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  1. The Mark Hall one had to be delivered to my door step as it didn’t fit in the mail box.
  2. Think of all the three timers. Now try and remember who won the year they didn’t.
  3. Not really. True freshman loses to 6th year senior.
  4. Not sure I understand this, is it the two toughest ever? that would be Scott Justus (SEAL) and Devin Carter (complete hamstring tear to NCAA finals in the same year)
  5. It’s funny that to actually see how strong a team is overall is to have a dual meet. Tournaments only tell you who has the most individuals that excel.
  6. I cried when he beat Haught. Jared has beaten him 2 or 3 ties that year alone.
  7. I’d like to see Seth win a title then get kicked for Kerk then transfer then win more titles against Kerk. we will call it the “Bubba Effect”
  8. Couple of Hokies Walz- underestimated Haught- underestimated Penny- underestimated Dance- Overestimated ZZ- Overestimated
  9. And you’ve just killed the thread. I’m sure what you do is great but I don’t follow rankings/seeding I don’t believe in them.
  10. I don’t think you overrated him you appropriately rate Conel as a one hit wonder with injury issues. Beard is still the better choice this year.
  11. I’ve never heard that term eating. Like is he physically in the room with a big bowl of sausage and peppers or is a breakfast for dinner kind of guy?
  12. Ok I don’t want to work hard for good money. I maybe put in 2-3 hours of effort a week.
  13. I’ll get most of it back after write offs for work, travel, kids, day care, mortgage, losing lottery tickets, etc
  14. Lol I know when I’m defeated, I MFF’d out like Lee
  15. You know when I HEW? When Wes Hand beat me to death “drilling” after having spent the summer bouncing at a strip club rather than training.
  16. Ain’t no one making any real money in the boonies. I’d love nothing more than to be back in Blacksburg, out on the New River on my boat, in the mountains with my bow. Problem is I’d make 60k less a year.
  17. I like that we can rib each other. I will agree with you I believe we have a live one here. Elevator doesn’t work often and when it does never reaches the top floor. crazy knows crazy and what we have here is a whole lot of crazy.
  18. Now I would pay good money to watch his mom kick Tbars ass
  19. While I agree, are you Spencer’s mom or aunt?
  20. Best wrestling name I ever saw was Dick Thunder
  21. I just emailed Beat the Streets Baltimore, they are even looking for a head wrestling coach but it’d be tough getting there three days a week from 230-6PM working 7AM to 3PM. I work 90 minutes from home and Baltimore is halfish way.
  22. Currently live outside Baltimore. Grew up in Philly. Guess google could have done the trick but was hoping there was some little club that could use singlets.
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