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  1. the harder I work......... the luckier I get
  2. uh............ everyone......else?
  3. not comparing me to ANYONE......but this reminds me of my college career 26-0 as a freshman back when freshmen couldn't wrestle NCAA's. Injuries and mono took the rest of the years away.... I feel badly for Brock. Wrestling is a tough sport and there are NO guarantees.
  4. I don't know where your confusion comes from.... but I'll try and clear it up Spencer Lee either pins em all or he doesn't. I see it more of a charitable donation to a good cause.
  5. sooooo how much would you bet? I am in for $500 with funds to go to Wrestling For Life if I win....... or to some wrestling fund of your choice if you win. SL may just pull that one off.
  6. gimme my violin back........ I wondered who took it.
  7. Red.. if you are starting in Homer I hope you plan a halibut day or two in there somewhere. GREAT halibut fishing out of homer. I am sure people on here would love to hear about your trip that you did take, I certainly would enjoy it.
  8. Where in Alaska are you headed ? And When ?
  9. asterisks ? You wrestle who ever shows up. Should we put on on any weight where a highly ranked wrestler got hurt ? In any given year several top quality guys go down and don't make the big dance. Asterisks are for loser mentality folks. Just my opinion of course.
  10. well since you asked.............. i predict 83 times.
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