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  1. I thought YD would have gotten it done. However, I will not root against Zain because of posters on this board. He wrestles for the USA now and this is America damn it!
  2. tOSU would have won the title anyway that year. Don't act like they only won because Cael let them. They would have won, Cael knew it and decided to look at the future.
  3. Yes, those three are MUCH better wrestlers than Taylor. How many Olympic medals does he have?
  4. I’ve pissed for football players as an undergrad. Since I was a big heavyweight I just went in and took the test acting like I was them. I didn’t do any drugs or PEDs so I was a safe bet. The old cut plastic bottle with a duck taped bottom and baggy sweatpants worked wonders for a lot of the players too.
  5. HokieHWT


    Looking back, I still can't wrap my head around him not placing his freshman year. What changed? Went from DNP to runner-up, 3rd, runner-up.
  6. Henson, Brands, Angle....ok i can't think of any more.
  7. Metcalf, Hahn...Jesus I could think of so many more.
  8. Askren, Smith, Mocco, Konrad, Gwiazdowski, Wright, Oliver, Varner, Herbert...
  9. The funny thing is, had Taylor beaten Dake, DT would be considered one of the greatest three timers ever. But since he didn't he's not considered one of the best two timers.
  10. I rooted for Matt Brown up until that point. His entire career I was a fan, then I lost respect for him and PSU. Go Iowa!
  11. Can't believe this hasn't been locked. Hurry and discuss before someone wakes up.
  12. Exactly, same with Nickel. They each were challenged by one guy in their weight, at tops, throughout their 4 years.
  13. Agreed. No one should get to sit until a best of three.
  14. Agreed. At the VT home meet Epperly shot in on a high crotch and was just, well stopped. No sprawl, just a stale mate with Zach’s arms out like a T.
  15. I bet Joseph would like to revisit last years finals.
  16. I’ll take him over all of them to be honest and that’s not a homer pick. He would have AA’d his Freshman year but had a bad tournament.
  17. He’s earned the right to redshirt. This is an individual sport.
  18. A former high school coach in VA recruited quite well at a few different places. Offered housing for out of area and state athletes, got parents jobs in the area. It’s much easier than you think.
  19. I was all-out guy one time. I had missed morning lift due to a make-up exam. An assistant started jawing at me as soon as I walked in the room for our afternoon workout. He wouldn't stop dogging me throughout warm-ups and into drilling. I was getting more and more pissed the more he got on me. I won't repeat what he was saying but it really lit a fire under me that day. It was time to go live and I found another gear and just beat the absolute breaks off my partner, to the point where he was on the verge of tears. After conditioning I sat in the shower on a stool and cried for about five minutes. I realized if that what it takes to win I wouldn't be able to sustain it. Two weeks later I torn my ACL and achilles and was done for good.
  20. Like I did last year I’ll pick the dark horse Hokie to win the title. Mitch Moore
  21. Chishko places twice, 6 & 6 both for VT not Oklahoma State
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