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  1. OU had the Mantanona boys go on a tear yesterday with 5 falls, I think. Wrestle another day and they could go 0-4.
  2. You may be right on the UNI match. I remember UNI had a strong 1st period and rode him hard and knew the pin was in the 2nd period. Neither of these guys were ranked very high and Valencia didn't look top 5 that day.
  3. You need to watch the matches. If he didn't have the big throw, he probably was going to lose the Judge match and wasn't showing much in the UNI match either
  4. He probably would of had 2 losses at the Iowa State/UNI/ASU dual. Got a 6 point move against Judge of Iowa State with about 5 seconds left to come back and win. Got a 6 point move to pin UNI kid in the 2nd period and was down in that match
  5. Interesting, So since Pac12 has 2 bids at 141, 149, and 157; a wrestler still has to win the bracket if he doesn't have 4 matches at that weight?
  6. Interesting, would not affect guys getting in at 149 with Abas previously there and Pac 12 having 2 allocations. Abas at 157, probably not either with van der Merwe there and 2 Pac 12 allocations. So does van der Merwe move up also? Flo article makes it seem like Real is going at 141????
  7. So is there any rules that force bids to go back to the at large pool?
  8. Who did Trampe get beat by? I assume if he wrestled, he got beat by some unranked guys and probably should fall out of an at large selection. He was ranked #24, which would normally be just in. Looks like Binghamton had Heberlein at 141 and Trampe wasn't entered
  9. I could see Cobb and Hartman getting at large bids, which would make 47 EIWA guys at Nationals with only 32 ranked in the top 33.
  10. This is the Coaches rankings of everyone ranked in the EIWA. The ones in bold did not earn a berth in the tournament 125 was ok & 165 wasn't terrible Coaches rankings at 133 (3 Qualifiers) #23 Darren Miller of Bucknell That is all that is ranked Coaches Ranking at 141 (5 qualifiers) #10 Cody Trybus of Navy #24 Zach Trampe of Binghamton (was replaced by Heberlein) #26 Lane Peters of Navy Coaches ranking at 149 (4 qualifiers) #17 PJ Ogunsanya of Army #19 Casey Cobb of Navy #23 Jimmy Hoffman of Lehigh Coaches rankings at 157 (5 qualifiers) #15 Markus Hartman of Army #22 Holder Heller of Hofstra #23 Parker Kropman of Drexel #27 Andrew Cerniglia of Navy Coaches Rankings at 174 (5 qualifiers) #17 Michael O'Malley of Drexel #31 Ross McFarland of Hofstra That is it!!! Coaches Ranking at 184 (6 qualifiers) #4 Lou Deprez of Binghamton #19 David Key of Navy #30 Taylor Brown of Armey Coaches Ranking at 197 (5 qualifiers) #17 Jacob Koser of Navy #18 JT Brown of Army #20 Jake Jakobsen of Lehigh #24 Bryan McLaughlin of Drexel Coaches Ranking at 285 (4 qualifiers) #8 Jordan Wood of Lehigh #23 Johnathon Birchmeier of Navy #29 Robert Heald of Army
  11. I assume Marcus Coleman is going at 197 for Iowa State, instead of Yonger Bastida, but not sure.
  12. EIWA has 32 guys ranked in the Top 33 of this coaches poll and 45 allocations
  13. Shapiro and Colbray at 184. Yonger(the Cuban kid) & Coleman at 197
  14. No, Colbray is going 184. He has a minor injury
  15. buf87

    Iowa State

    I think David Carr eventually moves to 165, but the original plan was to be at 157 next year
  16. buf87

    Iowa State

    Glad Kysen is coming to Ames. Met Shayden when he was there. Hawaiian pipeline To Iowa State continues. Grant N, Dane Pestano, Shayden Terukina, Cory Cabanban & now Kysen
  17. buf87

    Iowa State

    I don’t think the plan is to bump anyone up. 125 -Mackall 133 - Gomez or Small 141 - Parker 149 - Degen 157 - Carr 165 - ??? 174 - Colbray, maybe Broderson 184 - Coleman, Colbray, Broderson 197 - Shapiro, maybe Broderson 285 - Gremmel
  18. So is Richie Figs still verballed to ASU or not?
  19. Was ASU mentioned as a possible destination for Mitch Moore?
  20. UNI would benefit. Schwarm, Steiert, Thomsen and Lujan
  21. You would have to assume that every school is going to increase the budget for wrestling to make up for the additional scholarships. The bigger programs are probably not going to be a problem, but it might be for a school like Northern Colorado. Also I hear talk of not allowing Spencer Lee a chance to be a 4 timer, but that goes for every freshman. None of them will have a chance to be a 4 time National champ or a 4 time AA. To me, it needs to be all qualifiers get the year back or none do
  22. I am against the huge difference in the qualifiers. The So Conf & Pac 12 are a joke
  23. I think if you have enough matches for an RPI, then over 1/2 of them should be a qualifying weight. Or some form of that.
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