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  1. Well this has been working great for VT. bold move Cotton, we’ll see how it plays out!
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/ed-orgeron-most-of-ls-us-players-have-had-covid-19-184816969.html
  3. Again, sorry, I was rocking the littlest turd back to sleep. I took it “accidentally” as it just randomly showed up.
  4. Correct. Sorry I see now I didn’t frame it correctly. My bad.
  5. No, as I’ve said three times now, he drank out of a bottle that was tainted. He did not know it was tainted. So yes, it was an accident he infested the substance. BUT my point, the levels of the substance in his system, is consistent with a diluted “swig” 3-4 oz of a 20 Oz mixture, as confirmed by the testimony of a medical doctor, and my own understanding of the testing and substance.
  6. Not an accident, he took a drink of it, which assuming it was a normal dose in a 20 Oz bottle, would lead to the level in his system upon testing.
  7. Sorry I understand the science behind the testing and know for a fact that it is more than plausible.
  8. The amount of naïveté on these boards is astounding. Personally, I believe his story, it lines up perfectly with what the results and doctors stated. Sorry to break it to you all BUT most of your sports heroes, took something at least once in their lives. Just think about this for a moment, andro, what Sosa, McGwyer, and Bonds took...was sold at GNC up until the early 2000s. ANYONE could buy it. Anyone. And guess what?! Most did. Then, in the early age of the internet, you could still buy it online. You can google any steroid you want, right now, and have it delivered to you home via FedEX or UPS and it will never be searched, only USPS does that.
  9. If he had known, or had done it intentionally, I guarantee there would zero trace in his system. Flushes are super easy.
  10. I apologize, I simplified what was actually said. It was over the top, and out of line. If you knew the GA you would never expect him to react the way he did.
  11. The topic about college practice reminded me of one of the funniest things I ever saw while at VT. For context we weren’t anywhere near the program it is now BUT Keith Mourlam did the best with what he had multiple All-Americans by this time and we had been in the top 20 at NCAAs three years in a row. Most of our roster came from VA, even though, after an asswhipping received at the hands of Minnesota, he swore he would “never recruit anymore Virginia “d*ckslingers”. That dual was highlighted by Scott Justus beating Hahn for the second or third time and another Hokie being recently ranked #1 at 141 and coming out to the mat while Nelly’s “Number One” blared in Cassell Coliseum then getting smacked by a Gopher but I digress.... Anyway, I had all the freshman over to my apartment for dinner the Sunday of move-in weekend and we were talking about the program, practice, training schedules, and whatnot. One of the recruits, a upper middleweight VA AAA state champs, mentioned that he “couldn’t wait to get his hands on a recently graduated guy, who was our team GA, and see how good he really was”. The next morning I hit the weight room and the GA was in there getting a lift in as well. I thought what the freshman had said was hilarious so I mentioned it to the GA, thinking he would feel the same way.... Well I was sort of right, he told me to go tell all the freshman to come in at 330PM for some “light drilling”. I did and they all showed up. The GA, privately, asked me “which one” and I pointed him out. He then asked me to “keep time”, which meant get on the airdyne for an hour and observe. After 5 minutes of warm-up and light drilling, the GA said “let’s get the rust out, *pointing at the freshman* wanna roll?” The color of the kids face went from tan to white in less than a second but, he didn’t want to look like a punk so he said “yeah...sure”. What I saw next was the most vicious, legal, beating I have ever seen in my life! Around 30 minutes in the freshman was literally crawling and trying to pull himself off the mat by grabbing the edge with a grip that would have crushed concrete. The GA grabbed him by the ankle, DRAGGING him back to the middle of the mat to keep working on him. It. Was. Brutal. The airdyne timer went off and I yelled “time”! The GA got up, calmly, went to the locker room and hopped in the shower. The rest of us followed...except for the freshman. No one said anything, no one. After I showered and got dressed I didn’t see the freshman so I figured he just ran off to his dorm room. Nope! I went into the wrestling room to turn off the stereo and there he was. Still laying on the mat, sweaty, bloody, and in “shock”. Needless to say he didn’t make it through the pre-season but is actually a really good guy. Pro Tip: Be careful what you say, especially if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  12. Yeah I get too involved sometimes, that’s for sure, but in the end we are all passionate of the sport and only human.
  13. As they come off, he wants new ones. Every. Single. Day. I have a full sleeve so I guess he gets it honestly.
  14. So I know this isn’t wresting related but, hopefully, my boys will want to at least try out wrestling in a few years. My oldest, just turned 3 two weeks ago and My wife and I would never force them into anything, so I guess we will see. Today, at daycare, they started “fitness time”. I was sent this pic shortly after, and thought I’d share as I almost pissed myself seeing it. When I picked him up, as usual, he told me about his day... Him: “I cried today Daddy” Me: “why’s that bub?” Him: “Daddy...jumping jacks make me sad....” Me: “same buddy, same....”
  15. That is so crazy! I was watching Foxcatcher again today and when Big Bruce came on screen I shouted “look!” at my wife. Then I told a few stories from heavyweight school, in the summer of 1999, including one about Erikson.... short of it is Brian Keck, God Rest His Soul, gives some yokel from the mid-west a “free” poster of Bruce and Erikson going at it. However, it was only free if this hillbilly took it to Erikson and asked him to autograph it. Hilarity ensued! what a coincidence!
  16. That’s interesting, I didn’t know that and have never seen the movie. Mountain Lake promotes the hell out it though and host Dirty Dancing themed weekends where you dress like you were in and partake in events in the movie.
  17. Dirty Dancing was filmed at Mountain Lake, located 15 minutes from Virginia Tech. Since I was in grad school, and poor, that’s where my wife and I had our honeymoon weekend....except on the first night the generator in the huge barn, which they use for live music, caught fire and the whole mountain went dark. Waking up the next more and being offered fruit and cereal, rather the AMAZING brunch buffet they have every Sunday, pissed me off so we got a full refund, and went to the ASPCA to check out the dogs, found one and she’s been with us for 8 great years.
  18. Give me a break with this 9th place crap. Yes he won two matches at the World Championships. However, he was not pulled into repechage bc the German that took him to the woodshed (13-0) in the round of 16 lost to Amine in the quarters therefore he has no right to be bestowed a honorary title of “2019 9th Place finisher”
  19. Well he’s ranked # 109 featherweight in the world, so he has a chance....
  20. I’ve coached urban teams before with all-black rosters and ran into similar situations, not as often as you have, at least as I perceive it. My question to you is, what did you do about it? Report it to your AD? Principal? Tournament director? Head official? If so, what did they do about it?
  21. Here are the Black NCAA Champs since 2007: 2019 Lewis-VT 2018 None 2017 Hall- PSU; Cox- MIZZU 2016 Garrett-CORN; Martin- tOSU; Cox- MIZZU 2015 Gadson- ISU 2014 Ruth- PSU; Cox- MIZZU 2013 Maple- OU; Ruth- PSU 2012 Ruth- PSU 2011 Robles- ASU (although PAC-12 network did a spotlight on him for the LatinX community, the promotion of his movie mentions him being “black wrestler”); Jenkins- ASU; Burroughs- NEB 2010 None 2009 Caldwell- NCST; Burroughs- NEB 2008 Davis- PSU 2007 None what this tells me is PSU is so good because they recruit black wrestlers, Iowa should do that too.
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