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  1. Relentless125

    PSU - Illinois

    Yes, John Wise was solid and 7th as a senior.
  2. Relentless125

    PSU - Illinois

    True but Heffernan just signed a 5 year contract extension in September last year. Also, that heavyweight is pretty good and he fills a spot that's been a glaring hole for U of I for the past 4 years. In that amount of time I don't know how they couldn't find someone better than a kid who gets pinned in nearly every match. Even with the Brooks Black miss. U of I was missing 4 starters against the number 1 team in the country. With coaches not putting the same emphasis on duals that they used to I'd like see what they can do at B10's/NCAA's before putting the nails in the coffin.
  3. Relentless125

    PSU - Illinois

    That wasn't the Illinois starter, Duncan. Carr was out Friday against Northwestern too. Someone on the Illinois board said Carr was away from the team coughing into his shirt throughout that dual. Last night an Indiana recruit from Illinois, Eddie Bolivar, won a state championship in a bracket that had 3 Illini commits, including a state champ from last year. I think with Heffernan's new additions to the coaching staff of Mike Poeta and Bryan Medlin, they've start getting more in-state recruits and Heffernan holds on for a couple more years. However, 42 Illinois state champs this year and only one is going to U of I.
  4. Relentless125


    Pretty sure he thought he was losing based on how hard he was fighting to escape in the last 30-1:00. He probably would have coasted a little more if he thought he was winning. I was surprised at how quickly he readied himself to wrestle after thinking it was done but he definitely seemed a little out of it. Looked like he wanted it to be over.
  5. Relentless125

    So what is up with JO?

    In my opinion it actually it is. You took 10-30 minutes to convince your 7 year old that he needed to see JO wrestle and then blame JO for disappointing your 7 year old. It's not like JO made a deal with your kid that he would win the tournament for him. If he's 7 he likely wouldn't know the difference if you talked about one of the other great wrestlers in attendance such as Molinaro.
  6. Relentless125

    So what is up with JO?

    The only difference is that they are already qualified for WTT. Barring stipulations placed on him about training at his RTC, he also has the right to make the schedule that is best for him to win the spot in June. Wrestling in more tournaments doesn't necessarily make you a better wrestler or reach goals quicker. He can stay home to wrestle with Dake and improve more than at this tournament.
  7. Relentless125

    So what is up with JO?

    You're right, I forgot they were able to qualify that way. Replace him with another wrestler who didn't wrestle.
  8. Relentless125

    So what is up with JO?

    You guys are being pretty ridiculous. Wrestlers sign up for tournaments and then the wrestling media (FLO) over hypes match-ups. Its not JO’s fault that you feel disappointed. He doesn’t exist to serve you. He was trying to potentially test himself, make money and qualify for the world team trials which still isn’t for several months. Since he still needs to qualify you will see him wrestle again before trials. There were more wrestlers in attendance than Oliver and plenty more who didn’t go either. I don’t see anyone bad mouthing our world champs or world team members who didn’t attend. No Dake, Taylor, Cox, Burroughs. Stieber, for example, will still need to qualify. There shouldn’t be a double standard here. I feel like if Stieber had registered and not gone there wouldn’t be anywhere near the level of contempt that’s being shown towards Oliver.
  9. Relentless125

    Oklahoma State vs Iowa State

    Fix did get riding time at the end. But it was: 1st: TD Gomez and an immediate escape for Fix. (2-1 Gomez) 2nd: Escape Gomez after about 1:30 riding time for Fix. (3-1 Gomez) 3rd: Locked hands and then immediate reversal for Fix. Gomez escaped at the end. (5-4 Fix) Fix really seems to play for those locked hands calls.
  10. Relentless125


    He doesn't need the top seed at Big 10's. He's already beat Russell so he would get the #2 seed and be on the opposite side of Rivera anyways. If he wins there he gets the #1 seed at NCAA's when it makes more of a difference.
  11. Relentless125

    Duck of the month club

    Nobody mentions Desanto and Mitch Bowman sitting against Illinois Friday. What's happening is teams like Iowa and PSU are resting their guys against tough opponents during a long season when there's no question they're going to win the duals. Nobody will remember if Lee or Joseph don't wrestle a match during the season. What they will remember is if they win a NCAA title or not.
  12. Relentless125

    Oklahoma State vs Iowa State

    Did they give Fix a point for the locked hands the ref was holding up? I didn't see the locked hands.
  13. Relentless125

    Lee vs Rivera: Who wins?

    Perez Perez is having a closer match with Rivera than Lee last had at this point in the match. Perez Perez must be the new starter.
  14. Relentless125

    Iowa v Illinois

    True, the taunting was pretty annoying especially since they both barely won and their team was getting smashed. I don't think there was a shot in that entire match between Barone-Young until Barone scored in OT. Did hear that the Iowa coaches were really riding the refs this match. Possibly more than normal.
  15. Relentless125

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    Not that unexpected. Rau's focus is Greco and he pinned himself in a tilt against Beau Breske at Midlands this year. More surprising was the first period tech by the Cuban newcomer yesterday.