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  1. I don't really understand why people are implying Mizzou starters may duck OSU guys. Mizzou doesn't really have a history of that. Also there aren't many matches in there where OSU guys are absolute favorites. There are a lot of tossups and I'm sure coach Brian Smith would like his team to get some tough competition in before Nationals. Seeding is going to be a crapshoot anyways, so even if you get a high seed there's not guarantee that you won't be facing someone really good gets a lower seed than they should (like what's going to happen to a lot of the Big 10 wrestlers who are mainly competing against each other).
  2. If Burroughs intends to compete through 2024, I don't see him taking any years off. He essentially doesn't have to wrestle at all except for the Trials and Worlds/Olympics if he doesn't want to (assuming he medals at Worlds/Olympics). Plus more hardware adds to his legacy.
  3. My guess at the lineup: 125- Connor Brown (we could see some other guys wrestle here depending on how difficult it is for Brown to make 125 all season, even with it being shortened) 133- Matt Schmitt 141- Allan Hart/Josh Edmond (Hart won the scrimmage, but the match was close. So I think there could be some interchangeability here) 149- Brock Mauller 157- Keegan O'Toole (I don't have any inside info, but I have a hard time thinking that if O'Toole wasn't beating Jacques he wouldn't be bulking up to 165) 165- Jarrett Jacques (If Jacques doesn't hold down the 157 spot, I think he bumps up and takes the spot from Mocco) 174- Jeremiah Kent 184- Colton Hawks/Canten Marriott (Hawks won the scrimmage, but the match was close. So I think there could be some interchangeability here) 197- Rocky Elam 285- Zach Elam I think that best case scenario, Mizzou has 6 AA's, with 1 title contender (Mauller). Most realistically, we're looking at 4 AA's, but who knows with this season which will be very unpredictable.
  4. I really enjoy watching RBY, and definitely like him better than Desanto, but I think the “no hands” on the leg while riding should be considered stalling if he’s doing nothing else. However, I don’t think the arm behind the back is stalling as long as he continues to wrestle. In regards to the out of bounds move on Desanto, you have to be wearing blue-colored glasses not to see that it was an intentional slam by RBY. He even celebrated afterwards. However, it wasn’t that bad of a slam, I’ve seen much harder mat returns with greater chance of injuring someone. It should have been a penalty point and people should move on.
  5. Everyone’s wasting their breath arguing with a clown
  6. The reason Ben most likely brought it up was because he didn’t think it was fair for Eierman to say that Missouri hadn’t developed him enough when (according to what Ben heard from a first hand source who to my knowledge would have no agenda against Eierman) Eierman didn’t fully take advantage of what Mizzou had to offer. If a wrestler transferred from Iowa and took pot shots at your program on the way out, you would defend your program if the criticism was unjustified. What Ben had to say had more to do with defending Mizzou and Brian Smith, at least from my viewpoint.
  7. If someone you trust tells you something, it’s not a shot to take them at their word. I’m not saying what Ben said is 100% true, but it’s not like Ben is spouting message board rumors. Also both statements could be true, Eierman could have been at RTC practices 2 years ago and not this past summer. Vak, if someone you knew close to the Iowa program told you something that you repeated on a message board, and then another person disputed it, would that necessarily mean you were taking shots at someone? We all know how outspoken Ben is. If Ben wanted to take shots at someone, he would take shots at someone and no one would have any doubts he’s ragging on them.
  8. From listening to the podcast, it appeared to me that Derlan took exception to and got worked up about Eierman’s comments regarding Mizzou not developing him enough. Dernlan and Ben discussed how rare it is to be a 4-time AA, and Eierman has already become a 3-time AA at Mizzou, while not being the most blue chip of blue chip recruits. Dernlan asks how has that now shown development? Eierman has gone from a really good wrestler to within one takedown of beating Yianni (who people put on a pedestal) for the last two years. Ben’s comment regarding Eierman not showing up to Mizzou summer workouts was in relation to them discussing the topic of “Eierman says that Mizzou hasn’t developed him enough, but did he really take advantage of everything Mizzou had to offer?” I agree that Ben is a total Iowa hater, and he usually leans into it because he enjoys trolling the Iowa fanbase, but you can tell he was barely even thinking about Iowa in this podcast. They were more an afterthought to the main focus, which was Eierman’s claims about Mizzou’s development. As to people saying that Dernlan is being nitpicky by only bringing up Eierman transferring and not others: all situations are not the same. McKenna transferred after his sophomore season when he regressed and didn’t even AA. Also Stanford does not have as strong of a track record of developing guys at the highest level like Mizzou. Kerkvliet has just started college, it’s not like he’s spent 4 years at a school, seen a ton of success and then transferred. You can’t just pick any person who’s ever transferred and say that Dernlan is being hypocritical by not mentioning them in the same breath as Eierman when their individual circumstances can be vastly different.
  9. Leeth probably doesn’t need to kill himself to make 141 if he just becomes a little more lean instead of having muscles on top of muscles. I saw his picture on the Mizzou Wrestling facebook page and he already looks much leaner.
  10. Grant Leeth needs to be considered at 141 if Yianni redshirts or moves up to 149.
  11. I still haven’t seen anywhere that says where Waters is heading. Does anyone have any info on that?
  12. For those who didn’t see it, Conan Jennings vs. Zach Elam. They were in triple overtime and Conan road Elam out in the first tiebreaker. Conan was having no luck getting an escape all match and was getting tired, so he chose neutral for the second tiebreaker. His thinking must have been that if doesn’t get taken down, he wins on riding time advantage (30 seconds from the first tiebreaker period). Elam ended up getting a takedown to seal the win.
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