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  1. Devin Carter did 5 years at VT....though he ended up with two BS, an MS, acceptance into a doctoral program where he earned two more MS and a PhD, so that’s, like similar, or something man
  2. I always knew that massive dome was hiding a big ole brain!
  3. Suriano is the one, and only, first RU champ as Asphalt needed a 6th, or was it 7th, yeah to win his. Anyone who takes more than 5 years, automatically gives of any accolades of being a champion.
  4. Kiss her where it smells, take her to New Jersey! - George Carlin
  5. Thinking of NS in Hollywood made me think of two things I was told when I was 6-7 years old. ”you’ve got a face for radio” ”go down to the animal cracker factory and get a job putting your face into dough to make the gorilla cookies”
  6. I thought this was common knowledge in regards to Cuban athletes who come here to compete. Look back into the large influx of Cuban baseball players who lied about being MUCH younger to earn longer and higher paying contracts.
  7. So I’m confused, maybe I missed it. But he just said all his family is in Cuba. Who did he live with in HS? Where did the money for rent, food, utilities, school supplies, clothes, etc., come from?
  8. Hey! Just wanted to say thank you for the training plan you wrote in my question, I'll definitely use it! :)

  9. I started kindergarten, the first time, when I was 4 turning 5 a month later. However my aunt and uncle were told I was “immature” after the first quarter and that I should start the next year,. They pulled me and I started over the following year which made me 18 within a month of the start of my senior year. The problem that occurred, and one that I fear for my boys, is while I may have been “immature” socially, physically I was enormous (6’4” when I stop growing), and academically I tested in the 95-99 percentile on standardized tests throughout primary and secondary schools. This lead to a host of problems rbecause in the mid 80s elementary schools didn’t have “gifted classes”. In elementary schools every single teacher would write the agenda for the day, with page numbers and assignments for each subject. Instead of waiting for us to switch subjects, I would read the materials and complete the work within the first 90 minutes of the school day. This lead me to have plenty of time to goof around, bother other students, and get in trouble. Starting in the winter of second grade the teachers, administration and guidance counselor decided it was best if a desk was put outside in the hallway and when I finished my work, I was to go out there, sit and read. Every. Single. Day. Imagine being 8 years old and by 10AM you have to sit in the hallway by yourself, only joining classmates for lunch, recess and extracurricular classes until school let out at 330PM. Pretty soon I was faking illness to go lay down in the nurses office rather than sit at that desk. If the nurse called for me to picked up, which only happened a couple of times because my guardians figured out I was faking, leading to playing my favorite game “pick a belt”, and they told her not to call anymore as they wouldn’t be coming. To put it mildly, I hated school. Every day I dreaded going. I never want either of my kids to hate school, so I will never let them sacrifice academics for athletics. If they are ready academically they will start then, no sooner, no later.
  10. Yeah, staying back when you have 3-5 friends doing the same makes it easier to socially adapt.
  11. Initially, I was trying to plan my wife’s first pregnancy so that our child would be a 18 at the beginning of his or her senior year. After 5 years of trying I’d take anything and my oldest was born mid-August, so it worked out. Now it’s convincing her, our intellectually advanced, toddler shouldn’t start kindergarten until he’s 6.
  12. I think the issue is if he is as old as some are saying he CHEATED someone out of state and Junior National titles.
  13. It’s ok, but you make a valid point. At one school I coached at 75% of wrestlers red shirted in 8th grade for “emotional growth”.
  14. No state allows 20 year olds to compete in high school athletics. The common rule is you cannot have turned 19 later than July or August 1st.
  15. Are you referring to the one in the College section? The one that is still on page 3? The one we’re only 9 posts mention women directly with the majority talking about HWC/RTC funding, Brands or Perry? It can’t be one of the 64 posts in the Women’s Section because no one has been there since March 19th. I respect and support Women’s wrestling but don’t act like the majority of people here do.
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