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  1. His dad did pass away from cancer..Have no idea what the young man may do wish him the best where ever he goes.
  2. Murin has a bad shoulder injury did wrestle one match at a open tourney then mf out. Has to wear the shoulder holster like Clark had a few years back..Not sure hope he may go at Midlands to test it some more.
  3. Might see DeSanto at 133 and Happel at 141 if Gomez is going for Iowa State
  4. Minnesota needs a new AD also someone who cares about the wrestling program. This is not all Eggum problem.
  5. Lee has mental toughness anyone saying he doesn't can't agree with you sir..
  6. Mike just doing what he loves to do his 2nd passion besides wrestling. Living and hunting out in the wild county being a man just making his living doing what he loves.
  7. Been some stupid post around here,but must say this one tops them all..
  8. In all fairnes to Brooks he also had a late season injury reason he did not wrestle against Missouri in the National Duals. Know not to make excues but if not 100% feel he did a ok job for first nationals.
  9. This thread was really kinda enjoyable to read and get a few laughs. Don't know and don't care how old some of you are. But I can tell you been a Hawk fan since early 80's and I'm sure some of you never watched Gable as a coach. What Terry Brands does is mild to what Gable did when he got lworked up. Also in his time the guys some of them where a lot worse than some of the guys lately. So what live with it keep bitching makes sites stay in business. As for the OP of this thread, have no fear if you feel that way send your kid to a basketball school. If he has your attitude I'm quite sure he would not be a wrestler.
  10. In bad calls by officals Mr. Kessel's no fall call in Evans and Perry semi match last year at nationals at Okl. City. Funny thing also about that is both of his miss falls where at nationals in Okl City and guess where he is from...........Okl. just saying............
  11. Right on heads I was there and saw it and as soon as ref called it illegal Fleeger sure got hurt all of a sudden then he comes back a few hours later and destroyed his opponent.
  12. Not going to say I liked what Gillman did however; the ref did not signal or call a foul. Just my opinion when bottom man stands straight up and top man has both legs in and they are standing ref needs to call a stalemate or stalling only way going to stop this from happening. Refs are out of control of many things this is just one of them. Good heavens in high school if a kid is riding with both legs in and not doing anything to turn opponent ref will call stalemate and also tell top man if u keep using this will call a stall warning. Again did not like it but it is up to officals to look out for safety of wrestlers also. Things happen in the heat of battle. If gonna try to punish him how can you no foul was called and that is the officals call which if he had I would have ok with that.
  13. Bad call for sure but way more bad calls are happening all the time. Like not calling stalling by gosh if stalling would be called in this match on both guys perhaps one of them would have at least tried to do some offenseive moves in regulation. This is what is killing our great sport.
  14. Iowa could have Brody Grothos at 141 for national duals to see how he handles the cut.
  15. Seems like someone called me a troll when I posted that Pico would dominate Zain. The kid did not even work up a sweat in his 7-0 win believe me this Pico is for real in free style its a shame we will not get 4 years of college from him but this kid will win a gold in the future .
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