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  1. Is no one talking about Dake retiring JB this year? All the talk is 97KG.
  2. HokieHWT


    I’m still sticking with Bolen to make the finals and give Zahid a match.
  3. American schools don’t give scholarships, per se, for freestyle results. If you’ve never wrestled folk style (American style) you might have a hard time securing money to study based on international freestyle results. Now if you’re a Cadet World champ, a school might take a shot but scholarships are year to year so if you don’t pan out in folk style you’ll lose your scholarship.
  4. All Graduate Assitant positions (GA) are paid tuition and a monthly stipend. When I earned my doctorate at VT my tuition was covered and I was paid $2100 a month for 20 hours of work a week. These are different than Volunteer Assistants, who are paid through clubs and camps.
  5. He’s getting blasted by some of the biggest names in our sport. Like the Romans use to tell the Gladiators, lose the crowd, lose your life.
  6. But was Daniel promise that Tom would be in his corner at the trials as well? Seems like Tom lied to Tony then made up that he will always been in his corner metaphorically.
  7. All this time and effort you could have been training your kid to get off bottom quicker or how to fight a cross face.
  8. Maybe he just wants to have more “fun”
  9. Not a PSU fan but I am a Snyder fan. I think it was the right move and will pay off. Cael can scout anyone and Snyder will have Cox figured out.
  10. I’d pay for a year of Flo to watch Bo make PD3 cry after a 10-0 loss.
  11. PD2 still owes me $200 from when I gave 5-1 on his boy winning a title for Iowa. He wasn’t eligible I won by default. This bet is silly because once PD3 goes 0 for, he’ll be back in Big Bad Baltimore living with the rents talking about how it’s not his fault he’s a clown and PD2 will have no reason to come back to the forums.
  12. Yeah they are always in their guys corner, except when they say they will be, and aren’t, but they didn’t mean physically, only spiritually.
  13. I’ll pay for half the flight if it’s a one way ticket.
  14. Are we ignoring the fact he said Desanto TORE his MCL?! Not that I’ve been searching but was this announced?
  15. Maybe 10 sets of 10 with a Jameson and ginger ale between sets?
  16. Oh I’m still strong, but I’m fat and have no endurance
  17. Thanks TBar! I tried to see how many I could do, it was 26 at 370 lbs.
  18. Well I can’t do 100 push ups anymore, so here we are haha! If I win send the $20 to SERTC.
  19. I have two sons. Will all this lawyering and complaining get your son his matches back? Isn’t his suspension over? It’s a waste of time and money, but if you have both to expend, more power to you. The short of it is no one other than you cares about this. So once again, let it go.
  20. Brands comment of “we don’t have to amputate” sounds like he making fun of Austin and it’s not that bad at all.
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