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  1. In college, drunk at a bar I gave odds on the Heisman. I hadn’t really followed football other than VT and the media coverage wasn’t what it is today. I gave 12-1 on Carson Palmer. I lost like $500 that night.
  2. He did a good job at UTC, probably makes more money than most HCs.
  3. Yeah I wanted to go to UVA and do pre-law but wasn’t accepted, thus no scholarship money.
  4. Is there a PayPal to send entries to? You can PM me if you’d like.
  5. And I’m glad it did bc they paid for my masters and PhD as well. I don’t regret it.
  6. Full academic scholarship to VT. No debt, easy choice. I don’t come from money, no college savings so it was scholarship or the military.
  7. I’m in! Parris Steveson Cassiopi Hall Hilger Stencel Wood Thomas
  8. Hall is extremely strong. He man handled Jordan who was an ox.
  9. I don’t like him but I’d take Hall over Downey 10/10 times.
  10. UVa. Got into Harvard, Penn, and Columbia but not UVA. Never understood that one.
  11. Ah, yes IMar the next Cael that never was.
  12. Good to know! Great to see them go after the best.
  13. Not Jimmy just some guy trying to learn more. Similar patterns but Shield is actually curious, not trolling.
  14. Yeah no worries, just a heads up a lot of **** talking occurs here between people. I’ve taken it too far a few times but always apologize.
  15. What are you talking about?! I saw your mail and replied. We are good, not sure why you’re quoting this again as I said in the PM I was just ribbing you and took it too far. Above this post you will also see where I made a plea about leaving you alone and that you were a good guy....
  16. Let’s leave shield alone. He’s a good dude, he’s not Jimmy, and is just trying to enjoy some chatter on here.
  17. Oh I’m 100% certain Parris will be Steveson. Remember Steveson had a hard time with Cass but dusted Hilfer, Parris pinned Cass and had a rough go with Hilfer, although I think he could have pinned him a few times.
  18. I think I became sensitive in high school. One of my teammates Dad would also say “we won”, “we got the pin”, etc when talking about how his son wrestled. If his son lost it was always “he lost”, “he sucks”. It was really embarrassing.
  19. It may not, I’m super sensitive to it so maybe it just appears more. I like some Iowa guys, you for example, and I like TBar, actually. Some times the lines blend.
  20. Any clown that refers to a sports team they root for as “we”, is just that, a clown. They don’t put in the hard work, they don’t sacrifice, they watch and cheer, that’s all.
  21. Both Iowa and PSU fans are equally awful. Both talk about “we” yet few actually wrestled at either place.
  22. Interesting! Not a lot of undefeated champs. Lots of place winners with 10-12 losses.
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