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  1. 8 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

    thats outstanding!  There are also reports of 3D printers being used to produce other things in need too. All hands are on deck as they say!


    8 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

    thats outstanding!  There are also reports of 3D printers being used to produce other things in need too. All hands are on deck as they sa

  2. 2 hours ago, Eagle26 said:

    How could he be the best BY FAR? Cassar made the most of his only chance too. Plus he beat Steveson who will probably go down as one of our best heavyweights in the modern era. 

    A 2 time champ at HWT is one of the best ever? First, he hasn’t done anything but a 3rd place. Plenty of HWTs won 2 titles that I’d put over him.

  3. So everything I’ve been watching I’ve visualized myself in.

    Westworld: what if I would have stuck with engineering?

    Band of Brothers: what if I would have accepted my Naval Academy appointment?

    Sopranos: what if I didn’t move to VA with my aunt and uncle and stuck around my dad and his made and connected friends?

    Oz: what if my Uncle Carl hadn’t let me borrow $60K for the settlement for shattering a guy’s eye socket and having his eye ball fall out because he pulled a knife on me?

    Fury: what if I wasn’t disqualified from the armor division because of my size?

    Dora: what if I got a monkey?

    Blue: what if I went to a shelter and adopted them all?

  4. So my first semester I earned a 1.0 GPA, lost my full academic scholarship and started taking out loans. My sole focus was wrestling, lifting weight and playing Counter Strike all night. I upped the GPA to 2.1 after the spring and summer semesters to remain eligible my sophomore year. I stayed around a 2.0 until my third year when I tore my ACL and couldn’t practice anymore.

    i started going to class, putting in extra work and graduate with a 2.86.

    Because of my high GRE score, and it being in the department I graduated from I got into a Masters Program where I earned a 4.0 for my degree. This allowed me to pursue and earn my doctorate, graduating with a 3.9 (damn longitudinal data analysis and structural equation modeling).

    if I could do it over I never would have decided to wrestle in college. Between the injuries, memory loss and depression caused by head injuries and going into education rather than pursuing my passion for architecture (can’t be an athlete and be an architecture student as a freshman at VT) I regret it every day.

  5. Thinking of more support, when I dropped to 215, from 260 football weight my junior year, my aunt got up every morning at 530AM to cook me my no carb breakfast. She’d fry up bacon, sausage and then make me an omelette, every day before my morning workout. She also bought groceries just for me, lots of meat, cheese, no to low carb stuff. She packed my lunch with lunch meat and a salad with blue cheese dressing, every day. For dinner, no matter what she made for my uncle and her, she always cooked a separate meal for me. Pork chops, steak, Shepard’s pie without the potatoes.

    With her help, and working out 3 times a day (morning lift or run, practice, evening run/sprints), I dropped 45 lbs in 5 weeks. Now I could cut off my leg and still gain weight....

  6. My aunt and uncle raised me and came to every single event, football, wrestling, track. They would take off on Friday’s and go to tournaments for the weekend to support me. Always brought a cooler full of food for the team to share as well.

    When it came to cheering though, nothing more than a clap as I stepped on the mat, and a clap when the match was over.

    We had some wild parents on our team and they did enough yelling for my family to stay silent.

  7. 8 hours ago, Crotalus said:

    While I'm no Downey fan, I'm not quite here yet. Hall is extremely talented, but is too small for 86. We haven't seen him in freestyle in a while so it is hard to know what to expect. I would not be surprised if Hall won, but wouldn't be surprised the other way, either. Regardless, neither of these guys are close to making the team.

    Hall is extremely strong. He man handled Jordan who was an ox.

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