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  1. 39 minutes ago, teach said:

    I would be a little careful generalizing Ed,D programs as often, many, and certain people have them?   Most programs now have programs, even PhD programs, on line. Are there stats that show that most don't require thesis?  I have found the opposite. (maybe they were just good schools?)  Also, does Shaq have an education degree, and a masters in education?  Because most programs require that for an Ed.D?    Anyway, like many things I am sure there are great programs and not so great?  

    I agree and I’m sure there are. I was just stating a common joke told in the field of academia about Doctor of *content area* (DBA, Ed.D, DrPH, Psy.D) degrees. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Lurker said:

    Do you call it that because you lack respect for educators that bust their ass to reach that level.....or just because you're really cool?

    One deals with education, the other deals with medicine.  Apples and oranges, "light" has nothing to do with it.

    I’m not going to explain the joke since you don’t even know that medical doctors are MDs and not PhDs.

    Ed.D- practitioners degree, content focused, often no dissertation/thesis required, many for profit online schools offer these degrees. Shaquille O’Neal has one.

    PhD- Doctor of Philosophy in *enter content area*, rigorous research AND content focused, requires dissertation that adds new and unique findings to the content area

    MD- Medical Doctor

    JD- Lawyer

    BTW my PhD is in Educational Research and Evaluation and my BS and two MS degrees are in education, so it must be just because I’m really cool, clown.

  3. It’s incredible to think about the longevity of Bruce’s career. As a fellow big guy, though not in shape like he was, eventually  those pounds take a toll on the joints and it’s like bubble wrap every time you get up.

    Back in 1999, the summer after my junior year that I dropped to 215, I went to his Heavyweight School. I was 230-235 at the time. After the last session on the second night, Bruce made an announcement to 300 or so heavyweights that each would have a chance to take him down, if they wanted. The whole camp lined up, wrapping around the gym for their turn. I was about 100 guys back but watching intently. Everyone was just getting smashed, not even close to even TOUCHING his leg, let alone taking him down, and he was making it quick, like less than 8-10 second a camper. I was up quicker than I realized and I stepped to the center of the mat, slapped hands, circled and immediately went to my bread and butter, “how low can you go”, John Smith low single. I was in deep, right hand on the back of his ankle and right shoulder on the shin. I know he didn’t expect that because he told me so after resetting my broken nose from him jacking me up and delivering the meanest crossface/pancake in the history of wrestling. That night my eyes turned so black I looked like a “raccoon that ate the trash can as well” according to Brian Keck.

    Definitely the highlight of my wrestling career, in addition to the moment college coaches at the camp gathered my contact information and started telling me about their schools and programs. I had a lot of offers for football and track (shot put) but only started wrestling as an overweight freshman, so I hadn’t thought about wrestling in college until then.

  4. 16 hours ago, AKHUNTER said:

    Hokie.......... you could do it if you made the decision to get it done......... I have faith in you big fella.

    So it’s crazy you say that. I left my job on 1/24 for another one that was to start in  the middle of February.... Well they pulled the funds and I’ve been unemployed ever since. Currently my field is in a hiring freeze as companies and universities try to figure out what they are going to do.

    Lots of stress and depression, which isn’t the best way to lose weight but when I wrote this post a month ago I hadn’t actually been on a scale in a while.

    Stepped on the scale Wednesday and I’m down to 335! I took this as motivation and have been taking morning walks around the neighborhood, coming back and either applying for jobs or doing some consults, eating properly (been getting fresh groceries from a local restaurant), and hitting the heavy bag for 10-3 minute rounds in the afternoon.

    I just ordered a set of bumper plates (2 x 10, 25, 35, 45lbs) and an Olympic bar for the concrete patio under our 2nd story deck to do some cleans, snatches, power shrugs, and push jerks with.

    Now, with my 39th birthday coming up in October, I’m thinking of doing some USA Master’s Division B next year at 130KG.

    If I cant find a local club, thinking of trying to start one at one of the local high school. Of course Team Renegade, out of The Hill School in PA, is only 90 minutes away and has one of the best coaching staffs in the country, in my opinion, so we will see what happens in the fall.

  5. *5 minutes before a call to Happy Valley*

    Gilman- (shuffles feet) “Hey, ummm, uhh, Coach Brands...I, uh, need to ask you something.”

    Brands- “Sure Champ, what is it?”

    Gilman- “well, umm, you know I haven’t been doing so well against Spencer and I could really use some more one-on-one time.”

    Brands- “Let me stop you there son. Don’t worry, I’ll always be in your corner!”

    Gilman- (sobbing) “Thank, thank, thank you sir”

  6. I had just arrived, with my wife, in Houston back in the summer of 2015 to work at Baylor College of Medicine. After a few days acclimating to the city we fell upon a donut store called “Glazed”. I had heard of it on one of the Food Network shows, so we decided to grab a few for later that night. They had all kinds, covered in various cereals, a “Macon Bacon” one covered in maple icing and thick cut bacon bits, and even a cheeseburger stuck between two hot and fresh glazed donuts. 

    I’m not a fancy lad so I ordered half a dozen glazed and we left. Couple hours later I had my first, then my second, then third, then without realizing it I had eaten all six! My wife wasn’t mad she said we can get more another time....

    She didn’t realize how true those words were. Around 330AM I woke up with a taste, a taste for more, a taste for them all!!

    I threw on my flip flops and drove over to the store, luckily they were 24 hours. I ordered a dozen, only 8 made it the 10 minute drive home.

    Around 415AM my wife came out and asked if I was ok. My mouth full I said “ya, got you a donut!” I had eaten the other 11. Full and about to faint and go into a sugar coma I slugged back to bed where I slept the most peaceful sleep in my life.

