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  1. This. I’ve applied for about 12 jobs at the local colleges and universities and were told by most they will begin interviews after the restrictions are removed.
  2. David McFadden would have been VTs first 4x AA
  3. I might win the long game though. 2005-2008, went from 245 to 385, never been able to get if off and am 360 for the past few years.
  4. Thinking of more support, when I dropped to 215, from 260 football weight my junior year, my aunt got up every morning at 530AM to cook me my no carb breakfast. She’d fry up bacon, sausage and then make me an omelette, every day before my morning workout. She also bought groceries just for me, lots of meat, cheese, no to low carb stuff. She packed my lunch with lunch meat and a salad with blue cheese dressing, every day. For dinner, no matter what she made for my uncle and her, she always cooked a separate meal for me. Pork chops, steak, Shepard’s pie without the potatoes. With her help, and working out 3 times a day (morning lift or run, practice, evening run/sprints), I dropped 45 lbs in 5 weeks. Now I could cut off my leg and still gain weight....
  5. My aunt and uncle raised me and came to every single event, football, wrestling, track. They would take off on Friday’s and go to tournaments for the weekend to support me. Always brought a cooler full of food for the team to share as well. When it came to cheering though, nothing more than a clap as I stepped on the mat, and a clap when the match was over. We had some wild parents on our team and they did enough yelling for my family to stay silent.
  6. You could do your own auction here where people bid on what they want you to say other than “let’s clear the mats”. ill start $200 for “Epstein didn’t kill himself”
  7. It’ll prove, again, that duals are the only way to do a “team champion”. You can still have both, but no scoring at NCAAs, just all-American status.
  8. He did a good job at UTC, probably makes more money than most HCs.
  9. Yeah I wanted to go to UVA and do pre-law but wasn’t accepted, thus no scholarship money.
  10. Is there a PayPal to send entries to? You can PM me if you’d like.
  11. And I’m glad it did bc they paid for my masters and PhD as well. I don’t regret it.
  12. Full academic scholarship to VT. No debt, easy choice. I don’t come from money, no college savings so it was scholarship or the military.
  13. I’m in! Parris Steveson Cassiopi Hall Hilger Stencel Wood Thomas
  14. Hall is extremely strong. He man handled Jordan who was an ox.
  15. I don’t like him but I’d take Hall over Downey 10/10 times.
  16. UVa. Got into Harvard, Penn, and Columbia but not UVA. Never understood that one.
  17. Ah, yes IMar the next Cael that never was.
  18. Good to know! Great to see them go after the best.
  19. Not Jimmy just some guy trying to learn more. Similar patterns but Shield is actually curious, not trolling.
  20. Yeah no worries, just a heads up a lot of **** talking occurs here between people. I’ve taken it too far a few times but always apologize.
  21. What are you talking about?! I saw your mail and replied. We are good, not sure why you’re quoting this again as I said in the PM I was just ribbing you and took it too far. Above this post you will also see where I made a plea about leaving you alone and that you were a good guy....
  22. Let’s leave shield alone. He’s a good dude, he’s not Jimmy, and is just trying to enjoy some chatter on here.
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