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  1. Name your RTC, I got a c-note this doesn’t happen.
  2. Next time JD is on the mic, take a shot every time he says “wow”, you’ll pass out before intermission
  3. Agreed. He’s a more mobile Coon.
  4. Didn’t wrestle tonight at Senior Night. Any word?
  5. Pretty sure Iowa does wrestle offs until Big Tens. I remember hearing a story about a wrestle off two days before Big Tens with the guy, Steve Martin, having started all year but had a challenger, I forgot who, that beat him. Martin was devastated and in the corner. Gable gave directions to the team and said the starters were to do something specific. One of the starters then asked Gable “well what should Martin do?!” And everyone lost it.
  6. You are all going to look like jerks if he is really banged up. What if it’s a hamstring tear, or ACL tear? Will you apologize?
  7. Hence why I made the bet and how I will pay it. He plays checkers, I play chess
  8. I lost a $200 bet last summer to him and he won’t give me his name and address to send the check...
  9. He putting in OT to pay off the couple c-notes he owes to other RTCs. He’ll be with you in a few days.
  10. I don’t think private states have team dual tournaments. I only follow The Hill School and am basing my information off their schedule. i know right before they became a household name, Bethlehem Catholic was private and it made a lot of news articles when they were public because of the recruiting.
  11. PA does have different pubic and private school division. The private school teams wrestle in it to qualify for National Preps. I think private schools can choose which to participate in.
  12. Did we ever figure out why Jimmy wanted to throw money away tonight?
  13. I turned it on but it’s Pitt-UVA....
  14. I’m not sure of the end game here. WI has no change of winning this tonight, especially with the news at HWT. How would Jimmy benefit from sending money to other RTCs. I’m stumped.
  15. But if you medical FFT you’re allowed to stay and keep your status.
  16. Good they may now turn around this losing streak.
  17. Sorry I didn’t start wrestling until 1996 as a high school freshman. He’s was a stud for sure!
  18. I don't know who Mike Sheets is and had forgotten about Ruth, don't even know where he goes to school, so maybe?
  19. I mean he has the most Cowboy name on the team so...
  20. What if he’s done for the year? Does that lessen Iowa’s chances?
  21. “Prediction?” ”yes prediction...” ”pain!!!” -Clubber Lang
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