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  1. I’m not surprised either, the can’t believe it was for 2009 being 10 years ago
  2. Is this guy the best to never wrestle a match? He’s always hyped yet I can’t remember a quality win for him.
  3. Themat tighten up? I think getting rid of posters who don’t follow the rules and troll should be gone without warning.
  4. Last decade would be 2009, I can’t believe it either
  5. I’ll take this version of Pletcher every time.
  6. Oh I’ll take him for the next three years or whatever he got
  7. And that’s Cassar for the win. He meets someone with more old man strength than him and it’s a snore fest.
  8. Still can’t believe he never medaled. He was pure fear.
  9. Yeah has a lot of mates who would rs for indoor and compete in outdoor, then reverse.
  10. It’s a shame that so many heavyweights are lost to football. I know Easlick beat some guys, Testa from Clarion off the top of my head, that went on to be AAs. I think Miller could have been an AA as well.
  11. I’m glad he only wrestled the year before I arrived. I wrestled him once, at 230AM after a good night out. He gave me 14 points, I lost 29-14.
  12. Case in point: both Doug Easlick and Andrew Miller another heavy for VT wrestled their freshman year while redshirting for football and then played 4 years of straight ball. It was a way to be on scholarship for a year of wrestling then go to football when money opened up.
  13. He doesn’t need to transfer. He never redshirted in wrestling therefore can compete up to 4 years in that sport.
  14. I know VT has dominated the Bass Championships recently. It was a club championship but winners are winners.
  15. Techsideline.com I don’t post there since my beef with Dresser but there is a good balance between knowledge and fandom.
  16. There is no third period in freestyle so he’s golden
  17. My legs wouldn’t even be considered a light weight and I’ve been told, by my former students I looked like Mr Incredible when I was still teaching.
  18. So I’ve reflected on a recent interaction about staying positive. From now on I will only root on the Hokies and keep negative comments about their opponents out of my posts. I’m also going to stay away from traps set by some posters. Who’s with me?!
  19. And if DMF wouldn’t of had an off day they would have won 24-12.
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