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  1. Flo seems to just talk and speculate a lot. Seems like very little is factual anymore.
  2. Swiderski interview after Rudis Casey Swiderski after win at @RudiPlus Super Match against Jesse Mendez - YouTube
  3. Swiderski said in the interview after the Rudis match that he plans on going 141 right away. Iowa State also has Zach Redding at 141, but both have a redshirt available.
  4. Since he has been wrestling folkstyle for 16 months and never wore a headgear before that, I will give him a pass. He is still learning. The headgear pull had nothing to do with Hoffman getting put on his back. He lost matches last year because he didn't understand riding time or mat wrestling. He is getting better and learning English at the same time. I am not going to criticize Yonger for the headgear pull. Illegal yes, change the win/loss outcome, probably not. He is a good kid and wanting to learn. Cudos to him. It is amazing seeing the growth in 16 months, on and off the mat.
  5. Flo did a big hype on the wrong Cuban! Yonger is a great young man and doing things the right way. Glad we have him at Iowa State
  6. Marcus Coleman is coming back, so is Iowa State 285 Sam Schuyler
  7. Popped his elbow out. It looked bad. Had the Big 10 network record all matches and went back and watched it
  8. Middle weight Oklahoma State guy? was seeded 2nd and went 0-2, I believe. 5-10 years ago I found it. Jamal Parks. Was 32-2 and seeded 2nd. Went 2-2 and got beat by Ness (7th Seed) and Sakaguschi of Oregon State
  9. Terukina. Prata is only loss. Seems under ranked, but he has Teske this week.
  10. I don't think a pin is reviewable. I remember Massa using that move on Michael Moreno and he fought it off. Talked to Mike later and was sore as heck in the neck.
  11. Yonger Bastista vs (Iowa State) vs Pentz (ND State), since Pentz just beat Buchanan and Buchanan beat Yonger in OT Carr vs Franek (ND State) -
  12. That is where Yonger struggled last year. He is getting a lot better. I think he is probably one of the best 2 or 3 at 197 from neutral, so that is where they concentrate on
  13. Iowa State brought in the Buffalo kid because Gremmel would not commit to coming back. Indications are that he wants paid and does not want to be taking classes. No complaints on what Gremmel did at Iowa State.
  14. Pretty sure Gremmel is looking for NIL money. There was no problem and Iowa State or between him and Dresser
  15. Fun dual. Dresser got his 200th win in his hometown gym. They raised money for the youth Humboldt Wildcat program. Lots of people got to experience their 1st college wrestling dual. Hope it helps grow the sport and fan base
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