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  1. I saw a couple really bad takes from Sonnen recently that makes me question his reliability (Ferrari bumping to heavyweight next year would create the biggest heavyweight matchup of all time and saying collegians going Greco instead of freestyle would make a more impactful splash right away). A lot of what he says is click-baity and sensationalized. That's how he made his fighting career.
  2. You open a lot more doors getting a masters or two or going into a doctorate program. Its a much better option to get it paid for now or at least get help paying it than it is to work a couple years and potentially have to pay for it yourself. If in the end he determines he wants to go into coaching an extra year would only benefit him. He could potentially add an extra AA or national title to his resume which would further increase his earning potential and how quickly he get hired. I think in a few years the same people complaining won't care when it's the Penn State team in their 5th, 6th and 7th years.
  3. A name that always comes up during these Illinois new head coach discussions which I haven't seen here yet is Steve Marianetti. He has some coaching at the D1 level and plenty of years at the college level in general. It would be a significant pay bump and his children are a bit older now than the last head coaching change so maybe it would permit moving. He may be content where he's at however. Plus many people said they didn't think Heffernan had the personality for the job and Marianetti has somewhat similar of a personality. That said I think they take Jeremy Hunter. I realize Whitman wasn't the AD during the turnover from Johnson to Heffernan but they hired internally last time. Maybe this time they say that was a mistake and look elsewhere but I don't know about that. He checks a lot of boxes and has more experience as an assistant than many of the names already thrown out. Down the line I'd like to see Poeta or IMAR next after they gain more experience. Just don't think Poeta would get picked over Hunter yet but I would think he is the other guy getting a close look.
  4. Yes, always been one of my favorites here. Was missed this past year or so he wasn't commenting as much.
  5. Interested in what people say about this since I haven't seen much commentary on it since the initial reactions and a lot of boos from the crowd. Any explanation on this? I don't believe the position was illegal since he had a head and arm and was in the process of another throw which would've made it 8-0. This match could've been one that went 3 for sure. Did the ref make a mistake? I think the caution and +2 was because Rau didn't stop when the ref blew the whistle both times. It wasn't specifically because of the position. In that position however, I don't believe it should have been stopped in the first place. Unless there was something else going on we couldn't see.
  6. A lot of this argument that Gable may be is one of the best of all time heavy stems from the fact that he just beat Gwiz in freestyle. Parris also beat him so that elevated Parris as well. Let's say this version of Gwiz is in prime form for OTT. It's not unreasonable to assume he likely wasn't at his best at a off-season dual tournament and hadn't been training at the same level he is now. In that case, if Gwiz wins trials does the recency bias subside and do you change your minds?
  7. Common opponents are Gwiz and Coon. Cassar is not a common opponent and you're the one bringing him up even though it was 2 years ago with true freshman Gable. Just look at his body type and the way he moves then versus now to see why that's a terrible comparison. Cassar likely wouldn't even place top 5 in this heavyweight field.
  8. Where would Gable rank in on a list of our America's best wrestlers? Considering this quote would he even be considered the greatest wrestler of his era? Or is he just the most popular? There's a lot of talk about how he went unscored upon in the Olympics. Has this never happened before American or otherwise? Maybe that performance ranks in the top 10 Olympic performances. However, with just two gold medals, reduced weights and the breakup of the Soviet Union I might hesitate to even include him in our top 10. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. Where are you guys getting your info? Powell, Izzy, Medlin all had kids they coached attend U of I. Sure, everything doesn't always work out during the recruiting process/while in school but to say they hated him because he didn't recruit Illinois seems weird since I've literally seen him in the room recruiting Illinois kids. Same for seeing Heffernan regularly at camps. Perry's recruiting strategy, at least back then, had more to do with searching for the most athletic wrestlers he could find than just avoiding Illinois kids. He would've been crazy to hold some anti-Illinois bias. Just look at the numbers for NCAA qualifiers every year. This year former Illinois high school wrestlers had the second most. One of the biggest issues comes in when why would you go to Illinois when you have Iowa nearly as close to Chicago? Majority of the top kids are coming out of that area and Northwestern is also a heck of a lot closer. You have 5 other Big10 schools within about the same driving distance so there's a lot of options. Most with better facilities. Plus, Champaign outside of the actual campus is kinda in the middle of nowhere. Of course, there's other things that have been discussed repeatedly on here. I don't think Illinois necessarily disappointed this year. Remember this is a young team and like MSU has been saying this is a much better dual team than tournament team. They lack the superstar right now like IMAR or Delgado. Hopefully, in the next couple years they'll develop but the year isn't even over yet.
  10. Could it be a weight issue or something? He looked a lot better last year. Looked like he was going to end up being pretty good.
  11. While this is true you could also make the argument that Sanderson was on the other side of the spectrum. Across the country, including backups and all divisions, I would think more wrestlers fall into the 125 weight than 197. Or at least more good wrestlers as lower weights have more focus on wrestling in general since youth because they are limited in most other common sports while heavier weights spent less time focused strictly on wrestling throughout their careers with other sports like football as a distraction. An example to support this would be that you're much more likely to see an upper weight have success starting wrestling in high school vs a lightweight who starts during high school. More experience plays a role. At the same time you'd have to give some credit to Dake for winning in some of the most populated weight ranges for the college wrestling population between about 145 to170 pounds.
  12. Okay gotcha, my mistake. Thanks for the info.
  13. Right, the cheapest I could find is a block of 4 seats for $452. I think Flo has the streaming rights.
  14. Why does Dean qualification appear likely? Through last chance? I haven't heard if they're taking top two or if they're even for sure holding one yet. Between Dean, Jackson, and Hidlay or Brooks (one may qualify through NCAA's) that last chance looks stacked if only one guy gets out.
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