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  1. Talk about a great tournament. Prescott beat the #3, #2 and #1 ranked wrestlers in that order to win his 125# championship. Talk about a rough random draw as I don't think they seed the tournament.
  2. Will Megaludis be able to make 125 in three years. You don't find too many out there at the top level that can hold 125 for six years.
  3. PSU Freshmen on the roster: 08-09: 8 FR 09-10: 13 FR 10-11: 21 FR 11-12: 17 FR 12-13: 14 FR 13-14: 10 FR Amazing how the number of Freshmen recruits went from 8 the year before he arrives up to 21 just after going from Iowa State to Penn State and then from 21 back down to 10 this year.
  4. I don't think you have to sit a year if you are given a release. I say this as Cyler Sanderson shows as a Junior for Iowa State in 08-09 and a Senior for Penn State in 09-10.
  5. Want to see how good a coach Sanderson is now that the benefit of a double recruiting class will be gone.
  6. Let's see, Brands gets a double recruiting class and wins 3 titles in a row then falls off a bit. Sanderson follow suit with a double recruiting class and wins 3 titles in a row (possibly 4). Jury will be out for the next few years on PSU but interesting to see if these two are great coaches or just the beneficiaries of double recruiting classes. :o
  7. What did Ottinger (CMU) do to get DQ'd?
  8. Time of the match should not matter when it comes to stalling. It shouldn't matter whether it is the first period or SV, if it is stalling the ref should call it.
  9. The costs are bigger because if it happens at NWCA's you begin the NCAA Tournament behind the 8 ball based on a wrong call at Nat Duals, that is why. Pretty simple concept. But if it happens at NWCA's, you have the rest of your team behind you to try and help. You can't count on the wrestlebacks at NCAA's as upsets happen and you could get a high seed who was upset and be 0-2. Also, how is that different than day 1 vs. day 2 of a tournament? If you get screwed over on day 1, does that not put your team behind the 8 ball on day 2?
  10. Why are the repercussions a lot bigger? This type of call can happen at the NCAA Tournament also. You would still lose a match and therefore cost your team whether it is individually or as a team.
  11. Rule 5.12-Leaving Mat Without Permission It is a technical violation to leave the mat without first receiving permission to do so from the referee
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