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  1. HokieHWT

    Best Start to a Freshman Season

    This is what I am talking about. Who came out and started knocking off AAs.
  2. With Parris and Fix knocking off top guys the past few weeks made me think of the best start for a freshman. Parris knocking off the 3rd place finisher has to be up there. Dave Hoffman pinned two AAs his first weekend of wrestling in Cory Ace and someone else from the old EWL but I forget who.
  3. HokieHWT

    Historical All-Transfer Team

    Mike Faust- VT, football player at UPenn to two time AA at HWT, not Mocco but not a bad showing. He was the start of VTs resurgence before Dresser took over.
  4. HokieHWT

    Maryland vs Nebraska

    Haha! You got me, my bad ;)
  5. HokieHWT

    Maryland vs Nebraska

    I can see why MD is garbage, look where they recruit from, NY (not top tier) and MD.
  6. HokieHWT

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    Marsteller wins though. :P
  7. HokieHWT

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Not a fan of the antics but he was just bored and trying to pass the time.
  8. HokieHWT

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    I'll take this any day over the antics of his bobble headed teammate.
  9. HokieHWT

    FLO Pro seems like a bargain to me!

    another sock puppet account brought to you by flo
  10. HokieHWT

    Mason Parris

    I'll take Dhesi 9/10 times, Parris just happen to get the one this time.
  11. HokieHWT

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    The way Smith handled McFadden definitely gives him a decent shot at Hall. I'm thinking upset.
  12. HokieHWT

    Meanest guys on the mat

    Sean Gray. Sean at 141, was one of my lifting partners my freshman year. Strong as an ox. We were wrestling UVA, right after the All Star match where he was up big and gassed against Schwab. The UVA coach said "don't worry he'll gas like he did last weekend". Gray immediately doubled the guy, took him to his back, picked him up off his back and carried him to the edge so he could yell at the UVA coaching staff while refusing to pin the opponent. As he went through the lines shaking hands, we all got a little chippy and didn't get to finish up.
  13. HokieHWT

    Start a movement...

    He would have made 265 if he had to...he had another 20 to lose. Lightweights drop muscle mass all the time, why should it be no different for heavyweights?
  14. HokieHWT

    Start a movement...

    Lower HWT to 265, 99.99% of guys that cut weight for 285 can lose another 20.
  15. HokieHWT

    better career....

    Yes! I'm pretty sure Dalton didn't place before, his twin, Geoff did. They were teammates of mine at VT after JMU dropped the program. Great dudes. Dalton just took over at Cox and should do well since Geoff is running the program at the middle school that filters in.