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  1. Talent level, that's how I see it.
  2. Not with six entries, only three of whom are still in it after the quarters. Long doesn't count, he's 30 years old and a two-timer DI AA. People still have the perception of NAIA as DIII status.
  3. They should be giving a reason to ensure teams come, currently Midlands is not.
  4. It will be like watching a post-grad. I'd add him the to PG list.
  5. Don't troll after someone has just passed away. Very insensitive.
  6. I'm saying you never know what happens when both guys are fresh or both are tired. I'd give Dake a hell of a better chance if both were fresh or if both wrestled at an international tournament. Burroughs lost to Marable. Dake>Marable, it's possible.
  7. You're an idiot. 3 hours after 3-4 matches versus coming in fresh? Ever wrestle before, bro? This ain't the podunk state tournament where someone is the clear favorite. You're fighting for every inch the entire time.
  8. Brewer, but only if he gets that tattoo filled in.
  9. Then do it the right way, no reason to degrade college wrestlers because they are in a different division. Watch your mouth too.
  10. What's wrong with D3? Still college wrestling, jerk.
  11. Didn't Joe William have about 6 or 7 titles when he was the same age as Long?
  12. I despise you, so much, but you are okay in my book, for now. Merry Christmas to you too CT.
  13. Who is the better option anyway.
  14. Me. McFadden would eat his lunch as a true freshman.
  15. Doesn't want to wrestle anymore.
  16. Yes he would if there was a wrestle off but there is no one to take it from anymore.
  17. Geez. Tough break. Hope he heals up, I'd like to see him wrestle at least once.
  18. Because Taylor is 8th, Dake is better than Taylor, thus ranking him as such.
  19. Why not HWT for PSU? Wouldn't this be a good time to get him some mat time? What's the point of having him on the team if he isn't going to wrestle?
  20. I am going to disagree Carp, but it's your thing and I'm out of the competition.
  21. Not surprised, personally, but must have been a shock to most.
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