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  1. Iowa State could use a 165 pounder
  2. buf87

    Iowa State

    I think David Carr eventually moves to 165, but the original plan was to be at 157 next year
  3. buf87

    Iowa State

    Glad Kysen is coming to Ames. Met Shayden when he was there. Hawaiian pipeline To Iowa State continues. Grant N, Dane Pestano, Shayden Terukina, Cory Cabanban & now Kysen
  4. buf87

    Iowa State

    I don’t think the plan is to bump anyone up. 125 -Mackall 133 - Gomez or Small 141 - Parker 149 - Degen 157 - Carr 165 - ??? 174 - Colbray, maybe Broderson 184 - Coleman, Colbray, Broderson 197 - Shapiro, maybe Broderson 285 - Gremmel
  5. So is Richie Figs still verballed to ASU or not?
  6. Was ASU mentioned as a possible destination for Mitch Moore?
  7. UNI would benefit. Schwarm, Steiert, Thomsen and Lujan
  8. You would have to assume that every school is going to increase the budget for wrestling to make up for the additional scholarships. The bigger programs are probably not going to be a problem, but it might be for a school like Northern Colorado. Also I hear talk of not allowing Spencer Lee a chance to be a 4 timer, but that goes for every freshman. None of them will have a chance to be a 4 time National champ or a 4 time AA. To me, it needs to be all qualifiers get the year back or none do
  9. I am against the huge difference in the qualifiers. The So Conf & Pac 12 are a joke
  10. I think if you have enough matches for an RPI, then over 1/2 of them should be a qualifying weight. Or some form of that.
  11. Long beat Orris, then Long defaulted to Coleman.
  12. I believe Sebastian of Wisconsin was Coleman’s 2nd round guys. Other side had a couple Iowa State guys, 2 SDSU guys & a Minnesota guys. All lost to Iowa State guys
  13. Understand that. I think Dresser thought Sebastian would wrestle. Probably didn’t expect all the backups to beat the SDSU & Minnesota guys
  14. Why does he automatically get a berth without knowing the RPI? Win %age is irrelevant if not 70%
  15. It is not like Coleman didn't wrestle a full and tough schedule. He had 9 matches at 174 & 10 at 184 not including Saturday matches He lost to #1, #4, #6, #15, 17 at 184 (using last Flo rankings) At 174, he lost to #1, #5, #9, and #20 and a win over #8 (Skatzka) But none of these matches at 174 count towards win %age or RPI. So Coleman had no chance to get an RPI because of the weight change and wrestled a pretty tough schedule that most wrestlers don't (Excluding Big 10 guys), so win %age is tough to get
  16. Apparently. I think everyone also assumed Sebastian would wrestle at least a match also
  17. To set a couple things straight. The last chance open was suppose to be Sunday at Iowa State. The NDSU dual got rescheduled for Sunday in Hilton. So Last Chance got moved to Saturday & couldn’t be in Hilton Everyone of the Iowa State Backup wrestlers except Stotts wrestled a Minnesota or SDSU in earlier matches & won
  18. David's dad is Nate. It was nice that David's brother Nate Jr. (Lock Haven assistant) flew in for the dual and got to see David wrestle Young. Nate Jr wrestled at Iowa State a couple years after Juco
  19. Can't go D1 without graduating or a special waiver can he?
  20. I still wonder how the bad travel plans affected the Junior team on day 1. Listening to the Flo FRL about the east coast kids flying to Colorado Springs, then flying back across the country and to Estonia and wrestling about 24 hours later had to have some linger affect on the 1st day performance
  21. Kevin Dresser - took a fair number of lower talent at VT and turned them into AA
  22. Iowa State lineup will be similar to this year 125 - Mackall (RS Jr), A Reeves (RS) 133 - Gomez (RS So), Todd Small (RS Jr) 141 - Parker (RS Jr), Ryan Anderson (RS) 149 - Degen (RS Jr), Leisure (RS So) 157 - David Carr (RS Fr), Chase Straw (RS Sr & NQ this year) 165 - Logan Schumacher (So), Chase Straw (RS Sr), Zane Mulder (So) 174 - Coleman (RS So) 184 - Colbray (RS Jr) 197 - J Shapiro (RS Fr) 285 - Gremmel (RS Jr), F Duggan (RS Fr) 8 Returning NQ, lose Miklus (AA) and gain David Carr & Shapiro
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