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  1. I noted the cut in my original post but I don't buy the teammate excuse. I can't remember the last returning NCAA champion who couldn't dominate any true freshman teammate in the same weight class. I'm sure the result wouldn't be the same in February or March, but it is nevertheless surprising that he was five seconds away from losing. I'd say it's the worst wrestle-off result for a redshirt senior national champ against a freshman since Johnny Thompson was pinned by Frishkorn. I'm not suggesting his season is shot, as you mentioned. I'm just saying it was a surprising result. Daniel Frishkorn 2004: Made a name for himself after he pinned two-time national champion Johnny Thompson in the Orange and Black Dual
  2. 340 or so... 1981 Born Lou Banach 2000 Graduated Brock Lesnar Got to go with Big Lou on that one!
  3. http://www.techsideline.com/forums/showthread.php?71494-Message-from-Coach-Dresser&p=352771#post352771 Tomorrow morning former VT All American David Hoffman will be named Assistant Coach at his alma mater, Virginia Tech! We are excited to have David back in Blacksburg. David has been coaching at Bucknell University the past 6 seasons. David and his wife, Lisa are now living in the New River Valley. David is currently working camps in Blacksburg. Just as exciting news.....Coach Nate Yetzer will be announced as the Head Wrestling Coach at Ferrum University in Ferrum, VA. This is brand new Div III Program and this place has a ton of potential!! I want to personally thank Nate and Leah Yetzer for all of their time and effort in helping Virginia Tech rise to the NEXT LEVEL. This is a great opportunity for a young guy and a young family. Hokie Fans need to get out and support Ferrum Wrestling. As a former HS coach for 18 years, I can tell you that I could have pushed many of my athletes in the Ferrum direction. This is exciting news for VA high school wrestling and of course for Nate. Lastly, thanks to all those loyal TSL followers. Please email me at kdresser@vt.edu if you want to get MONTHLY information on Virginia Tech Wrestling. Our July newsletter is just out and it is full of all kinds of MAT information. We currently have over 1000 subscribers and we would love to make that number grow, so feel free to email me and get on board. Respectfully, Kevin Dresser
  4. Neutral-Standing Merckel Top-Merckel Bottom-Granby to a Merckel
  5. I won't comment until the program makes the annoucement...but I am very excited and so are others :) I think recruiting will explode personally, especially from the "best" high school wrestling state in the USA IMHO.
  6. ;) I love it. No one does more than myself...just a few more days I suppose :P
  7. Maybe it has something to do with the Coaching List :) Head Coach: Kevin Dresser Associate Head Coach Tony Robie Assistant Coach: TBA Volunteer Coach: Eric Morrill
  8. Do tell? I bet whoever it is wishes he didn't pretty soon...
  9. Jason can correct me but Mike Akers won by TF over Bryan Lyttle 15-0 in 1:37 his senior year in the state finals, so it is possible I guess.
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