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  1. wrestlingzen

    NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic

    Micic controlled the match, as he should have, given his talent, experience, and weight advantage. It certainly could have been worse:
  2. wrestlingzen

    Desanto is the first person ever to....

    In my experience, the people may know, but the people don't care.
  3. wrestlingzen

    Wisconsin going forward

    It seems like Bono can develop talent (see Gross). If he can get a core of high-level recruits, no telling what can happen. Nice coaching staff, too.
  4. wrestlingzen

    Flo big match promotion - question

    This is actually a pretty interesting question. FLO offers a great service in terms of giving the wrestling community access to almost every part of the sport; it's an exciting time to be a fan. One downside in my mind is that the 'total coverage' approach gives people the impression that we deserve all the information all the time. Why not Tweet two top-level D1 coaches and simply demand information? I mean, a wrestling journalist/traveling videographer is on equal footing with a guy who has spent his life working to obtain an HC position and all the responsibilities that implies, right? On a personal level, and since it's the big example this week, I was really looking forward to seeing Lee and Rivera go at it. Even planned my Sunday around it to some extent. The reality, though, is that I would have looked forward to that match anyway, without FLO blowing it up for the purpose of building hype. I get it--you gotta make money--but they're the one's who treat it like PPV match, as if they have any say, at all, over the people involved (whether wrestlers or coaches). To their credit, the guys at FLO bring visibility to the sport, which is a good thing, but they act and communicate as if they are a governing body rather than a corporate enterprise. They create these narratives well ahead of time--usually in house, and in many cases without direct input from parties involved--and then somehow, we find fault when the 'reality' doesn't come to fruition. Again, I'd be disappointed anyway if a potentially exciting match didn't happen, without FLO telling me how coaches are killing the sport. That said: I'm a subscriber, and I'll keep tuning in because I love wrestling--but I don't think FLO deserves access to wrestlers or coaches any more than wrestlers and coaches (free men and women, all) are willing to give.
  5. wrestlingzen

    Oklahoma State vs Iowa State

    Thought Picc looked pretty good--some things would have to go the right way, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him wrestling on Saturday night in March.
  6. Gomez is lots of fun to watch--can be dangerous upper body but also gets to the legs. I appreciate the wide open style, even if it bites him once in a while.
  7. wrestlingzen

    Berger calls out Nolf

    I don't see it as calling out Nolf so much as committing to his vision--namely by making it public within a community that will (dang sure) hold him accountable to it (allheseesisgold). Nowhere to hide, and all eyes on the prize. I say good for him.
  8. wrestlingzen

    How far away?

    Watching Nebraska yesterday, they seemed like a well-coached team that showed up in RH to scrap with a very high-powered team. I enjoyed watching most of the matches, even if the final score was a blow out--which is an indicator to me that good things are happening in the practice room. I'm sure Manning and Co. would like to compete for a national title, but there's so much parity now that just being in the top 10, in my mind, is a great accomplishment for some teams. I'd think that making their way into the top 4 on occasion would be a more reasonable way to assess the strength of the program than to base it on length of time to a title. That, and getting some of their powerhouse guys to the top of the NCAA podium, and the World and Olympic stage--JB and Green of course being the models on that front.
  9. wrestlingzen

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Also, sporting the DSJ leg wrap.
  10. wrestlingzen

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    My sense is that the ref is making some good, decisive calls in this match. We see this with the stalling, and I think we may have seen it with the team point deduction. Both are subjective to an extent, but it seems to me that the ref calling it like he sees it (and within reason). The action overall has been solid so far either way.
  11. wrestlingzen

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    I understand the interest in Desanto's actions, or demeanor, or style, or whatever you want to call it, but I don't get the obsession with policing his or anyone's behavior. The sport has policies and rules for this sort of thing. So relax, and maybe comment on the wrestling once in a while.
  12. wrestlingzen

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    I see David Carr is registered at 70KG, same as JO. If the matchup happens, it should be a nice indication of how DC is progressing with Dresser and Co.
  13. wrestlingzen

    New Rules

    Good point--I'm surprised that hands to the face doesn't come with a caution first. You could even go with just one caution/warning, and it would seem like a fairer rule.
  14. wrestlingzen

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    I get what you're saying, though I wasn't talking about the fanbase (which can be fanatic by definition). In terms of competition, I personally tend to favor the stoic approach: win or lose, shake hands, look them in the eye, and walk off the mat. That said, I'm not interested in enforcing a behavioral ideal, and part of me--maybe the base part--enjoys watching guys get after it. I obviously wouldn't want to see anyone get injured due to questionable antics, but in reality, it's a physical sport, and it never surprises me to see emotions boil over.
  15. wrestlingzen

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    I guess I see your point, but I'm not sure what else a coach should/could say in that situation. It seems like the question was setting Goodale up to make a moral judgment about the post-whistle activities. In that situation, I guess he could have publicly admonished his athlete; instead, he chose to address it and move on without condemning anyone in a public interview. To me that's different than some morons throwing objects onto the mat.