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  1. I didn't mean to suggest I think he'd win based on his size because I don't think he will make it out of the first round. There could be a big "good" weight gap between him and Gavin but I would still expect Gavin to win even with the layoff, weight and age. I agree Rasheed wouldn't be in this event if he'd wrestled for Clarion. Or how about Joe Rau? He competes in everything freestyle/folkstyle/greco doesn't seem to matter. Could've been an interesting pigtail with all the points their matches have put up in greco.
  2. Good point. He never looked big for his weight and that wasn't even 195. Size may play a factor in this tournament as pretty much all these guys were college 184 pounders. Have to think Rasheed is the biggest based on that.
  3. Yes, you're right actually. Guess they probably won't have a complete consolation bracket. 1st place - 20k, 2nd place - 10k, 3rd place - 5k 4th place - 2.5k 5-8th place - 1k
  4. Based on previous results you'd have to take Brooks on the bottom half with multiple wins over Jackson and Martin. You can't really do that with the top half due to the wild cards in Gavin and Lujan (Lujan looked great this past year and likely would have won the NCAA title in my opinion). When I originally heard about the bracket I thought Gavin would be in the finals. I think Dean might take it in the semis. I could see Brooks beating Dean in the finals due to how long Dean has been out of freestyle competition and the likely high pace Brooks will bring. Who do you guys see taking last place? Last still gets $1000 right? I think Foster takes 7th over Rasheed depending on how the consolation bracket looks.
  5. From what I'm seeing here I guess not many people watched? I guess there wasn't a super big name draw for this one. I don't think the matches were all that different due to the cage. A couple time guys couldn't finish a lace/gut but the takedowns came a little easier for some. The biggest issue here seemed to be the size differences. Watching Berger vs. McKenna was comical. I still thought McKenna might win but he just couldn't really finish. Gwiz dominated. Brooks looks like he might be good in an octagon.
  6. These match-ups are kinda strange because everyone is in a different weight class. Think this is a way to encourage them to compete because they won't see each other at opens or trials?
  7. Yes, he was in WCAP but trained at NLWC part time because Army didn't really have a freestyle team. He was kicked out of WCAP and is quitting the Army.
  8. People are finding new and exciting ways to get healthy and who are we to stand in their way?
  9. Ivy league doesn't allow redshirting. Grayshirting is just unenrolling/not enrolling in school to prevent lost of a year. You have 5 years once your clock starts (not including Olympic or Medical RS).
  10. I used to do neck bridges and the bridge circles. However, neck bridges cause compression on the spine that can lead to long term problems. Its better to use either use weight as shown in the video, a head strap/chain with weight, or have a partner push on the back of your head/pull up on the forehead (works well in the wrestling room for warmups). Neck Exercises that KILL Your Neck (DO THESE INSTEAD!!)
  11. The conversation between Downey and Rau continued. https://twitter.com/Raustler84/status/1277632863610064896?s=20 Also, here's a match between Taylor and Rau. I would be interested to see another match between these two in a similar format to the Downey v. Rau match. Not sure who would win that.
  12. He had a lot of great wins in his career and an exciting style. He will be missed. He was a 3x D3 champion and cadet world teamer back in Ukraine before moving here. Interesting story.
  13. Match of the night had to be Zane vs. Sanders. Lots of scrambles and lead changes. Great match! 13-12 Zane. I enjoyed the wrestling and the commentary overall. They don't have as high of production quality as flo but that's to be expected. I disagree that the commentators needed to be explaining scores throughout the match because I doubt anyone paying for this event was a casual fan who doesn't know the rules. The only other people watching might be friends/family and even then they likely have someone at home who could explain the scoring to them. The issue was that the ones commentating couldn't see the scores from where they were sitting.
  14. And Jordan Blanton was the match announcer. 3x AA for Illinois.
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