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  1. 4 minutes ago, MDogg said:

    If he’s done for the year it means this is at least his 3rd failed marijuana test. As of 2015 ASU didn’t suspend at all after the first positive test, 10% of season suspension for 2nd failed test, and dismissed from the team for the 3rd failed marijuana test. It’s possible - if not likely that ASU has softened these penalties even further since 2015...many schools have. 

    This right here.

  2. 8 hours ago, Crotalus said:

    While I'm no Downey fan, I'm not quite here yet. Hall is extremely talented, but is too small for 86. We haven't seen him in freestyle in a while so it is hard to know what to expect. I would not be surprised if Hall won, but wouldn't be surprised the other way, either. Regardless, neither of these guys are close to making the team.

    Hall is extremely strong. He man handled Jordan who was an ox.

  3. Just now, TripNSweep said:

    A lot of the better wrestlers who win championships are in programs that go out of state at least once or twice per season so they wrestle tough competition, which means they will lose a couple of matches.  Or they go to the tougher in state tournaments like Flowing Wells, Mile High or Peoria.  

    Good to know! Great to see them go after the best.

  4. Just now, shieldofpistis said:

    I can't find your email.  Are you sure you sent it to me?  

    Thank you for being at peace.  Forgive my mistakes.  I am learning how to interact in an online community.  Thank you for being able to put everything behind you and start over. 

    Yeah no worries, just a heads up a lot of **** talking occurs here between people. I’ve taken it too far a few times but always apologize.

  5. 6 minutes ago, shieldofpistis said:

    There is no threat in there!!!!  Get off it.  You are really being a snowflake.  I said nothing threatening.  You can't prove it.  You should apologize.  But I am kind of tired of it.  So why don't we let it go.  


    Why don't you respond to my mail? Is it not more Christian to handle disputes in private?  Yes, very much so.  I really don't think you want to debate theology with me.  We are here to talk about wrestling anyway.  And you probably know a lot more about wrestling than I do.  Even though I am winning our bet.  But still, I am here to learn.  I am 42 and next year I want to wrestle at a tournament.  It sounds crazy.  My wife was against it.  But I told her if I didn't wrestle I would go back to boxing.  So she gladly accepted the wrestling.  I would like this site to help me mentally prepare me.  I am pretty certain I have theology over you.  But on that same token, you have wrestling over me.  And I am in need of that.  So what about peace?

    What are you talking about?! I saw your mail and replied. We are good, not sure why you’re quoting this again as I said in the PM I was just ribbing you and took it too far. Above this post you will also see where I made a plea about leaving you alone and that you were a good guy....

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