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  1. Maybe he prefers a great education over nice weather and girls wearing booty shorts all the time?
  2. Well he is Mormon so he could be. Or is that Scientology? I get those South Park episodes confused sometimes.
  3. This is true. What is also true is that PSU can tell every single recruit they will be guaranteed to be PAID to wrestle for the RTC upon graduation. I don’t care I like RTCs and donate annually to VTs but don’t act like there aren’t promises made during a prospects junior year of high school.
  4. I’m going to take a few Hokies in the quarters. 133-Collin will Dec Tucker 184- Bolen will Dec Lujan
  5. I just hope that when Iowa wins, people on here don’t say PSU tanked on purpose like they did when tOSU won. tOSU would have won that year anyway just like Iowa is going to win this year, even if PSU has all their best out there.
  6. Backup, injury, back up, injury, 1,1, injury, 1?
  7. “It’s unfair our boys were there first, they should start!!”
  8. https://dailyiowan.com/2019/12/03/four-time-all-american-brandon-sorensen-diagnosed-with-leukemia/
  9. Is it because of T&T or going with Lee every day?
  10. Didn’t we settle this last year? Only if you wrestle before and after a tough opponent it’s a duck.
  11. The best dual team may not place in the top 4....
  12. Gary Barton demonstrated how to get out from a leg rider when I attended my first wrestling camp at Clarion in the late 90s. He had me put a leg in, he sat to his hip then drove his pointy elbow into the center of my inner thigh. He picked me because I was the biggest kid in camp. Still makes me cringe thinking about that type of pain.
  13. Beating two returning all Americans isn’t a statement? Believe it was PSUs first or second dual of the year...
  14. Johnny Thompson got pinned by Freshman Daniel Frishkorn in wrestle offs.
  15. They are the same age but no church mission for Mark.
  16. I was not in favor of them losing a year but I understand why it was done. All redshirted, all got a lot of scholarship money, all left. All were given the opportunity to wrestle for Dresser for a year then leave free and clear. VT was looking for a ROI. Remember VT was considering dropping wrestling after Brands left. It was close but Dresser convinces them they could become winners.
  17. Let the kids transfer at will. People change jobs all the time with some having a non-compete but a lawyer can get rid of that.
  18. Is it like AC Slater when he turned down Iowa to go to Cal State fakeville and was getting smashed in practice
  19. I’m not surprised either, the can’t believe it was for 2009 being 10 years ago
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