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  1. I used to do neck bridges and the bridge circles. However, neck bridges cause compression on the spine that can lead to long term problems. Its better to use either use weight as shown in the video, a head strap/chain with weight, or have a partner push on the back of your head/pull up on the forehead (works well in the wrestling room for warmups). Neck Exercises that KILL Your Neck (DO THESE INSTEAD!!)
  2. The conversation between Downey and Rau continued. https://twitter.com/Raustler84/status/1277632863610064896?s=20 Also, here's a match between Taylor and Rau. I would be interested to see another match between these two in a similar format to the Downey v. Rau match. Not sure who would win that.
  3. He had a lot of great wins in his career and an exciting style. He will be missed. He was a 3x D3 champion and cadet world teamer back in Ukraine before moving here. Interesting story.
  4. Match of the night had to be Zane vs. Sanders. Lots of scrambles and lead changes. Great match! 13-12 Zane. I enjoyed the wrestling and the commentary overall. They don't have as high of production quality as flo but that's to be expected. I disagree that the commentators needed to be explaining scores throughout the match because I doubt anyone paying for this event was a casual fan who doesn't know the rules. The only other people watching might be friends/family and even then they likely have someone at home who could explain the scoring to them. The issue was that the ones commentating couldn't see the scores from where they were sitting.
  5. And Jordan Blanton was the match announcer. 3x AA for Illinois.
  6. Right because your comment was so much more helpful wasn't it? Just not sure everyone will be wrestling to win as opposed to trying to make it entertaining for fans with some added theatrics.
  7. If these are actually competitive matches it might be the best wrestling event in a while and for awhile. Looking forward to it. I'd pick: JO over Nolf Pletcher over Lugo Ness over Palacio Rau over Downey Zane over Sanders ND over Mckee and Pharr Kulchytskyy BTS Chicago has been putting on a ton of great events.
  8. Appears to be a list of guys who never lived up to their potential due to injuries or other things getting in the way. Batsukh had a super interesting style. Loved watching him wrestle. I'd be interested in that Kellen Russell match if anyone has it?
  9. You're right I was misremembering because Bono won the weight up from Metcalf. It's been awhile.
  10. Was it Metcalf's sophomore year Bono beat him in the finals of midlands? Where was Bono a head coach at then? I hadn't realized he was a coach at the time. After reading that link I looked up this Askren vs. Poeta match. Great match even if they were a bit out of their prime's. Poeta was so good but looked to run out of steam at the end. Would've loved to see him keep competing after college in freestyle or MMA.
  11. That could be true. Maybe he'll have more pull with Illinois high schoolers? Time will tell.
  12. Just saw that. He could turn out to be really good. BJ Futrell's cousin.
  13. Good call calot. Hopefully, Campbell has spots left for some ODU guys.
  14. Well he won in the end. Olympian trumps NCAA champion. I wonder what might have happened if Ness hadn't taken such a long break or if he'd been able to go down a weight instead of up.
  15. I can understand the Iowa St. guys injury defaulting but why would Johnny Sebastian?
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