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  1. Reinjured. They said he injured it originally against Joseph. Not sure which part of that match that happened though.
  2. I think Lewis and Carr are still a few years out from taking down world champs to win the US spot but who was the guy Carr beat for Junior gold?
  3. You keep calling him Martinez. Patrick Martinez didn't make the team this year at 87kg. Patrick Smith is who is on the team at 77kg.
  4. Well given that Downey couldn't even beat Rau a year ago in freestyle I doubt he's able to overtake him in Greco.
  5. Dake was teched by Coleman in high school in greco. Many of the top freestylers have tried crossovers and done poorly. Parterre is at a whole other level in greco. At the OTC many of our world team members do crossover matches and the greco guys do pretty well against the freestylers particularly when it comes to wrestling on the mat. I was looking for the Jordan Burroughs vs Justin Harry Lester practice match but can't find it.
  6. Wouldn't say he got controlled. Definitely thought the other guy should've been put down as his only points were scored in the beginning. Coleman kept getting on top after the guy would attempt a headlock that it appeared had been stopped and each time they stood them back up. Bulgarian blocked off the majority of the match besides the headlocks. How did you see it differently?
  7. Looks like it might be a JUCO near Oak Park.
  8. Yes, I know. So was I. I'll have to check out that match sometime.
  9. Joseph was thoroughly dominated in the Fargo finals by Isaiah White. Not much to disagree with there. Most people seem to disagree with this Nickal tweet. Besides Thaddius Baker who sounds like Tbar.
  10. How can you watch the matches that already happened? Does anyone have a link? When I click on the button that says "Watch" on the UWW website it doesn't open and on ESPN 3 I only see live events from other sports.
  11. Comedian Pete Davidson went to rehab for weed. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/ncrxrg/rehab-for-christmas
  12. I saw him outside of the arena at the 2012 Olympics. Up close he looked insanely big and jacked. I couldn't believe he made 265. He wasn't just getting out of a workout then. From seeing Dlagnev in videos now compared to when he was competing he also looks smaller. I saw him up close jump roping once at a practice and I thought his legs were incredibly massive. It's hard to tell if he did really get smaller from the videos though. I don't think there's the motivation to continue eating so much and lifting so hard when you're not competing.
  13. I read on here that it was supposed to be Mat C and the 7th match. I don't know if that's 7th overall or 7th just on Mat C. Think they're on the 3rd match for Mat C now.
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