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  1. Kevin Dresser - took a fair number of lower talent at VT and turned them into AA
  2. buf87

    Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup

    Iowa State lineup will be similar to this year 125 - Mackall (RS Jr), A Reeves (RS) 133 - Gomez (RS So), Todd Small (RS Jr) 141 - Parker (RS Jr), Ryan Anderson (RS) 149 - Degen (RS Jr), Leisure (RS So) 157 - David Carr (RS Fr), Chase Straw (RS Sr & NQ this year) 165 - Logan Schumacher (So), Chase Straw (RS Sr), Zane Mulder (So) 174 - Coleman (RS So) 184 - Colbray (RS Jr) 197 - J Shapiro (RS Fr) 285 - Gremmel (RS Jr), F Duggan (RS Fr) 8 Returning NQ, lose Miklus (AA) and gain David Carr & Shapiro
  3. buf87

    Who will Maryland hire?

    J Jaggers?
  4. buf87

    Who will Maryland hire?

    He hires real good assistants so he doesn’t have to get on the mat as much
  5. buf87

    Suriano's headgear grab definitely stopped Fix

    The ref missed it, but it should have never been reviewed. Ok State did not have a challenge. Smith should have saved a challenge for something more important than an alleged hand to the face early on and the double 4 point nf to try and get the extra 1/2 team point for the tech fall. I do not see how the ref could miss the call, review it without a challenge brick from Smith and then take that 2 away from Suriano and give a penalty point to Fix and the win. I just don't think that call gets reviewed without a challenge brick by most coaches other the Cael, Smith, Ryan and Brands
  6. Agree with quarters and semis being the best wrestling. I had my share of IC (Iron City) Light at Pittsburgh. With the angle of the seating, the seats up high were good. We were section 203 (I think), right in the middle and 1/2 up the upper deck
  7. buf87

    List of Transfers

    Happel's younger brother just verballed to UNI
  8. buf87

    Finals pickem

    125 - Picc/Mueller 133 - Suriano/Fix 141 - Yianni/Lee 149 - Ashnault/Jordan 157 - Nolf/Berger 165 - Marinelli/Joseph 174 - Hall/Zahid 184 - Martin/Z 197 - Nickal/Moore 285 - Steveson/White
  9. buf87

    Talk about turning program around

    As JBluegill stated Northwest Iowa was great for NCAA wrestlers back in the 70's and 80's Kerber from Emmetsburg & Brands from Sheldon both went to Iowa Randy Nielson, John Thorn, Dave Martin of Algona all went to Iowa State Kirk Meyers from Algona and Mike Van Oosbree from Emmetsburg went to UNI Paul Martin from Algona went to Oklahoma State Kevin Dresser from Humboldt went to Iowa. Emmetsburg is on its way back, Tyler Bjustrom got 1A coach of the year and had an undefeated season this year.
  10. buf87

    Talk about turning program around

    Fixed. Colston is a great guy and from a great family. I am glad he made it to Nationals with George MASON! Interesting that he did that at 165, which happens to be the weight we didn't qualify anyone at.
  11. buf87

    Talk about turning program around

    Yep I think Jake Allar was going to back out of the old staff also. I think if KJ was still there, Allar was going to end up at Minnesota Ethan Smith to Ohio State Jarod Verkleeren to Penn State. Ben Kamali to Virginia (Not sure he ever sighed, might of been at junior) Weston DiBlasi to Missouri (Was a junior in high school) Guys that were on the team that ended up at other D1 schools Danny Vega at SDSU Zemua Baptista at Nebraska Colston DiBlasi at George Mason Kanen Storr at Michigan
  12. buf87

    Did Rahseed duck?

    I understand that is an issue. But if the guy truly isn't 100%, then it shouldn't matter. If wrestlers aren't punished for defaulting after reaching an allocation spot, I could see this becoming a more popular trend.
  13. buf87

    Did Rahseed duck?

    Rasheed should be discounted for not wrestling the finals. To me it is a loss. I think if you forfeit out of a qualifying tournament, your seed should automatically drop a couple spots. Micic should drop a fair amount, because of defaulting out so early.
  14. buf87

    How many did Ohio St qualify for NCAAs?

    Pretty sure Sheets of Ok State at 157 will not qualify
  15. I don't think so. No coaches ranking, no RPI, and no win %age. He has the 1 spot out of allocation. Unless he would get in coaches poll, I was told he can't get an at large berth. He did a heck of a job. Cutting down from 174 mid season and as a true freshman. Zane Mulder did a nice job filling in also