    We left Houston a few month later, mostly because of the racist, classist, unethical doings of my superiors but I always think it was God’s way to get me to break my addiction.

  7. This reminds me of coaching at the Commonwealth Games, the Virginia Summer Games back in 2006. A couple of my former VT teammates decided to sign up, (note:they will not be named as they are both head high school coaches and teachers). Anyway, they were paired up in the finals of the senior division for freestyle. Before the match one of them went around to ask for pairs of socks from people he knew....

    He steps onto the mat with 8 pairs of socks stuffed into a pair of 24” tube socks running from his crotch down his right leg. The ref couldn’t stop laughing throughout the match as they both went back and forth throwing each other, in a variety of ways for 5. Their wrestling display brought the whole gym over to watch them, and it was amazzziiinnngg!

  8. 6 hours ago, Marcus Cisero said:

    Well there you have it. What's the of relevance of bringing up "women's basketball team has won three national titles" ?? I say bombard the the admins with 100's of emails. That's called exercising our first amendment right which I gladly did yesterday. Jason, I noticed you said you felt "gutted" in the other forum when asked about the decision.  That's how many of us feel when journalists, broadcasters,  announcer's and others in leadership roles in our sport tread so delicately when our sport gets hit like this. It's called job security and that's why guys like you and girlyboy foley over at inter*rap have zero credibility when this happens, at least in my opinion. Everyone willing to admit it knows what would happen if one you guys spoke up against this like so many are doing on twitter. Bottom line, more should have been done to protect this sport years ago but now its too late. I predict more fallout in the very near future. What a damn shame.


    JB has done more for this sport than you and 95% of the wrestling community. How about you shut your mouth over things you have no knowledge of.

  9. I know this is the college board BUT a lot of posters have kids so...here we are.

    David Hoffman, Head Wrestling Coach of The Hill School, former assistant coach at UTC, VT and Bucknell, was/is live streaming on his FB page drills you can do with no more space than the inner starting circle. I don’t know if he will be promoting it through the school or club, Team Renegade, pages but I hope he does. Great way to learn positioning, set ups and short offense.

  10. 1 hour ago, MDogg said:

    If that guy did actually pull a knife on you and you paid him $60k you have an awful lawyer. 

    Both his parents were lawyers and we had no proof he pulled a knife bc all witnesses had been drinking. I was sued for $400K, the maximum allowed in VA AND I was going to be charged with malicious wounding, a felony. Easy choice to make. I still have his bill from the hospital. $78 per Percocet blew my mind.

  11. 17 hours ago, ionel said:

    Disappointed you aren't stocking the Iowa championship t-shirts, russelscout is trying to find more for his friends.  :(

    I got a pack of 5 for $8 at Walmart both T and A styles.

  12. There was a PA stud (multiple championships, Fargo  And Seniors Champ/High AA, Beast/Ironman Winner, nationally p4p top 10) from the early 2000s but I can’t remember his name. He committed to one of the PA schools, Lehigh I think. 

    Anyway he was dating a girl who came from a wealthy family and her parents weren’t a fan and thought he was beneath them. He was given a motorcycle and a bunch of cash to not go because she was going there, so he took their offer and either didn’t enroll or was only enrolled for a short time.

    Heard this from 3 or 4 different PA guys who were on Team PA with him. They also all went to Foxcatcher together growing up, so they knew a lot about each other.

  13. @Old Corps if you need any assistance with the qualitative coding of interview transcripts, doing some inter-rater reliability on a subset, or building a Grounded Theory on the characteristics of mental toughness, I’ll offer my assistance, free of charge as a thank you for your incredible service to this country.

    i believe what could collect could be useful in both the wrestling world as well as academia.

    Feel free me message me if you care to, if not can wait to read your book :)

  14. 2 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    Yeah that’s kinda the point.  You have to start somewhere.  Yes Campbell was able to get Kolat, but the biggest name they were likely going to be able to get was maybe someone like Tony Ramos.  And pretty much all he has over Sentes is better credentials as a competitor (which shouldn’t be that big of a factor IMO).  I think it makes sense that’s they’d choose familiarity with the school/program/wrestlers over that.



    They were able to get Kolat bc no one else wanted him. Look at most of the head coaches in DI. They either have great credentials, lots of regional high school contacts or wrestled for a well known school. 

    Tony Ramos is a recognizable name. They took the easy, and cheaper, way out by hiring in house.

  15. 56 minutes ago, Lunaticfringe said:

    I guarantee you nobody wants to be the next Pat Popolizzio, what was he about a 2x NQ and never even close to AA? Sentes was a decent recruit. Central Michigan was getting good recruits around that time. They got Ben Bennett, 4x AA I believe. They brought in Mike Ottinger, Joey Kielbasa, Zach Horan and Nick Hodgkins in 2011 I believe as all top 50 recruits, some had injuries and other issues as many do not work out. In 08 Central Michigan had the #3 recruiting class in the http://d1collegewrestling.net/Recruiting_Rankings2008.html

    Once again Pop had HC experience. He built a program BEFORE building a dominate program at NC State.

    #3 recruiting class is impressive! I must have overlooked them panning out and their run at a ton of AAs.

  16. 1 hour ago, 1032004 said:

    Has a wrestler ever said they want to be the next Tony Robie?  Seems like Robie’s and Sentes’ wrestling credentials are pretty comparable.

    I’m surprised they did it so quickly but I like the hire.  Shows they will promote from within and hopefully this prevents a lot of guys from transferring.

    Robie had been a head coach before he came to VT. VT had recently won an NCAA team trophy. Not a good comparison. VT Wrestling was already a brand when he took over, Campbell is not.

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