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  1. figure4

    Snyder is pretty good

    The God of he Bible demonstrates unthinkable grace. His creation constantly turns against Him....but God demonstrated His love for us by sending his son to die for us and save us from ourselves. True love can't exist without justice.
  2. Upset tOSU fan. Lol. Usually go to bed early and it isn't worth it to me to stay up this late another night in a row. Message me.
  3. figure4

    Quarters picks tomorrow

    I agreed with you until this statement. McKenna is concerning? What exactly is concerning about giving up 1 point in his last 6 matches combined?
  4. figure4

    Session Two Thread

    Do the quarters start right at 11?
  5. figure4

    Favorite Wrestler(s) Not On Your Team

    Haines for sure. Dude got a raw deal. Twice
  6. figure4


  7. figure4

    NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.

    VO2Max.....you really are a nerd
  8. figure4

    Selfish Tom Ryan

    He doesn't care about his wrestlers. If he hadn't forced Snyder to wrestle that terrible folkstyle stuff for part of the year just to make Ryan look good, Snyder would be a 4 time world gold medalist by this point. Wrestling in college is clearly holding Snyder back. How is he only the best wrestler on the planet? He could be the best wrestler in the galaxy.
  9. figure4

    2017 MFS World Team Trials

    Thanks for the updates folks. Keep them coming. Not in a stage of life where I can afford Flopro
  10. Anyone else getting this error message? I watched yesterday no problem.
  11. figure4

    Illegal Cutbacks (re: Clark vs Tomasello)

    It's been illegal for a few years now, but I hardly ever see it called. Actually, Clark got away with it twice in that period before it was called the third time. I was screaming at the television and explaining to my wife that he was getting away with an illegal move. I'm not sure where the line is though. I think you are allowed to do it as long as you have at least one of your feet on the mat. They just want to stop people from jumping and cutting back over both at the same time. It seems weird that it is illegal still though because it isn't going against a joint. All you are doing is forcing the knees to bend the way they are designed to bend.
  12. figure4

    B1G TENS

    Now two in one match
  13. figure4

    World cup thread

    Based on Brandon Slay's facebook post, it sounds like they have tried before.
  14. figure4

    World cup thread

    USA doesn't know how to defend a simple underhook
  15. figure4

    World cup thread