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  1. buf87

    2018 Who's #1

    Mine was about Facundo. I think the Metcalf tie to Davison puts Iowa State in the running. Facundo also wrestled in Agony in Ames a year ago. I think the Reader tie to Davison puts Wisconsin in the running. And I think Michigan will be in the running. Those would be my top 3, then the big boys will be after him also. (OSU, tOSU, PSU)
  2. buf87

    2018 Who's #1

    If not Iowa State, then Wisconsin would be a great 2nd choice
  3. buf87

    2018 Who's #1

    Iowa State and Wisconsin will be in the mix with Metcalf and Reader being from Davison
  4. buf87

    Iowa State 18/19

    Dugan will redshirt, but has looked promising at heavyweight. I am excited to see how many guys do this year. I still don't see a lot of AA in the lineup, but I think we could have quite a few more qualifiers. The rest of the lineup looks like what I would expect.
  5. buf87


    So who offered the scholarship? D1 football is only full ride scholarships. Is UNC considered D1 or a step below where partial scholarships coming into play? I think UNI offers partial scholarships for football. It is great if they got Robison for very little money. I thought UNC only had 5 scholarships available for wrestling when Troy got there. Are they fully funded yet?
  6. buf87

    Who shot Sam Stoll

    Mud flap did! He wants Cass starting
  7. buf87

    Next Rising Program?

    I was referring more to 3 years from now. Next year will be Mackall, Gomez, Parker, Degen, Carr
  8. buf87

    Next Rising Program?

    Iowa State now has Ryan Anderson. Could see a starting lineup of 125 - Reeves 133 - Gomez 141 - 149 - Anderson 157 - Carr
  9. buf87

    Cyclone Talk with Mudflap

    Yeah not much to this story. Dresser addressed the altercation issue in an interview and said no physical altercation happen between him and Zadick or a member of his staff and Zadick.
  10. Mackall at 125 at Iowa State is going to surprise some guys.
  11. buf87

    Did Zadick get set up??

    I think people are reaching for excuses and ways to place blame on certain people. No I don't think it was a setup.
  12. buf87

    Zaddick out at Iowa State

    He would just get paid part by both
  13. buf87

    Wow- Breaking News

    So really no news has broke
  14. buf87

    Iowa State Next Year?

    My guess is 125 - Mackall (Rutgers transfer) or Small (Juco Nat'l Champ at 133) 133 - Gomez 141 - Ian Parker 149 - Degen 157 - Chase Straw 165 - Skyler St John or Brady Jennings 174 - Marcus Coleman 184 - Sam Colbray or Danny Bush 197 - Miklus Hwt - Gannon Gremmel or Ethan Andersen (OSU transfer)