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    Stl reacted to Jim L in Cael's redshirt year   
    Never really understood how winning four different weight classes in any better than winning the same weight class 4X.  He gained weight every year and was wrestling guys in his weight class.  He was not wrestling four weight classes above his ideal weight, because that weight was too easy for him.
    What was impressive about Dake was not taking a redshirt year and beating Taylor his senior year.
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    Stl reacted to AHamilton in Cael's redshirt year   
    *** Dake wasn't wearing blue tinted glasses indoor during his sophomore campaign and he hadn't started the de-aging process yet, so those losses do not count.  He may have still been stretching after exercise as well..
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    Stl reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in NBA just suspended rest of season. Wrestling is next.   
    FIFY - It's not "almost like" it is "absolutely that" he is full of sh*t...
    I have no political party affiliation, and I neither like or dislike the guy - but his behavior contains an obvious pattern of lies that are harmful to all of us.
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    Stl reacted to whaletail in Utah Valley and Bob Burda   
    Yeah, I too thought Smith was in the right on this one.
    Unless I'm mistaken, this should fall squarely on the shoulders of the UVU coach, the four coaches that voted with him, and Burda.
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    Stl reacted to Perry in Utah Valley and Bob Burda   
    Not sure if I have Bob's last name spelled right or not, but he was the head official for the big 12 tournament apparently. If you havent listened to it take some time to go to flo and listen to today's frl.
    Apparently the coaches voted prior to the start of the tourney that there would be no true 8th place matches. WV kid places 8th and their coaches confirmed (multiple times) their kid was done and earned his spot at ncaas. Taylor lamont meanwhile lays an egg and doesn't top 8. Somehow the utah valley coaches convinced burda to have a true 8th place match and he approves after a second coaches vote (on day 2) ended in a 50/50 split. Ultimately the WV kid was called away from celebrating with his family (he wasnt even in the stadium) and told if he didn't show up he was forfeiting. He ended up losing to lamont for true 8th.
    What an absolutely gutless, low integrity and classless move by the utah valley coaches, head official and coaches like john Smith who were ok changing their word a day later on this. I hope nothing good befalls utah valley at ncaas. What a terrible example to set for the student athletes. Sorry for the rant, this is just infuriating and would never be tolerated in any other sport.
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    Stl got a reaction from AHamilton in RBY: Bad staller or Best staller?   
    I really enjoy watching RBY, and definitely like him better than Desanto, but I think the “no hands” on the leg while riding should be considered stalling if he’s doing nothing else. However, I don’t think the arm behind the back is stalling as long as he continues to wrestle.
    In regards to the out of bounds move on Desanto, you have to be wearing blue-colored glasses not to see that it was an intentional slam by RBY. He even celebrated afterwards. However, it wasn’t that bad of a slam, I’ve seen much harder mat returns with greater chance of injuring someone. It should have been a penalty point and people should move on.
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    Stl got a reaction from BLT in No FRL today?   
    Everyone’s wasting their breath arguing with a clown
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    Stl got a reaction from jon in No FRL today?   
    Everyone’s wasting their breath arguing with a clown
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    Stl reacted to Crotalus in No FRL today?   
    "Some of the great programs like Iowa and Penn State don't go to open tournaments like this." - Dresser

    Well, that about says it all.
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    Stl reacted to Show_Me in No FRL today?   
    Unfortunately, I have to agree.
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    Stl reacted to jchapman in Iowa St. Open (merged topic)   
    I am glad he allowed his sick wrestler to infect another school's wrestler, but not his own.
