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  1. Super interesting story about Rocky Aoki. I know who his son is but had never heard about this guy. Thanks for sharing. Apparently he was the US Flyweight champion 3 years in a row and is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. I imagine it would make an interesting movie but it would be extremely difficult to get information from all the way back then for the wrestling part of it. I could see Hollywood trying to make a movie about him one day though. I'll have to try Benihana one day. https://www.theringer.com/2018/7/24/17606204/benihana-rocky-aoki-feature https://www.businessinsider.com/benihana-founder-rocky-aoki-japanese-cuisine-teppanyaki-america-2019-5 https://thehustle.co/rocky-aoki-benihana-family-fortune/ As for the Gable movie, it was online for free but Flo had it removed shorty after they acquired it.
  2. Respectfully, if you know who he is why did you post videos with Rogan talking about his brother? I'm not from Ohio but I thought what I read was they were in D1. Isn't that your big school class? I guess you're saying he had an easier time making it to state or placing? Logan Paul, the brother who's going to be boxing Mayweather, is the one who placed 5th. I haven't seen anything that says Jake Paul made it to state but you might know better.
  3. I don't know about that. I believe they're way behind on their vaccination projections (2 million vs. 20 million by year end) and you'd have to think these guys are in one of the last tiers for eligibility to receive the vaccine. Are Olympic hopefuls going to be placed in a higher tier than regular healthy people?
  4. I think this is a bad take. As a fan of wrestling I hope these guys continue competing as long as they're able to, especially while they're still competitive and winning matches. Recently, I saw someone send Zach Sanders a message on Twitter telling him to quit wrestling, on a post he made about the RTC Cup. This doesn't make any sense to me since he had won matches there and they were entertaining ones. Not only that but these guys are able to support themselves now with wrestling (and coaching) while doing what they love. Sure they're a bit outside of the competitive ages we've seen in the past for wrestling but they're not too old to compete. We see older athletes in other sports all the time. A big reason we didn't see guys stick around as long was because it generally wasn't financially viable without a lot of success. At a certain point the money might be needed for someone younger/better but that doesn't seem to be the case yet. It's a hard sport but if they still enjoy it they shouldn't be encouraged to stop.
  5. Hopefully his knees hold up. I'm curious to see that screenshot of his 20ib. weight gain from that match.
  6. Askren is saying that Paul is a coward because he's gone silent. If it does end up happening I think Askren would win based on his competitiveness and experience but I wouldn't bet on it.
  7. Not only is he an a^%hat but if anything has become clear over his career its that Askren loves competing, money and attention. I think it's pretty obvious why he's doing this (big money and brand building opportunity). It's why everyone is trying to get the Paul fight except those who have anything to lose by an upset like McGregor. Askren is retired and has nothing to lose by taking a loss here. It's similar to him taking that wrestling match against Burroughs. You took that away from Paul's fights? Nate Robinson was basically lunging into punches. It was a hilarious fight but I don't think you could take much away from it or the other one. Might want to take it with a grain of salt. Neither of those clips were even about the person being discussed here. Logan was a much better wrestler (better athlete?) and still lost twice to another YouTuber. May want to mute:
  8. Yes. More like 2 years ago now and he didn't spend much time down there in the first place. He's about 6'4" and gets up pretty high in weight, which has been mentioned by Flo.
  9. It's my opinion that these matches absolutely shouldn't count for seeding. Wrestlers like Garrett, Green, Pantaleo and Jackson will likely not be the same wrestlers they were here as they will be when forced to make scratch weight. It's a fairly significant difference.
  10. It was Spencer Mango who went there. Ryan went to Stanford. Many of the greco stars attended back before Ivan Ivanov left.
  11. JO tried to set up a match with Zain a couple weeks ago and he declined. That is always an exciting and competitive matchup. Instead Zain is wrestling another retired athlete.
  12. I'm referring to how they've pretty much pulled out of all major tournaments prior to Big10s. They pulled out of national duals back when they used to perform poorly in that. They only had 4 competition dates prior to the Big10 season last year and still managed to lose to ASU. Fans could at least enjoy them competing against Oklahoma State at the Southern Scuffle before but now they won't even compete in that. I understand why they do it. I just won't watch/pay for it.
  13. You may not like his opinion but he is not just a wrestler but also a person. He is entitled to give his opinion on things outside of wrestling. Not being an expert on something doesn't mean you can't talk about it. Even with a large size difference I could see JB winning a match against this kid easily.
  14. That's why I said a quarter of a pound. That much might make a difference but do you really think he would step on the scale if he was a pound over? Maybe for appearances. There was discussion about this when it happened last year.
  15. The NLWC keeps picking matches that they are heavily favored in (like Cael does in season with Penn State). It's a confidence booster and a way for the athletes to get competition but from the fan perspective it isn't as appealing to me. For example, we all knew the outcome of Nolf v. Jenkins before it happened. I didn't want to see that even with the somewhat intriguing storyline behind it. The HWC matches were much more appealing to me for this reason; even if the names aren't quite as big.
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