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  1. Yeah, he’s built like the human that could survive any car crash.
  2. Don’t bother, none of the VD clan pay if they lose.
  3. He needs to go on a Mormon mission, redshirt, and let them graduate. That’s the only way he’ll have a chance.
  4. Correct. Mocco won Junior Nationals in Judo in ‘99. Both he and his sister were ‘08 Olympians.
  5. NAIA has too many obscure sounding schools to be taken seriously. If not for women’s wrestling I would have heard of exact zero on the list I just looked up. In my best Maury voice: ”you are stating that good wrestlers from Hawaii do NOT have judo backgrounds.... Google has determined...that is a lie.”
  6. The fact that you can name many Div. 1 wrestlers from Hawaii, in and of itself is your true talent.
  7. He’s waiting for his body to catch up and join his head in the 97K class.
  8. I’m in tears!! Yes, this was definitely the highlight of my career! I just had this conversation with my wife: Me: Wife, I reckon... you know a lot about... cyberspace? You ever come across anything... like time travel? Her: Easy, I've already looked into it for myself. Uncle Rico, I mean me: Right on... right on.
  9. He was tough as nails for sure. He was just a nice, quiet, polite kid, I truly believe he didn’t want to upset his mother, as in make her sad/worried. For the record, our coach was an ass. I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire. He told the entire team to gang up on me, throw me in a closet and beat me for getting in school suspension and missing a match. I was a senior, my best friends were on the team, they told me, I asked him why doesn’t HE try to throw me in a closet and beat me. By the end of my senior year I had asked a teammates dad, who was a college wrestler and actually knew what he was talking about, to sit in my corner. I didn’t learn until I landed at VT, at my first one on one session with Wirnsy, that I lead with the wrong leg. I had only started as a sophomore in HS and my coach never either a) noticed or b) cared. My first year was basically learning how to wrestle.
  10. Another one that @Drake_Mallard just reminded me of. We had a 103lber my senior year who weighed about 90lbs. He was a 13 year old super genius who ran cross country and we recruited him so we didn’t have to forfeit the weight. His first match, ever, in his life, with three weeks training, was against Blake Frost from Christiansburg who had won a state title the year before and had a super aggressive style. Anyway they get going, 30 seconds into the match, Frost scoops him up, drops him on his shoulder/arm and pins him. Our guy gets up, shakes his hand and comes over to our coach and says, calmly, “coach, I do believe that I have broken both my clavicle and humerus” Coach : “ummm, I don’t think so, you’d be screaming right now” Thomas: “you are correct, however, my mother is in attendance and I feel that an uncharacteristic outburst of emotion, may cause her distress” Coach: “....” Thomas: “I’m going to remove myself and go discuss this further with the trainer of athletes” Coach: “ummm, ok bud” Turns out, he was spot on. Both his humerus and collarbone were snapped directly in two. He had emergency surgery to put plates in. The x-rays were like something I had never seen before, looked like someone sawed them both in half. He’s now a Harvard med professor.
  11. No doubt! Kid was from Tazewell HS, which we all know is known for their brawlers. In all seriousness if you weren’t from Grundy, Turner Ashby, Poqouson, Great Bridge or some of the 757 teams, you weren’t winning out of state.
  12. In high school, my junior year, I was determined to set the National fastest pin record that was always posted in whatever wrestling magazine our coach got in the late 90s. Anyway, I had a bunch of 6, 7, 8 second pins and my coach was mad because I wasn’t getting any work in and my method, whipping a head and arm off the whistle, wouldn’t get good kids. So he told me I could do it one more time and try and beat the record, it was 4 seconds held by another VA guy, junior national, nationally ranked #1 HWT, Luke Owens from Grundy High School. Ironically, my next match was in a Grundy tri-meet but not against a Golden Waver. As we shook hands, I looked at the ref and said “wait, I’m going to whip a headlock, flatten my hips, and he will be stuck in about 3 seconds, be ready”. My opponent, was truly confused and the ref just chuckled. Whistle blows, I lunge and whip the headlock, flatten my hips, the guy is flat and I’m yelling “hit the mat!!!!” The ref does, 4 seconds in! Afterwards, he apologizes and says that he was so stunned to react but that the guy was flat at 3 seconds. No big deal, I tied one of the greatest heavyweights in the history of high school wrestling! however...my coach never submitted it to USA wrestling or Win or whatever it was. He said that was my punishment for taking the easy way out.
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