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  1. buf87

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

    Is there a Big 10 dual champion?
  2. buf87

    EWL MAC Merger

    SoCon needs to go somewhere other than Big 10. They are so weak. How many teams will the EWL/MAC merger have? PAC needs to go with the Big 12. I think they only have 5 teams. Get down to 4 or 5 bigger conference/Regional tourneys.
  3. buf87

    Connor Brown

    If he is transferring, I am surprised Wisconsin would still have him on the roster
  4. buf87

    Iowa 2020 National Champs?

    I think Cassioppi will do every bit as go as Stoll will this year, especially an injured Stoll. Curious what happens at 157. Not sure Young will be able to make that again. I assume Nelson Brands will go down to 157.
  5. buf87

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    Agree and that is what I expected between Berger and Desanto. Still think Manning was just breaking it up between Desanto and Berger. But I am sure that Manning wasn't all rosy with Desanto at that moment. But if you have Berger doing it, better be able to handle it when it gets done to you.
  6. buf87

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    Never know for sure, but instead of Desanto running back to his team, he heads right to the Nebraska side to shake hands. Normally, that wouldn't be a big deal, but right after jawing to that team, you are crazy if you didn't think something was going to happen.
  7. buf87

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    Berger has a history of this behavior and Desanto has a history of this behavior. The other 9 wrestlers on both teams were fine. Didn't see anything major by Red after his match.
  8. buf87

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    Looked to me like Manning was separating Berger and Desanto. They seem to be jawing at each other afterwards. I am guessing the jesters by Desanto right after the match were directed at Berger. Iowa and Nebraska fans can't complain about anything in this dual because each have a wrestler that is equally as bad. Berger and Desanto create quite the hate towards each other.
  9. buf87

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    Is there any punishment (sitting out events) for multiple unsportsmanlike conducts in a season? Isn't this 3 in the last month for Desanto? I don't know the rules for this, but I know there is for football, not sure on basketball
  10. buf87

    Dresser at ISU

    100-0 in 2 duals this weekend
  11. buf87

    Who Likes the Term Pinfall?

    Pin or Fall, but not Pinfall
  12. buf87

    Dresser at ISU

    Agree. I was stating what I think the original KJ plan was.
  13. buf87

    Dresser at ISU

    Verkleeren was KJ's 149 pounder and Colbray would have stayed at 197 and Smith at 184. Allar was pegged as our future 165 pounder. Straw & Jennings is the only Junior starting also & Carr will replace one of them