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  1. Crazy to see CSB, VMI, and Slippery Rock with AAs.
  2. That was two years ago when snyder was keeping his weight in check, you give Kyle a year in the weight room, eating and bulking, he medals.
  3. I'd bet decent money Snyder could medal at 125.
  4. Virginia Tech T&F started their trend back when I was an undergrad where they would recruit the best throwers, both male and female, from around the world. Virginia Techs first National Champion, in anything, was a hammer thrower from Greece. Lots of AAs came from other countries in the field events, other events, not so much. I know it’s different but they are on scholarship in the US, competing for their home countries in the World Championships and Olympics.
  5. Cassar wins again with his old man strength
  6. I wrestled Hand, Lesnar, and Mocco. Lesnar beat my ass the worst. I had nothing for him. I could get to the legs of Hand and Mocco, Lesnar would just side step and I’d miss completely. Now all three were in a practice situation, and Lesnar was when I was my youngest, but all I kept thinking was wow, this guy is amazing.
  7. My $200 versus him leaving the forums if Retherford won Worlds.
  8. Hey man, you won fair and square. Please post your name and address and the $200 check will be sent out Monday.
  9. This is great, thank you for all your hard work!
  10. Scott pinning Slaton in 20 secs was pretty dominating, so much that Slaton, only a sophomore, was never heard from again if I recall correctly.
  11. Thanks man! With the NFL money there are a lot more options now for treatment. Luckily my insurance is covering my current treatments.
  12. If Zain wins the title will you leave these boards?
  13. This. I’m going through some early on-set dementia from all the concussions I had in football and wrestling. Working with a neurologist in Baltimore who specializes in CTE at Hopkins.
  14. I thought YD would have gotten it done. However, I will not root against Zain because of posters on this board. He wrestles for the USA now and this is America damn it!
  15. tOSU would have won the title anyway that year. Don't act like they only won because Cael let them. They would have won, Cael knew it and decided to look at the future.
  16. Yes, those three are MUCH better wrestlers than Taylor. How many Olympic medals does he have?
  17. I’ve pissed for football players as an undergrad. Since I was a big heavyweight I just went in and took the test acting like I was them. I didn’t do any drugs or PEDs so I was a safe bet. The old cut plastic bottle with a duck taped bottom and baggy sweatpants worked wonders for a lot of the players too.
  18. HokieHWT


    Looking back, I still can't wrap my head around him not placing his freshman year. What changed? Went from DNP to runner-up, 3rd, runner-up.
  19. Henson, Brands, Angle....ok i can't think of any more.
  20. Metcalf, Hahn...Jesus I could think of so many more.
  21. Askren, Smith, Mocco, Konrad, Gwiazdowski, Wright, Oliver, Varner, Herbert...
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