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  1. I read on here that it was supposed to be Mat C and the 7th match. I don't know if that's 7th overall or 7th just on Mat C. Think they're on the 3rd match for Mat C now.
  2. Relentless125

    Stevo Poulin

    Looks like the video was posted March 2011. I figure he was saying that because of the prior sentence which says no one went the distance with him. Never can say where a kid is going to end up so early.
  3. Relentless125

    Kamal Bey

    How do you know he wasn't?
  4. Relentless125

    Kamal Bey

    Well did Smith win match 3 with a knee pick? Watch the sequence at 4:50. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6280587-2019-final-x-rutgers/videos?playing=6516640&limit=60
  5. Relentless125

    What is the best body type for wrestling?

    Why is a zero time national qualifier on this list with all NCAA champs and All Americans? Long arms, great hips, and big hands are all great attributes to have as a wrestler.
  6. Relentless125

    The Mekhi Lewis Juggernaut

    Plus Brayton Lee who just beat both those guys will be in the mix. What weight do you think he's going?
  7. Relentless125

    The Mekhi Lewis Juggernaut

    First, Lewis wrestled in Juniors not in U23's. It may have affected McFadden but I doubt it affected Lewis much since Juniors are sooner (September). I don't believe these competitions have as much of a negative effect on the wrestlers as people are making them out to have. Second, while Lewis' first loss to Flynn may have shown to be a bit of a fluke, his loss to Isaiah White was not a bad one. He only rode White for 9 seconds and then got ridden the entire 3rd period. While I'm sure Lewis' ability to get off the bottom improved throughout the year, this is a loss I could see him taking again next year. They never faced each other again this past season. Third, Hidlay lost to more than just Nolf at NCAA's last year. While I'd agree he's the favorite there are still capable contenders coming back at the weight like Deakin (Final X) and Early (win over Hidlay). Additionally, there will be many young studs coming off redshirt next year who may show themselves as title threats. I do think Hidlay would have a much tougher time winning it or even placing top 3 up a weight though.
  8. Relentless125

    The strangeness of U23

    The old cut off for University Worlds used to be age 28 and you had to be enrolled at a college. I can't say how thoroughly they checked this.
  9. Relentless125


    If you need proof they're still having trouble and it's not just a personal WiFi issue go back and watch the US Open greco finals. Here's an example of a match from the finals that is nearly unwatchable because of some tech problem. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6461391-67-kg-final-ellis-coleman-armywcap-vs-hayden-tuma-armywcap
  10. Relentless125

    Joe Rogan talks Askren/JB and Sadulaev/Snyder

    IF the money is right. He said he would be interested in trying one fight but it doesn't sound like it unless its for big check.
  11. Relentless125

    Joe Rogan talks Askren/JB and Sadulaev/Snyder

    Sadulaev recently said he would never do MMA. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21804 Snyder has said in the past he might like to try it.
  12. Relentless125

    Predict the world team

    If that was their reason it's pretty frustrating considering how many medals are awarded to every random sidestroke in swimming and the ballerina dancing in gymnastics. I thought it was more about how many overall competitors would be at the event though. Adding weights significantly increased the amount of participants. The only other fix to that was further reduction in the amount of wrestlers per weight but its already reduced from Worlds and it limits diverse country participation.
  13. Relentless125

    Predict the world team

    That was an amazing match to watch live. I can't find it online besides a small clip though. Does anyone have it? Also, Cejudo retired after that loss. Threw his shoes into the crowd and everything. It would be funny to return after that.
  14. Relentless125

    Cass big over Nevills

    After a year of working out with the returning national champ during his redshirt Nevills could look a lot tougher this time next year. Too bad Schultz didn't wrestle in the freestyle tournament. He won the greco tournament.
  15. Relentless125

    Jon Jay Chavez 82kg/180lb

    That Manville win was when Bey kinda stopped wrestling after getting hit in the head pretty hard. He didn't look right in that match and gave it up. Manville didn't make the finals tonight. Lost to Pat Smith.