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  1. wrestlers gaining/putting on weight. As a soph in HS I weighed 22 pounds more than my weigh-in weight the morning after my state championship match. I am sure there are MANY others who have these stories.
  2. since you said so.......... it must be true
  3. Nobody has ANYTHING locked up......... injuries or simply a poor match here or there and things change VERY quickly. IMO PSU is the front runner until they are actually knocked off that perch. The cool thing this year is that, going in, we have doubt in who will pull it off!
  4. only if you want to see the matches
  5. that was MY Irish coming out again :)
  6. anyone thinking someone of SL's caliber is "ducking" anyone is a MORAN. If he isn't wrestling there is a REASON......not an excuse. Was Snyder "ducking" when he won Oly Gold?
  7. I hope the football stadium isn't the thing that will keep new comers from attending in the future. I have BIG reservations about this type of venue. Even with those reservations I am going to give it a chance. But if my reservations prove true.......... I certainly won't attend if/when the NCAA's go strictly to these type of venues. $$$$ is king and the fans be damned. I MAY end up watching on TV from my hotel.......... I hope that isn't the case. I have gone for many years and it's the funnest thing I do every year....... and I do MANY fun things. Such as , I already have my OLY Trials tickets.
  8. Pain tolerance isn't too big an issue since pain relief can be administered. That surprised me when I found that out. I asked when, a few years ago, the VT kid finished the NCAA's with broken or separated ribs.
  9. well............. my wife of course.............lol
  10. maybe not wanting to advertise logo's?......... there is ONE in particular I would never buy let alone wear right side out.
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