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  1. Yiannis elbows are still an issue, and need more time to heal, he came back a bit too early otherwise, the brackets are the size they should be, 66 is honestly too big in my opinion, they need a qualifying system
  2. Flo has been streaming BTS for a long time... and they havent had issues in the past... relax people geez
  3. no at one point it was claimed he would be a 133/141 and thats where people were saying he wouldn't get big enough, i think he will be at least 133, maybe move up into 141 during college
  4. i agree with your assessment over the crap we have now, either just world Medalists or remove it completely
  5. this is not defining fleeing the hold at all... you're allowed to back up as long as you stay engaged
  6. i agree with a bye for all previous years medalists, they deserve it by proving they belong at the world championships, BUT just because you win a tournament over the SAME GUYS YOULL BE SEEING AT THE WTT you shouldn't get a bye, the only byes this year should be Logie, Snyder, and Cox... thats it, anyone else getting a bye did NOT earn anything and is gifted the advantage
  7. i think to think of AZE as russia jr. lol has anyone seen their Euro team? All formerly of Dagestan or Ossetia
  8. you understand that Dake has a win over a world champion right? with a broken hand... he is absolutely capable of winning a world championship
  9. He will stay at 74, and he will win the spot
  10. All of you saying "its passivity to be in a tripod" how isn't it passivity to back up and just post your hand on your opponents head? seems passive on both fronts, just the latter actually scored offensive points
  11. More impressive that burroughs scored from a straight arm push (which by rule is no longer a point) then Dake scoring twice from a shot, and burroughs was never able to come even CLOSE to scoring a takedown
  12. "conservative" Dake took two shots and scored on both, Burroughs took 1 shot and scored on 0
  13. please see the thread labeled "nothing to see here" and tell me thats a set up!
  14. and JBs only offense was a straight arm push while Dake had the controlling 2 on 1
  15. you're insane, the on air guys are great and keep the match engaged, at least when there are two guys commentating, sometimes when it is only one there is a little bit of dead air
  16. Rutherford gave up a Caution and 2 after posting on JOs face 2 times, Burroughs does it 5+ and never even got an attention
  17. I disagree Derringer had one committed attack, all he did was tie Dake up and stay low so Dake couldn't do anything, granted Kyle didn't do much either, But i wouldn't say Derringer closed the gap ability wise
  18. this was an easy call, Airman stepped out of bounds before beginning his throw attempt, once you step out you can no longer score as the defensive guy, continuation only pertains to the offensive wrestler
  19. they are rewarding the offensive wrestler (who just scored offensive points to have the opportunity to be on top) by allowing him to attempt to turn, but if there is no control then its a reckless exposure
  20. a lot of you guys have no idea what your talking about and its histerical
  21. Crutch didn't look any smaller then Gabe Dean, i thought he looked a little thicker to be honest
  22. he is going to the Pan-Ams next weekend, and making weight two weeks in a row would be AWFUL when you're as big as him
  23. overrated? Against a 4 timer? doesn't make much sense if he lost to a 1x NCAA champ then maybe you'd have some grounds to call him overrated, but he does have a win for a world medalist, he's very good, just not on Dakes Level
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