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  1. Yes, Coon is a bad example. It appears you’re trying to say that a 2nd or 3rd place freestyler would go over to Greco and have immediate success which is ridiculous. There have been real, recent examples mentioned here which you’re ignoring such as Graff, Dennis, Dean and Ness. Asking how many of the Greco guys were folkstyle stars in high school kind of misses the point. They’re two similar but different skill sets so if Greco was the folkstyle of this country we might see different stars. Some take better to Greco than others. I also remember Dake losing to Ellis Coleman in Greco during high school. It was not close. So maybe the Olympic alternates in Greco should go over to freestyle? That’s about as much sense as this topic makes and I wouldn’t have commented on it but I see it brought up too often. It’s disrespectful to the guys who actually are the best we have competing for us. It takes more time and focus than you realize.
  2. I agree. That's what I conceded in my last point on the topic. Heavyweight in all styles relies a lot more on strength and athleticism than lighter weights. Heavyweight in general is a lot more upper body focused. Shultz appears to be the next guy up at heavyweight eventually. Cassiopi might also do well with a few more years of focus but Iowa doesn't seem to let their folkstylers do it.
  3. Um, no. Maybe take a look at actual examples on the senior level instead of something that happened in high school (although there's counter examples there too). Freestyle World/Olympic team members like Tyler Graff and Daniel Dennis did not have success switching over recently. Ness had a style that looked like it could potentially be good for Greco and had a Greco Fargo title. These guys were not close to being on a Greco National Team. The guys who generally have the most success in Greco start specializing in it after high school or continue it throughout their Springs/Summers. Most D1 folkstyle coaches aren't letting their stars wrestle Greco in the summer. Especially not when they have a new RTC facility. You may not be familiar with some names in Greco but that's more because they haven't been given the same attention as the college guys. Doesn't mean they aren't still high level athletes. You can't step away for 5 years to do folkstyle and expect to still be on the same level as a guy you may have beaten at Fargo. It's more than just having some upper body stuff like the guys you listed. Some days at the Olympic Training Center they would do crossovers where the Greco guys would work par terre with the freestylers. Who do you think had more success? I will concede that a really good heavyweight could make the shift and potentially do well for obvious reasons. Or 97kg. Zillmer focused on Greco first before going back to freestyle. He still won't be making a team over Hancock any time soon.
  4. If you've had a chance to listen to Rau's interviews over the past few months he brought the cancelation of the Marine greco program up as a major reason for why he believes he was shafted. It was known before trials. In the interviews they discuss possibly saving the marine program by making sure they have an Olympian. In the questionable first match there was a former Marine ref and former Marine mat chair. Rau's been posting about it all over social media the past couple days. Before the OTT I thought Alan Vera would win the spot and be our best chance for a medal. Rau also brought up how he believes Vera's semi match against Stefanowitz was a bit fishy but I'm not sure if I see that one like that.
  5. Greco still hasn't made significant moves towards the gender equity that the IOC has placed such a high importance on. Without a female version of the same thing it will remain at risk.
  6. I think this works well. He's newer to coaching but had a ton of success and was there when a top program was built. Illinois still needed an upper-weight coach.
  7. Ed Ruth to be assistant coach at U of I. https://fightingillini.com/news/2021/7/1/wrestling-poeta-adds-ed-ruth-to-coaching-staff.aspx This is interesting to me because didn't he just get to NC State less than a year ago as one of the RTC coaches? Timing with this, Gwiz leaving to to Cornell and Macchiavello leaving as well doesn't look great. Did the RTC lose funding or something? Wonder if Ruth is done with MMA or where he'll train if not. He's lost his last two fights with his last fight almost a year ago.
  8. Off the top of my head, J.K. Rowling was "cancelled". She basically said that she loves those who are trans but just didn't want them not to be placed in the same category as women because it takes away from the struggles those who were born female face. She was subsequently called a lot of names and people who had been her fans for years said they wished they could take it back. They felt like J.K. Rowling's books stood up for the underdog and then she went back on this by not saying that those who transitioned to female should be labelled the same as those who were born female. Personally, I thought like her words were taken a bit out of context and those who didn't actually read what she really said just made the claim that she was anti-trans. There were op-eds and you can define cancelled however you want but when a large portion of your fans decide they will boycott your books/movies I would consider that being cancelled. https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-jk-rowling-us-news-media-7338b2b262090c00f04deafe2e6689c2 That doesn't relate directly to sports however. To bring this back to wrestling, recently I'm not sure if there have been any trans wrestlers outside of the one from Texas who made the news. However, there was a Male to Female trans athlete who competed in a US Open I attended in maybe about 2010. Does anyone remember this? I was surprised that this person didn't actually do all that well even though she appeared to have a better frame and physique. I think it was in one of the heavier weights but I don't recall the name or how much experience they had prior to that tournament.
  9. Less than 2 years ago actually. Related article on an athlete not able to participate OTT due to hormone level. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jun/24/cece-telfer-transgender-runner-fails-clear-testost/
  10. It was a weird match. Dean even seemed like he thought he should've scored in those exposures. Don't think the match showed who was better in a folkstyle match. I would probably still take Dean in that until I see Foca win.
  11. I meant to say the most successful former heavyweight* wrestler. Unless I'm forgetting someone or there's a foreign wrestler I didn't know about I think that would be accurate. I agree about Bellator. There appears to be a huge drop-off for the heavyweight division when compared to the UFC.
  12. He's probably the most successful former wrestler in MMA right now since Cormier retired. I actually thought he'd be further along by now. He was a lot more successful than Curtis Blaydes who is probably the top heavyweight wrestler in the UFC.
  13. He won 2 JUCO titles for Clackamas and then won a D2 title at GC. He then went on to win the University Worlds (U23s) spot over Tony Nelson. He might have won universities too but I'm not sure on that. He beat Nelson a few times while he was still one of the top US heavyweights. He was even close to winning a world team spot but fell to Dlagnev in the finals twice. Wouldn't say this was a flop in any way. He just left to go on to MMA before his prime. 2013 WTT: Saturday Challenge - MFS 120 KG 1st Place - Tyrell Fortune of TMWC/GCU 2nd Place - Zach Rey of Unattached 3rd Place - Nick Gwiazdowski of NYAC 4th Place - Tony Nelson of Minnesota Storm 1st Place Match 1st Place Match - Tyrell Fortune (TMWC/GCU) won by decision over Zach Rey (Unattached) (Dec 2-0) 3rd Place Match 3rd Place Match - Nick Gwiazdowski (NYAC) won by decision over Tony Nelson (Minnesota Storm) (Dec 6-4)
  14. This guy has been posting more and more frequently but never makes any sense within context of the threads. I think its a bot or someone with dementia.
  15. People have been saying the plan for Vito is 133. It seems more likely than 125. I would like to see Vito at 125 for more competition at that weight but I'm sure we'll see those Spencer Lee matches again at some point anyways.
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