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  1. You're not going to troll me Tiger but you're wrong about Lawson...that is all.
  2. Amazing dual, what a finish...Walz beats Lawson 7/10 times, tonight wasn't one of those times. In my opinion in the review hadn't lasted so long, Lawson wouldn't have caught his breathe. I think Walz has a little bit bigger tank and needs to add another 10 lbs. Giving up 25 pounds, even as a heavy can be, and was, the difference.
  3. If matches were 5 minutes long Haught would be an all-american...
  4. Epperly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have paid $100 to see that stream!!!!! I love BTN2GO :)
  5. The 157 match was like watching a kitten slowly getting kicked to death...should have been PSU bonus points but Law ran out of gas.
  6. I love watching Sal win, but, man, do I hate how he wrestles...he comes out like he's going through crack withdrawl.
  7. And there goes the meet...Joey needs to pay attention to the score!
  8. So far it's choppy and now I have a "You're Watching BTN2go" blue screen...awesome!
  9. "What's your prediction for the fight?" "My prediction?" "Yes, your prediction" "Pain!"
  10. I got a subscription...the replay quality was pretty good from other matches I could watch so hopefully I can use Chrome and cast it to my flat screen, grab a beer and watch the Maroon and Orange take out the Navy and White!
  11. I meant I think that $10 or $15 is worth the money to watch one dual on the computer if the quality is ok....
  12. I want to see the VT/PSU meet tonight but am weiry of the quality of streaming from a "student run stream". I think the $ 10/15 is worth the money but don't want to be frustrated with not being able to watch it. Any reviews of the service? Thanks!
  13. It's about time! I haven't been able to post on the board in almost a year because of some glitch and no one likes to answer their customer support emails....
  14. .......... his last name is "Incognito"- - - - what happened to the anti- bullying technique of f'in up the bully's face??? ................ Seriously? The guy is 6'3", 319 pounds, has been to the Pro Bowl, and benched 225 pounds 29 consecutive times at the NFL Combine seven years ago. Even in the NFL, most of the players would have gotten pounded themselves. Since his NFL career is over he might try for the UFC like that joke Matt Mitrione, get his face kicked in where all that bench pressing counts for nothing.
  15. If you think coaches follow "offical" dates you are naive. That aside, thoughts and prayers to these guys and their families. Having suffered from rhabdomyolysis from severe dehydration while training, I can tell you it is scary when you hear the words "renal failure".
  16. Both my wife and I were college athletes with allergies and now take Allegra (over the counter)with no issues. The shots are expensive and a pain in the butt :D As far as the NCAA comment, a letter from a licensed medical doctor covers any red flags on a random drug test.
  17. Can't find where he wrestled Bubba again...help please!
  18. Why hasn't the "news" been updated since April? How come I can not find the status of any progress (how much has been donated, how many people have donated, how many grant proposals were written, etc.)? Where is your Tax Identification number? Where is my t-shirt? Why do you not come up in the www.cfnj.org seach engine? As a stakeholder (someone who sent a donation thus beginning an association with the foundation, I have a right to know this information. http://uswrestlingfoundation.com/category/news/ www.cfnj.org
  19. Way to ruin a thread by given a correct answer...thanks Fall...thanks.... ;)
  20. Yes and I loved watching Mike wrestle :) I'm interested in finding out who has this tattoo as well. Hopefully someone will enlighten us after they get home from work.
  21. http://www.freakingnews.com/pictures/10 ... -10416.jpg Glad I looked up what a tiger hawk was...glad I don't live in Iowa with those flying around!
  22. Did you really just copy and paste a line straight from Wikipedia and present it as your own? This would be the most common example of a rhetorical question.
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