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  1. Been doing Christmas at my mom’s house, but read through this thread. I can’t find any link to brackets/results, any help? Also, has Lee won all his matches by TF like I predicted?
  2. They lost to Ohio U tonight, I forgot Ohio had a team.
  3. Didn’t you just tell everyone to proofread? I knew you were a clown.
  4. My money is on someone ducking in that trio before Big10s
  5. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/December/20/MFS-Senior-Nationals-seeds
  6. He grew enough to overpower the 1st seed and stick him.
  7. He may not have tech’d a senior level athlete but he did pin the 1st seed last time they wrestled.
  8. You got me. You know how us Hokies love Iowa.
  9. Based on the field, Lee TFs his way through 57
  10. Dont forget stand on your head for 10 seconds, that’s good for another .1, yes we tested out this one too in college.
  11. So I did a little test the past two mornings, yesterday sweatshirt correctly then today inside out, same shirt, washed of course, same workout 45 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes of heavy bag. I weighed both sweatshirts each day and the inside out one was .2 lbs heavier with sweat. conclusion: wearing a sweatshirt inside out keeps more heat in and you get a better warm up.
  12. I didn’t realize that, which means they need the money.
  13. When I hit the heavy bag in the basement I tuck in my sweatshirt into my sweatpants and my sweatpants into my socks. The correct answer to why I do this is to keep the heat in. Sometimes I still duck tape my wrists to hold all the heat in, usually when I’m trying to detox from the night before.
  14. Now that I live in Maryland I’d go Hopkins and Towson but I’d also do a few high schools in Baltimore.
  15. We had guys try out for the team just to get out of the ROTC stuff. Practice and study hall beat whatever they were suppose to be doing.
  16. Yes I know. It was a joke. I was full academic scholarship but still had the same college transitions course as athletic scholarship students.
  17. Be like the rest of the students and have your parents pay for it or take out loans. If Fix wins a medal in 2020, then has a great international career he won’t need a degree to make a living as a college or RTC coach.
  18. Interesting point. Is this a way around the 9.9 scholarships?
  19. Redshirts get scholarship money.
  20. You can get a degree anytime from anywhere, doesn’t have to be OSU while still competing in folk style.
  21. If he makes the 2020 team and medals I say he’s done.
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