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  1. Wow a million plus huh? Also didn’t see a mention of their service often not working for paying customers, I’m no lawyer but I think it’s thrown out on those grounds.
  2. When he had hair he looked charismatic. Now he looks like Mr. Potatohead
  3. In addition to how many AA team there are so unless you’re a consensus All-American, there are more than 66 individuals.
  4. No I was a second stringer but took the principles I learned through the sport and have a great career, a loving family, and a keen eye for trolls.
  5. Go for it. More than 10? 20? 30? 30 would be a lot.
  6. There would literally be 1/3 of the daily posts left without him, he is the gas in this engine.
  7. You keep using that phrase but I’m not sure you know what it means.
  8. Excuse my ignorance, mind clearing it up or are you going to let me call you a racist, and actually are one. I’ve very deductive with my reasoning and it was the only thing that came to mind.
  9. Speaking of Prata, he’s had a nice weekend
  10. Pump the brakes there homie. Brooks and Shak are unproven this year, as of now. If they run the table from now to March then we can say it’s Murderous Row.
  11. HokieHWT


    “Ties are the same as losing, except both teams lose.” -HokieHWT, ‘19
  12. Is Degen hurt or is he protecting his seed?
  13. I’m glad this is happening. Now we will see who the real champ is. No more talk of punting/tanking, no more bitching about the transfer portal, whoever can get it done in March would have earned it.
  14. I’ll take: Lovett Sasso Lujan Tanner Hall
  15. I don’t get the couple basketball references I’ve seen recently when it comes to black wrestlers. Is it a subtle racist nod?
  16. I enjoyed Blacksburg weather during the fall and winter, girls wore puffy coats in the early 2000s so it was like unwrapping a Christmas present, only sucked when it turned out to be coal.
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