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  1. Ryan Deakin has wins over Carr, Tsirtsis, and Lugo (#1 seed in cancelled NCAA's) Myles Amine might have the most "almost" wins over NCAA champions. He has 12 losses to NCAA Champions (1 to Ferrari, 5 to Hall, and 6 to Valencia), of those, 9 were decided by 2 points or less. Crazy!
  2. I honestly am not sure, I heard a while back that it was Thick Bass season, and if he plans on continuing to compete at 65kg for freestyle, 141 makes more sense to me. If he's not at 141 then give me Nick Lee
  3. 125: Spencer Lee 133: Daton Fix 141: Sebastian Rivera 149: Yianni Diakomihalis 157: Keegan O'Toole 165: Evan Wick 174: Carter Starrocci 184: Aaron Brooks 197: Braxton Amos 285: Gable Steveson
  4. This makes me think that O'Toole might go 157 this season. Mizzou wants to make a push for 2024 NCAA's, which means Jacques and Mauller need to redshirt before then. If Jacques is redshirting this year, it makes sense that O'Toole wouldn't mind cutting down to 70kg. If you're trying to bulk up for 165, cutting down to 70kg isn't ideal. Carr or Deakin vs O'Toole would be great matchups.
  5. I am interested in the original question posed in this thread: Basically, what is stopping RTC's from signing student-athletes to "marketing" deals? Will there be some of governing body, whether that's the NCAA, legal means, or something else, that reviews how much these NIL deals are worth vs. what the athlete is technically getting paid to do? Will they even have the power to say "You're paying this student too much"? Seems limiting for businesses and athletes. I am all for student-athletes getting paid for their image and likeness, but this has been my one concern: if any organization (RTC or not) is basically set up as a shell corporation to pay athletes to come to a certain school. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  6. Stl


    I need to put it out there that I, and most Mizzou fans, would prefer not to be associated with MizzouGrad. But in regards to the original topic, two of Jaydin's goals were to win an NCAA title and win a World/Olympic title. Since transferring to Iowa, he did not win an NCAA title in a Yianni-less weight class (losing to someone he had beaten soundly before in Nick Lee), and did not even compete in the Olympic Trials. Obviously his journey is not over yet, but the results haven't materialized so far. Not saying this has anything to do with Iowa, but I think it should be pointed out when people are quick to take the opinion that "Well of course Iowa is going to be a better training situation than Missouri". Obviously it's not just the training situation that matters, but the wrestler most of all.
  7. Fellow Missouri wrestling fans, are any of you aware when/if the Missouri forum is coming back? I know it went down for a while because they were doing some sort of Rokfin integration, but it still isn't back up and it's been months. There's no contact info listed on the website so I thought someone here might know.
  8. Appreciated! And yeah I hear ya, I try to avoid the message boards when it turns into a bunch of posturing instead of informative discussion. Unfortunately it seems like the former is more common nowadays.
  9. Please don't characterize J'den or Mizzou's fanbase as one or two bitter Mizzou fans and anyone who thinks J'den should've been allowed to wrestle in the trials. That does not necessarily represent us all! It is interesting though how everyone triggered by those few people has turned into a movement of taking potshots at J'den whenever they can.
  10. I saw that Jordan Oliver is joining the NYCRTC. Any background on the switch? As someone who isn't too familiar with JO's training situation, it seemed like UNC was a good spot and he finally made an Olympic/World team, so I'm surprised he's deciding to switch now.
  11. Obviously Ivies still manage to get their student athletes financial aid in some form. My point, and I guess I phrased it poorly, was that without having athletic scholarships there are just a few more hoops to jump through. It doesn't matter what your parents' household income is for athletic scholarships. It doesn't matter what your academic standing is (as long as you can get into the school). I was just playing devil's advocate in the discussion of why Koll would consider Stanford. As I mentioned further on in my original post, Koll has done a great job with the Cornell program and has managed any Ivy-specific challenges masterfully. His program is a well-oiled machine, which is why I don't think he'll leave.
  12. It is demonstrably false that not having athletic scholarships makes recruiting even marginally more difficult? I don't think so
  13. I never said that a recruit wouldn't want to go to Cornell, I was strictly referring to a coach's perspective running a program and that an Ivy school has challenges that other schools do not. There are tons of great reasons a wrestler would want to go to Cornell, and Koll has obviously done a great job pitching the whole picture to recruits over the years.
  14. Aside from money and the weather, the only major reason I could see Koll wanting to go there is so he doesn't have to deal with the Ivy restrictions. The inability to provide athletic scholarships and only 4 consecutive years of eligibility makes it difficult for Cornell to field as good of a team every year as Koll is capable of. He has even admitted that they are a program who can only have major success in select years (maybe I am phrasing that wrong, but he said something similar). Is that enough to draw him away from Cornell to Stanford? Probably not, but who knows. He has built a great program at Cornell and knows the ins and outs of managing the Ivy challenges. Last year's "free year" and the Olympic redshirts have obviously complicated the whole eligibility situation for the Ivies, but that's just a temporary thing.
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