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  1. What pity party? BobDole told me that what just happened on this thread, never happens and I make stuff up. How many predictions on this thread for 4 time NCAA champions do we have? Well, next time I point out how often this is done on themat.com. I'm not going to be told that it isn't, because frankly it is. Perhaps I should have told u to take ur hijack elsewhere. I am asking people hypothetical questions, one of them being who is most likely to win four. I guarantee none of the people that have answered that question would bet money on that occurring. We know that 4 is very uncommon. Again bring ur hijack elsewhere.
  2. JT throw ur pitty party elsewhere
  3. Yes, me asking hypothetical questions is the same as us actually having the expectations for these guys to win 4x. :roll: I disagree that this thread is "notable discussion about the plausibility of winning 4 NCAA titles." This thread is "the forum has been boring, so lets talk about hypothetical things that don't matter."
  4. Your most likely recruit to win 4 national titles if Marstellar doesn't redshirt is a heavyweight??!! When no heavyweight has ever done it and even the list of 3 timers is incredibly short? And he'd also have to beat a redshirt senior Nick Gwiazdowski and a true junior/RSoph Adam Coon to win a title? Ummm wow agree to disagree on that one. Yeah cuz 4 timers and 3 timers at all the other weights are a dime a dozen? I guess you missed the part where I put both being unlikely to occur. Has anyone won 4 titles at only one weight? Cael and Dake both moved up, Pat Smith was before my time so don't know his weight classes. #overreactmuch
  5. Most successful career. Bo Nickal, just his style and the fact he will be at 184 make me think he finishes with the best career. "Least" successful career. Joey McKenna, just a hunch First one to win a national title. Nickal Last one to All American. Haines, will redshirt then have to get by Tavenello to start, possibly Snyder eventually? Most likely to win 4 national titles. If Chance redshirts this next year, him. If not, Nevills. Both unlikely Most likely to never All American (I know this seems like a dumb question now, but weirder things have happened). Haines, predict Snyder moves up. Most likely to finish as 4xAA, but no national title. Nolf, 149 is always tough More AA honors Ohio State big 3 or PSU big 3? More national titles? OSU, PSU Better careers Chisko or Nolf? Brill or Jordan? Nevills or Haines? Nolf, Jordan, Nevills
  6. 1. Kyle Snyder Woodbine MD 197 Ohio State 2. Chance Marsteller Fawn Grove PA 174 Oklahoma State 3. Bryce Brill Mt. Carmel IL 157 Northwestern 4. Jason Nolf Rural Valley PA 149 Penn State 5. Nick Nevills Clovis CA 285 Penn State 6. Micah Jordan St. Paris OH 157 Ohio State 7. Bo Nickal Allen TX 184 Penn State 8. Joey McKenna Pine Brook NJ 141 Stanford 9. Thomas Haines Solanco PA 285 Ohio State 10. Solomon Chisko Jeannette PA 149 Virginia Tech Times are slow so lets make some predictions on how the top ten recruits of 2014(according to Earl) will do in college. I am going to throw out some scenarios and feel free to give your answers and if you wish to explain your reasoning feel free. Maybe 4 or 5 years from now someone will remember we did this and we can look back and laugh at how horrible we all did. :lol: Most successful career. "Least" successful career. First one to win a national title. Last one to All American. Most likely to win 4 national titles. Most likely to never All American (I know this seems like a dumb question now, but weirder things have happened). Most likely to finish as 4xAA, but no national title. More AA honors Ohio State big 3 or PSU big 3? More national titles? Better careers Chisko or Nolf? Brill or Jordan? Nevills or Haines?
  7. We wrestle a tough season schedule and travel out of state every year. Many of our kids have wrestled Flonationals or NHSCA Nationals. Or they attend camp at a school they are interested in going to. That's a much better place for a coach to get to know a kid than watching a few matches from the stands. It's less than we'd like, but we also live in CA. It's hard to get back to the midwest/east coast very often without mortgaging your house. Every kid we've had capable and wanting to wrestle at the next level has found a spot to do so, whether that be D1, D2, D3, NAIA, or Ntl JC. Has Clovis ever been to the Clash or have intentions to go?
  8. Was Nebraska in the Big Ten yet? I am more surprised that a football player hasn't won it since 2000.
  9. travelling trophies do instill another level of interest in a rivalry though IMO.
  10. MN and IA have the governor's belt which was started by Jesse Ventura http://www.gophersports.com/genrel/013102aaa.html
  11. Lets talk about some rivalries that schools get amped up for. I hope IA State can step up and make the IA State vs Iowa duals what they used to be. It is good for wrestling for IA State to be relevant. Throw in UNI and that's a nice triangular! Some of my favorites MN vs IA MN vs OK State IA vs OK State MN and IA are both developing good rivalries with PSU as well IMO Nothing beats Bedlam though! A potential rivalry that I'm looking forward to watching develop. South Dakota State vs North Dakota State, Dakota battle fueled by two young programs with energetic coaches. Any other fan favorites though throughout the country?
  12. If u think that tells the whole story of development then ur kidding urself IMO. Many variables involved and each person will have a different criteria to gauge development. If final placement is ur criteria for development then that's your prerogative. Let me guess u don't think a coach can be great without a national title too? ;)
  13. nice interview from 2009 with Cael talking about the PSU hire. Kind of touches on a few things brought up here by various posters.
  14. http://theguillotine.com/wp/2014/07/nca ... ing-staff/ NDSU continues to impress with their level of commitment to wrestling. Great pick up for Coach Kish.
  15. Do you mean last year's lineup? I wasn't aware that he was only doing last year's lineup. If he is, then Varner shouldn't be included. Yes last years. I presume that is what Jammen was intending to do. Guess if that is also the case, A. Alton should be removed and English should be entered. Gauging talent development is so subjective, mainly because people (myself included) use subjective rankings of recruits to gauge their initial talent level. Who is to say those ranking are correct? Maybe Chris Dardanes should have been ranked the 27th overall recruit in the country coming out of high school, and maybe McIntosh should have been the 50th. How do you really know? Overall I think the ranking sources give a good assessment based on high school accomplishments, but there will always be errors. All I know is that I am pleased with Minnesota's talent development.
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