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  1. Maybe Brands told him it’s Gilman’s time and to just focus on college for two more years.
  2. I mean you’re not wrong, I don’t see why all the hate
  3. They’d get better competition against Iowa Central, when do they meet?
  4. Dresser, Zalesky, brands X 2 off the top of my head
  5. https://hokiesports.com/news/2019/11/15/hokies-sign-best-ranked-recruiting-class-ever.aspx Catka is a stud and will be the next Walz. He is from where I grew up in PA before my move to VA.
  6. I’ll say this. Robie is a hell of a head coach. He was running the show before Dresser even thought of leaving. Kevin focused on fund raising and recruiting. Kevin is a great coach as well, just in a different way. Remember when he was at Christiansburg he brought in Weber to run things. Same model is being followed as ISU I’d bet. Frayer, Brewer and Walz are top notch assistants and I hope we don’t lose them anytime soon but someone will call on Frayer within the next two years.
  7. Appreciate it. I have it on DVR due to. “Gender Reveal”. I may have sucked in college but I follow the sport pretty closely and can gauge wrestlers. Remember, I picked Lewis as a NC last September after he won worlds.
  8. VT wins a squeaker 19-18. No analysis just a dream I had last night from when they beat them on criteria at home a few years ago.
  9. Or you could, you know, get a job....
  10. From the Retherford World Championship bet. I have neither, I'm old.
  11. At 5 points I would hope. I lost to him owe him $200 but he won’t give me his name and address to send a check.
  12. I’ve said over and over that Bo was over rated and only won due to weak weight classes. He is a stud and I’m proud he represented the USA the way he did. Not a PSU fan but I’m an America fan, so great job kid!
  13. Football and basketball players do it all the time. Pick an easy major and you’re golden. You can get D- s in your core classes and balance it with As in classes such as The Creative Process, philosophy, and Drug Education.
  14. I'd buy a Mark Hall bobble-head but the production costs would be astronomical
  15. What I don't understand is a lot of guys have fun and absolutely awful. I had a few teammates, including myself, that had too much fun and we were terrible.
  16. Someone that focuses on academics, what a weirdo
  17. Agreed. I like Conel a LOT, I love his style, but I'd be more of a fan if was at Kent State than PSU. I like an underdog story.
  18. 197- I'm still not sold on Conel. One good tournament does not make an automatic AA. If I remember correctly Zach Epperly took 3rd his RSO year and then DNP his RJR year then called it quits.
  19. Well I'm 6'3" 365, but Pletcher makes it look better
  20. nvm. I saw it under tOSU 149 now.
  21. ISU will be National Champs in no less than 5 years.
  22. I’d love to see VT but I only see Myers(7/8), Moore (7/8), McFadden (3/4), and Bolen (3/5) making a run. If Bolen gets hot I think he’s a finalist.
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