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  1. What if he’s done for the year? Does that lessen Iowa’s chances?
  2. “Prediction?” ”yes prediction...” ”pain!!!” -Clubber Lang
  3. 30? Straight years with an AA. It ended last year I believe. When I was in Cleveland that’s where I planned for the kids to go when they were of age but then I realized I was living in Cleveland, so we moved.
  4. I asked a local pub if they will put it on a TV tonight. With no other big sports tonight they have no problem doing so.
  5. Zach Epperly after going 7, 3, DNP didn’t wrestle his senior year.
  6. Is this organization still running? The website hasn’t been updated in 2+ years and I’ve filled out their “Contact Us” form multiple times. Rudy Ruiz seems to be in charge but no direct email for him exists.
  7. I agree. My memory sucks but wasn’t Molinaro a huge surprise, as in didn’t compete for a while then made the team in 2016?
  8. Gas on the fire: are all three from the AV youth system or were they high school transfers? You know the Preps way to be #1.
  9. Maybe he drown during the Polar Plunge
  10. You’d shatter your hand on that dome
  11. Iowa would still win it this year.
  12. I’m so lost. I could have sworn before Christmas people were saying Shakur was a high AA/NC. Where are these people now?
  13. UNC has him scouted to perfection.
  14. Didn’t Schultz just beat Shakur, the PSU savior of 2020?
  15. Beat the brakes off of David McFadden. I can’t believe he is ranked 17th. 21-6.
  16. Other than my own, I have to go with Tony Ramos, he looks so smug.
  17. If a vegan cross fitter who doesn’t have cable enters a bar, which does he talk about first?
  18. VT/UNC this Friday! Also can’t wait for NCState/VT on Valentine’s Day. I guess date night will have to wait. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/January/23/Friday-night-wrestling-on-ACC-Network
  19. DF is the wrestler you’ll want to try your best to be like. A true champion.
  20. 29th, 28th, 51st, yeah they were blowing the doors off....
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