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  1. defending...... ok I'll give you that one......... but in my humble opinion........there is NO reigning or current.
  2. OKC was by far the worst venue recently IMO. Cleveland was FAR superior. I would look forward to going there again. Philly also did a good job. I will give Tulsa a chance and hope they do much better than OKC. I have been out of the loop for quite awhile due to being at my hunting cabin and bagging 600 lbs. of boned out vacuum sealed Moose meat. It was GREAT not hearing what was transpiring in this CRAZY world.
  3. reminds me of a guy on my HS team that got behind 13-0, 13-0, 15-0 (before the 15 pt. rule) and pinned each of those foes. It was AMAZING!
  4. My concern about a vaccine is that they push one thru that really isn't very effective or that it causes problems unforeseen when released.
  5. lol......shoulda stayed off your back coach...... jk
  6. I am watching MORE college wrestling on TV than I would be watching IF we had had a more regular situation. There has been quite a bit of college wrestling on my cable here.
  7. I was JUST reading THIS thread AND saw YOUR comment AND thought I would SAY hello........... HELLO
  8. buck.......... that is sooooooooo wrong there are fundamentals to body movement ......... those fundamentals can be and used to be taught. It's just that quite awhile back maybe the 80's Phys Ed. was downgrade to "a waste of time". Now you have a BUNCH of fat lazy kids being raised...... NOT all but PLENTY.
  9. A LOT of Phys Ed. teachers today absolutely suck........... teaching NO skills or fundamental body movement. I now see a lot of grown young men not having even a clue how to properly throw a a freakin ball. Frankly it sounds like your family member is one of these type. Properly teaching Phys ed. is plenty of work.
  10. It's ALL your fault............EVERYTHING :)
  11. "unofficial-volunteer" that's what clubs and "Regional Training Centers are for
  12. THAT is one of your favorite (i assume) wrestling moments?........... you need to watch MORE wrestling.
  13. lol......I think that could be true. I also think the same could be said for Lugo with a win.
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