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  1. Dirty Dancing was filmed at Mountain Lake, located 15 minutes from Virginia Tech. Since I was in grad school, and poor, that’s where my wife and I had our honeymoon weekend....except on the first night the generator in the huge barn, which they use for live music, caught fire and the whole mountain went dark. Waking up the next more and being offered fruit and cereal, rather the AMAZING brunch buffet they have every Sunday, pissed me off so we got a full refund, and went to the ASPCA to check out the dogs, found one and she’s been with us for 8 great years.
  2. Give me a break with this 9th place crap. Yes he won two matches at the World Championships. However, he was not pulled into repechage bc the German that took him to the woodshed (13-0) in the round of 16 lost to Amine in the quarters therefore he has no right to be bestowed a honorary title of “2019 9th Place finisher”
  3. Well he’s ranked # 109 featherweight in the world, so he has a chance....
  4. I’ve coached urban teams before with all-black rosters and ran into similar situations, not as often as you have, at least as I perceive it. My question to you is, what did you do about it? Report it to your AD? Principal? Tournament director? Head official? If so, what did they do about it?
  5. Here are the Black NCAA Champs since 2007: 2019 Lewis-VT 2018 None 2017 Hall- PSU; Cox- MIZZU 2016 Garrett-CORN; Martin- tOSU; Cox- MIZZU 2015 Gadson- ISU 2014 Ruth- PSU; Cox- MIZZU 2013 Maple- OU; Ruth- PSU 2012 Ruth- PSU 2011 Robles- ASU (although PAC-12 network did a spotlight on him for the LatinX community, the promotion of his movie mentions him being “black wrestler”); Jenkins- ASU; Burroughs- NEB 2010 None 2009 Caldwell- NCST; Burroughs- NEB 2008 Davis- PSU 2007 None what this tells me is PSU is so good because they recruit black wrestlers, Iowa should do that too.
  6. Dresser helped with recruiting TNT, so I would that they helped with Williams and all the other recruits.
  7. Side note: why is a good black wrestler always called an athlete or spoken about how athletic they are/were? It’s happened a few times in this thread and ALWAYS during the NCAAs on ESPN.
  8. Thats what I figured. However, to determine that a number is significantly different is, in fact, not as simple. I’m not trying to argue over your point or numbers but, rather, your improper use of the word “significant”, when in fact you merely eye-balled numbers instead of running a statistical analysis to prove your point. Yes, those number do seem “significantly” different, and probably are, but you should not say that, unless you can prove it.
  9. Can you share your methodology that determined that “this is significantly lower”.
  10. Nice analysis. All I know is I’m buying every single card he is on...so I can see him get stomped over, and over, and over, and....
  11. Namajunas Women’s Champ De Randamie former women’s champ They use to represent Max Holloway. Site says 8 UFC Champs, but I went through the roster and Namajunas is the only one, so my guess is they repped people before they were champs and count that or they did when they became champs and the fighter moved on.
  12. Did you ever tell his clown of a father than he still owes me money?
  13. “I’ll have another crab cake!” *narrator* “he shouldn’t of had another crab cake” bahahaha! the true irony is most of that money went to the bars downtown, which lead to an awful GPA, thus losing the scholarships and the money :(
  14. I graduated HS with a girl who won the World’s Science Fair two years in a row and received over $1 million in scholarship money. She went to Harvard and they paid for her BS and MD degrees with over $500K in scholarships that she received in refunds.... I had two full scholarships to VT so I received $2500 a semester back, which, as a 19 year old freshman from a lower-middle class family, was a TON of money.
  15. ESPN still does the bottom 10...and still refers to Purdue that way. Don’t worry, @Thor77 it’s better than ANYTIME a VT team loses, they are referred to as “Chokies”. It started in Fall 2000 and gained steam over the next six or seven years as the FB team would be ranked top 5-10 at the start of the season, or work their way up Top 5 from 20 or so half way through the season, only to lose to a team like St. Mary’s School for the Blind, and drop out of any contention for anything meaningful.
  16. Yeah, but Michigan is a MUCH better engineering school.
  17. He’s got “beach muscles”- meaning your opponent was built like a bodybuilder but was more or less awful.
  18. Shayne Graham, who was a KICKER for VT, before playing 15 years in the NFL refused to sign unless they offered his Pulaski County High School teammate a full ride as well. Wasn’t really uncommon except...his teammate’s position was HOLDER!
  19. Devin Carter did 5 years at VT....though he ended up with two BS, an MS, acceptance into a doctoral program where he earned two more MS and a PhD, so that’s, like similar, or something man
  20. I always knew that massive dome was hiding a big ole brain!
  21. Suriano is the one, and only, first RU champ as Asphalt needed a 6th, or was it 7th, yeah to win his. Anyone who takes more than 5 years, automatically gives of any accolades of being a champion.
  22. Kiss her where it smells, take her to New Jersey! - George Carlin
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