow.
  2. Jason I don't think tournament scoring is hard for those wanting to actually do the work............. it's just that ............ it's work. And that, to me, is the problem. It shouldn't be work. If you try to keep up with scoring yourself........... you are going to miss a bunch of action while you are keeping track of it all.
  3. I like some form of this idea. BUT we need to get pins to have more value. It's hard to pin and takes a lot of work. Pins used to have much more value in duals. a decision was 3 pts. pins were 6 pts. as they put in majors and tech's it made it, not worth the effort to gain just one point more than tech's. Pins should have been given more value. If tech could garner 21, as stated above, lets make pins worth 26 or somewhere in that range. This to make it worth it to work for the pin. Which is supposed to be the goal. If you don't believe me......ask Wade Schalles......... or Nolf or Nikal for that matter.

    Willie Saylor Seeding Idea on FRL Today

    Washington has had pre-slotted brackets for 50 years. Region champs all separated in quarter brackets and so on down the line. When I coached in Idaho they seeded the brackets and kids got screwed by one side of the state having almost all the seeders. When I bitched they changed it somewhat but still had more from the east side. I had a kid with 2 head to head wins against a kid and got seeded lower because the east side coaches all voted for the kid from the east. At least with pre-slotted brackets you take chicken chit crap like that away. The problem with pre-slotted brackets is sometimes you get the actual #1 and #2 guys meeting in the semis. But even then you most often still get two top tier guys in the finals.

    Sorry, not PSU or Iowa related

    a few years ago George Mason hosted the All-Star meet. They did an excellent job. Props to their improving program!

    Schalles Book

    the love story part is pretty small part of the book....... LOTS of twists and turns.

    Whiskey Gross Dakota Rumors are a swirling

    lite weight...... lol

    Schalles Book

    Wrestling is involved.

    Schalles Book

    Just read Wade Schalles book............ "Jacob's Cradle". An easy read that keeps you reading to see what happens next. Fiction book that my bride (who really enjoyed it) called a spy thriller that turns love story. It's a book that would make an excellent movie.

    Male Athletes With Eating Disorders

    lol........... it would be about 48 cheeseburgers and fries at this point.......... it's completely true. I have a teammate witness who brings it up almost every time I see him.

    Male Athletes With Eating Disorders

    I NEVER knew a wrestler that was cutting hard that didn't WANT to eat and drink LOTS. After my finals match my soph. year I went to the Arctic Circle (it was the closest eatery ) ordered 6 cheeseburgers six fries......... she said to go......... I said "no I'll eat em here"......... her jaw dropped...... and I ate em all. My stomach hurt like crazy........but I loved it.

    NCAA Made Big Mistake

    Glad it was in NYC........... And hope it is never there again.

    Why Are We Talking About Lee but not Valencia?

    lol....... so you have only been coming here a couple days?
  14. maybe we'll know............ 15 years from now.

    Handsomest Wrestler Award

    wow....... more proof of......... the pussification of the American male............guys commenting on what guys are handsome........ YIKES.....think I'll pass