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  1. Yes, I did see that. Regardless of your beliefs, I'm not sure how someone in the spotlight of a sports media company can keep not only their job but a leadership position posting things like that. I didn't realize there was much of any consequences for it though. However, I was referring to the decrease in amount and quality of the content they put out on social media. The main social media person changed. There was next to zero promotion of the greco wrestlers before they competed. A couple years back Flo would bombard my timeline about worlds or big upcoming events. It could partially be their posts just aren't showing up as often.
  2. Borrero is a beast. What's he doing in Wisconsin? Training with Hall? It also seems like Flo social media has gone down hill significantly. I guess since they fired the other guy after he got called out for not having enough women's content. Also, I thought Hands already was doing the Greco articles for Flo?
  3. Thanks, I did find it. 4:30am eastern/1:30am pacific. I don't see any freestyle listed on that site for the qualification boutts but on the video it has Gilman's name as set to be first for a qualification match.
  4. True Mesenbrink does look good. He and Gaitan are both going to Cal Baptist? That's interesting.
  5. So in your opinion the goal should be medal count for an age level tournament. It looks nice on paper I guess. The thing is, it's not just the World team members who could have taken the spot but also the national team (top 3). Yes, I don't think Matthews would beat Yianni but he isn't chopped liver. He'll be top 2 to start next season at 141 and could end up a two time NCAA champ. It would be nice to have depth at the weight besides Yianni who may eventually suffer a career ending injury or have move up in weight. You never know what someone could develop into given the right resources. So if Lewis could win this tournament but couldn't even become an AA is it worth it to send the top senior level guys? Maybe the freestyle side is a bad example. To get my point across, look at the greco side where Ogunsanya won U23 WTT and placed 2nd to Peak at the US Open. Then for whatever reason he didn't compete in Senior WTT. Sure Peak did beat him at the open so he's clearly better at this point but remember it was anyone under 23 that made the senior team. Not just the WTT champ. Noah Wachsmuth was also able to steal the spot if Peak didn't accept. Wachsmuth placed 7th from the same side of the bracket as Ogunsanya at the open. Also, it appears Ogunsanya could have a lot of potential as the open appears to be his first greco tournament in awhile after competing in college the past 4-5 years. He also comes from the same high school program that produced greco stars like Bey and Coleman. Since he plans to continue greco, I would argue an international tournament would do more good for him than Peak who has already been competing in greco since he graduated high school. Don't get me wrong, Peak looks very good at a young age already but he may not be the future of 72kg as he looks like he still has plenty of room to fill out and go up.
  6. Seems weird to allow kids to take the spot for a tournament they didn't win (U23 WTT). Not saying most wouldn't have won anyway but if they can win the senior national team spot shouldn't they at least wrestle off for it? I would think the goal of U23 shouldn't necessarily be to win but instead for development. In that case, when you have the senior level world team member competing in both you're limiting opportunities for others with potential who have less experience. Just seems odd to me the way they made the team this year and I don't remember it being like this in the past.
  7. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2022/April/14/Ivan-Ivanov-named-General-Manager-Greco-Roman-Programs
  8. You're wrong. Watch the short video I posted. As a cadet he placed third and then didn't place the following year.
  9. Don't know if that's what he was talking about. I'd actually like to see these brackets if anyone has them. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5854420-dake-wrestled-taylor-ness-and-ellis-coleman-in-fargo
  10. Also, funding. They will usually be able to get paid more here even if they're not at the top of the rankings.
  11. A couple Olympic cycles ago, I met a guy who was competing for the Canadian greco team. He said he basically just asked to be on the team since they didn't really have one. He had to pay for everything himself pretty much. He was training in Colorado Springs at the time.
  12. When and who was that? Kizhan Clarke beat Wil Guida at 141 pounds in the pre-season wrestle-offs, 7-3.
  13. Yeah, hearing that this tournament was pretty poorly run. From the comments from two in that bracket, it doesn't appear they were given refunds. https://twitter.com/qp4oz/status/1510216058292088832?s=20&t=RRtPoDkj5V9OZTf9Zxt64Q
  14. He often had close matches with Porter in the past but just normally won them. I think this bracket shows more how Perkins has returned to old form since stepping away due to injury.
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