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  1. I know this is the college board BUT a lot of posters have kids so...here we are. David Hoffman, Head Wrestling Coach of The Hill School, former assistant coach at UTC, VT and Bucknell, was/is live streaming on his FB page drills you can do with no more space than the inner starting circle. I don’t know if he will be promoting it through the school or club, Team Renegade, pages but I hope he does. Great way to learn positioning, set ups and short offense.
  2. Both his parents were lawyers and we had no proof he pulled a knife bc all witnesses had been drinking. I was sued for $400K, the maximum allowed in VA AND I was going to be charged with malicious wounding, a felony. Easy choice to make. I still have his bill from the hospital. $78 per Percocet blew my mind.
  3. I got a pack of 5 for $8 at Walmart both T and A styles.
  4. There was a PA stud (multiple championships, Fargo And Seniors Champ/High AA, Beast/Ironman Winner, nationally p4p top 10) from the early 2000s but I can’t remember his name. He committed to one of the PA schools, Lehigh I think. Anyway he was dating a girl who came from a wealthy family and her parents weren’t a fan and thought he was beneath them. He was given a motorcycle and a bunch of cash to not go because she was going there, so he took their offer and either didn’t enroll or was only enrolled for a short time. Heard this from 3 or 4 different PA guys who were on Team PA with him. They also all went to Foxcatcher together growing up, so they knew a lot about each other.
  5. @Old Corps if you need any assistance with the qualitative coding of interview transcripts, doing some inter-rater reliability on a subset, or building a Grounded Theory on the characteristics of mental toughness, I’ll offer my assistance, free of charge as a thank you for your incredible service to this country. i believe what could collect could be useful in both the wrestling world as well as academia. Feel free me message me if you care to, if not can wait to read your book :)
  6. They were able to get Kolat bc no one else wanted him. Look at most of the head coaches in DI. They either have great credentials, lots of regional high school contacts or wrestled for a well known school. Tony Ramos is a recognizable name. They took the easy, and cheaper, way out by hiring in house.
  7. Once again Pop had HC experience. He built a program BEFORE building a dominate program at NC State. #3 recruiting class is impressive! I must have overlooked them panning out and their run at a ton of AAs.
  8. Robie had been a head coach before he came to VT. VT had recently won an NCAA team trophy. Not a good comparison. VT Wrestling was already a brand when he took over, Campbell is not.
  9. Ok just looked him up. Assistant coach at Cal Poly, I should have known his name since they are the powerhouse of the West! Two time all-American, ok I’m on board with that, 4th at 133 as a senior and 7th at 125 as a freshman. What happened in between? Wrestled for Central Michigan in the MAC. Why is a 4 time FL state championing wrestling at a program that most people forget even had wrestling? Was he recruited by big time programs? Not a lot of success out of Florida high school phenoms, even those that win a watered down (Compared to the past) senior nationals title. No wrestler ever said I want to be the next Scotti Sentes but I guarantee a lot of them said I want to be the next Cary Kolat.
  10. Most people have never heard of Sentes, I sure hadn’t. That’s a problem. In today’s athletics you need success AND name recognition.
  11. I’d look up wrestlers who moved on to become members of the military, Special Ops, SEALs, etc, and those that achieved advanced degrees (MD, JD, PhD) as those require more than intelligence, they require mental toughness and fortitude. Guy on our team, Scott Justus, undefeated #1 seed his junior year, beat Hahn multiple times while never suffering a loss, multiple Blood Round participant, 3 time state champ, Fargo AA, earned both a BS and MS in Education in his 5 years at VT, from the mountains of Grundy, VA, joined the Navy after graduation with the goal of becoming a SEAL because he said he “had never achieved anything”. Problem was he didn’t know how to swim so couple of guys worked with him the summer before his deployment, in the New River. During BUDs he gets in some trouble and they pull him onto a boat, revive him and tell him he’s done.... Ignoring the command. he jumps back into the water and finishes the 5.5 mile swim. That’s mental toughess!
  12. Yes they were recruited but they came to wrestle for someone of the caliber of Kolat not Sentes. Campbell just went back to the bottom.
  13. And it was the club team, even worse :( VT has never won a team National Championship in any sport and with Fuente still there and Buzz Williams gone, it won’t happen for a while, if ever.
  14. I should have skipped college athletics and stuck with my passion of architecture. The first year of Architecture at VT is all you take and the class ran all day and through practices. I’d be happier and would have only spent 5 years in college instead of 11 1/2.
  15. I hear you for sure. I’m having back surgery next month, hopefully, to replace 3 discs. This summer and fall I’m having my knees replaced. Like I said now that I don’t have to carry my clearance I’m going to give the medical marijuana a shot.
  16. My brother in law quit college 3 1/2 years in and took off to the West Coast where he and his buddies would go around and get people up and running with medical marijuana farms. When they legalized it he took those contacts and now owns 35 dispensaries. I’d love to get off this OxyContin for my herniated discs in my back and blown knees. I take 10mg every 4 hours. If I miss a dose I’m a wreck, shaking, sweating, it’s awful.
  17. Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old just randomly painting a stick.
  18. I qualified for a card in Maryland but never got it because I needed to keep my clearance. Now that I’m away from that I’m going to look back into it. I had a second interview today to oversee research studies on the benefits of marijuana, physically, mentally and economically.
  19. So since I’m switching careers and looking for a new one, which is being held up by the COVID 19 crisis, I’ve been doing commission painting miniature sci-fi and fantasy armies for local players across the Mid-Atlantic. This has been my job, 16-18 hours a day since the beginning of February. Last week my 2 1/2 year old said he “wanted to paint like daddy”. I gave him a figure extra models I had laying around and once he “painted” them I stripped them and primed them once again. Doing this a few times became a pain so I went out and bought thin wooden people, stars, puzzle pieces, large popsicle sticks, feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, set of 15 different paints and pack of cheap brushes. He’s getting better every day and today he was focused on covering the whole object, which is great bc yesterday I kept pointing out spots he missed. Tonight he painted the attached picture. I’m putting it on eBay, listing it for $5 million that I’m going to split between him and first responders. Happy Bidding! Haha...I miss other humans.... :(
  20. NCAA just shut down a GoFundMe set up by Trevor Lawrence (Clemson QB) as he was raising money for those affected by COVID 19. The NCAA doesn’t care about the athletes, especially those that don’t make them $100s of millions of dollars.
  21. 2006 Blood Round Hoffman VT vs Churella UM 8 secondS left, Hoffman down 5-3. 5 seconds left, Hoffman gets the TD 5-5 4 seconds left, Dave hears someone yell “CUT HIM!!!!!”, figures Churella has RT (he does not) 2 seconds left, Hoffman back on the leg 1 second, he goes for the finish..... “TWO TAKEDOWN!!!! TIME!!!!”
  22. I’ve been home since the end of January, right when we got rid of cable. I’ve been watching Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Go. Finished: Attack on Titan Sopranos Oz Band of Brothers (2 1/2 times) The Pacific Saw Series Cube Series Westworld (3 seasons) Ton of movies (check out Would You Rather on Netflix) Most recently I’ve been spending time with my 2 1/2 year old, reading books, doing crafts, playing with kinetic sand, giving him ice cream as my wife yells at me, and working on potty training as he now yells “I’M POOPIN’” at the top of his lungs about six times a day.
  23. I’d side with the Aussie. They ride into every battle on Emus and let them do the fighting
  24. Think I saw 338 won 38 medals in Rio.
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