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    Stl reacted to Antitroll2828 in Iowa St. Open (merged topic)   
    Yea but he didn’t do that at the sacrifice of his own team, he would wrestling in a dual Saturday then go to an open Sunday, I don’t believe he would have ever missed a big dual like this one. I expect askren to be pretty critical while the others sit around and praise Dresser as a great coach and a genius 
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    Stl reacted to Antitroll2828 in Iowa St. Open (merged topic)   
    I would almost certainly guarantee that askren will go off on a rant about this. I noticed since he joined Flo he can pretty talk crap about whoever and the other guys just sit and listen nervously, which is definitely an upgrade from the last two years of Flo kissing whoever gives them the most contents a** and never calling anyone out 
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    Stl reacted to HokieHWT in Nickal’s weight   
    Maybe he just wants to have more “fun”
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    Stl reacted to KCMO2 in 149   
    The question is, how did it work out for B12 wrestling after Mizzou left?  It was an absolute joke.  The tournament turned into a complete mess if you remember, and the conference was still being too pissy about Mizzou leaving to do what was best for the sport.  They finally had to let in all of the non-conf. members just to keep the conference tournament alive.
    Mizzou did just fine though, finishing in the top 7 at natties 6 out of 7 seasons after leaving.  Better than any B12 school besides Okie St.
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    Stl reacted to KCMO2 in 149   
    The Big 12 higher ups are still butthurt that Missouri left for the SEC.  Mizzou wanted back in the Big 12 for wrestling.
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    Stl reacted to nom in J'den's face looking a bit thinner????   
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    Stl reacted to Sublime607 in Eierman Tweet   
    I think Cassar should give that deer antler spray a try. It worked for Ray Lewis only problem is he might want to avoid being within a hundred yards of Sam Stroll.
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    Stl reacted to Antitroll2828 in Eierman Tweet   
    Cassar got Medical redshirts because he completely missed 2 full seasons, Murin wrestled in open tournaments, midlands and a whole bunch of duals I don’t think these 2 situations are comparable 
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    Stl reacted to wrestlingnerd in Snyder is living in Cael's basement   
    Not as bad as Eierman’s comments on the way out, but Snyder wasn’t exactly complimentary either. I’m quite surprised by that. He seemed to have a good relationship with his coaches and teammates. The whole God wanted me to line is so weak. 
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    Stl reacted to Gantry in FRL 445   
    Askren has been great, they are still working out the kinks (mostly related to Ben steering discussions somewhere else before they finish the one they are on) but I'm a total believer now despite some early skepticism.  Ben's analysis as a coach/technician and his ability to argue while not making it super heated/personal has been great.  Great lighthearted discussions, great atmosphere and way less toxicity than before.  They made an already great product even better...
    Ben can make a point, admit he may be wrong and is good at including the counterpoints from his co-hosts.  All too often before it was "everyone against Willie" or "everyone against Nomad" where the person being attacked would double down to infinity and make for uncomfortable bickering.
    Bratke and Bray having less input so far has been the biggest bummer but they still chime in when needed.  But all-in-all FRL has improved with Askren
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    Stl reacted to Witherman in Askren on FRL   
    What I really loved about trow and funky show was listening to two immensely accomplished wrestlers get into both technical discussion as well as conceptual thoughts on how things are run at various levels of the sport. 
    at the end of the day the only somewhat accomplished wrestler on FRL is bratke and unfortunately he takes a backseat for most of the podcast. 
     Don’t get me wrong I like FRL and listen to every episode but I’ll take highly accomplished wrestlers over “wrestling nerds” every day. 
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    Stl reacted to Antitroll2828 in Askren on FRL   
    When rudis started to take off Tommy said he was way to busy to follow wrestling enough to be able to do a podcast, and that he was also the reason it was so inconsistent when they would do new episodes. 
    I agree ,I thought they were great together probably my favorite of all wrestling podcasts 
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    Stl reacted to nom in 2009 NCAA Champions   
    We all missed out on seeing a healthy Troy Nickerson compete all 4 years. 
    I’d take Lee given the shoulder but if Troy’s shoulder was healthy - give me Troy. 
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    Stl reacted to Antitroll2828 in 2009 NCAA Champions   
    Burroughs beat Gillespie 13-4 in the semis that bracket also had J.P. O’Conner, Adam hall , cyber Sanderson , Jason Welch , Neil erisman, Matt Moley, chase pami and Scott Winston....a lot of AAs, national champs, college coaches 
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