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  1. Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old just randomly painting a stick.
  2. I qualified for a card in Maryland but never got it because I needed to keep my clearance. Now that I’m away from that I’m going to look back into it. I had a second interview today to oversee research studies on the benefits of marijuana, physically, mentally and economically.
  3. So since I’m switching careers and looking for a new one, which is being held up by the COVID 19 crisis, I’ve been doing commission painting miniature sci-fi and fantasy armies for local players across the Mid-Atlantic. This has been my job, 16-18 hours a day since the beginning of February. Last week my 2 1/2 year old said he “wanted to paint like daddy”. I gave him a figure extra models I had laying around and once he “painted” them I stripped them and primed them once again. Doing this a few times became a pain so I went out and bought thin wooden people, stars, puzzle pieces, large popsicle sticks, feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, set of 15 different paints and pack of cheap brushes. He’s getting better every day and today he was focused on covering the whole object, which is great bc yesterday I kept pointing out spots he missed. Tonight he painted the attached picture. I’m putting it on eBay, listing it for $5 million that I’m going to split between him and first responders. Happy Bidding! Haha...I miss other humans.... :(
  4. NCAA just shut down a GoFundMe set up by Trevor Lawrence (Clemson QB) as he was raising money for those affected by COVID 19. The NCAA doesn’t care about the athletes, especially those that don’t make them $100s of millions of dollars.
  5. 2006 Blood Round Hoffman VT vs Churella UM 8 secondS left, Hoffman down 5-3. 5 seconds left, Hoffman gets the TD 5-5 4 seconds left, Dave hears someone yell “CUT HIM!!!!!”, figures Churella has RT (he does not) 2 seconds left, Hoffman back on the leg 1 second, he goes for the finish..... “TWO TAKEDOWN!!!! TIME!!!!”
  6. I’ve been home since the end of January, right when we got rid of cable. I’ve been watching Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Go. Finished: Attack on Titan Sopranos Oz Band of Brothers (2 1/2 times) The Pacific Saw Series Cube Series Westworld (3 seasons) Ton of movies (check out Would You Rather on Netflix) Most recently I’ve been spending time with my 2 1/2 year old, reading books, doing crafts, playing with kinetic sand, giving him ice cream as my wife yells at me, and working on potty training as he now yells “I’M POOPIN’” at the top of his lungs about six times a day.
  7. I’d side with the Aussie. They ride into every battle on Emus and let them do the fighting
  8. Think I saw 338 won 38 medals in Rio.
  9. Seems like if they don’t postpone, Canada is out. Who else will follow?
  10. All this “you need a west coast guy for a west coast school” talk is garbage. Where is Cael from, where did he go to school, and where does he coach.
  11. My opinion is double unders. They always you to attack either side where as double overs make it difficult to do much other than throw or inside trip or far side ankle pick. Unders allow you to drop your hands quickly for an ankle pick, throw by, high crotch, head throw, snap down, etc. ive always referee to a crackdown and a finish to either a hi c or sweep. Scooting you’re lower body and circling an opponent down to his or her hip.
  12. https://www.craftpassion.com/face-mask-sewing-pattern/ she has been using this link because it had 3 different sizes. She’s using cotton or cotton/poly blend. good luck Pamela!
  13. He wouldn’t get the chance as he was/will lose to Bolen in the semis
  14. Also 3D printing is great! Except when you print a life saving valve for $1 and get sued by the company that is selling them for $11,000....
  15. Thanks all! She started the masks last week and hasn’t slept more than 3-4 hours the past few weeks but she said she’s use to it as we have a 2 1/2 year old and a 10 month old. She’s a civilian XO for the Army Public Health Center and has to do her normal duties, along with overseeing a ton of new logistics due to COVID 19. I’m handling the kids, housework, cooking and doing some consulting and commission painting as I look for a full time job. Next few weeks could go either away across this country so, everyone, be smart and be safe.
  16. My wife works for the DoD. She’s been putting in 12-14 hours days all week, from home. She’s also made 1200 fabric masks for our local hospital. There is a call for anyone that can sew to get the pattern and start ASAP.
  17. A 2 time champ at HWT is one of the best ever? First, he hasn’t done anything but a 3rd place. Plenty of HWTs won 2 titles that I’d put over him.
  18. Dave Hoffman. Multiple time R12, fought injuries his whole career. Beat multiple AAs throughout his career. Hadn’t wrestled competitively in years then qualified for the OTT in 2008.
  19. So everything I’ve been watching I’ve visualized myself in. Westworld: what if I would have stuck with engineering? Band of Brothers: what if I would have accepted my Naval Academy appointment? Sopranos: what if I didn’t move to VA with my aunt and uncle and stuck around my dad and his made and connected friends? Oz: what if my Uncle Carl hadn’t let me borrow $60K for the settlement for shattering a guy’s eye socket and having his eye ball fall out because he pulled a knife on me? Fury: what if I wasn’t disqualified from the armor division because of my size? Dora: what if I got a monkey? Blue: what if I went to a shelter and adopted them all?
  20. So my first semester I earned a 1.0 GPA, lost my full academic scholarship and started taking out loans. My sole focus was wrestling, lifting weight and playing Counter Strike all night. I upped the GPA to 2.1 after the spring and summer semesters to remain eligible my sophomore year. I stayed around a 2.0 until my third year when I tore my ACL and couldn’t practice anymore. i started going to class, putting in extra work and graduate with a 2.86. Because of my high GRE score, and it being in the department I graduated from I got into a Masters Program where I earned a 4.0 for my degree. This allowed me to pursue and earn my doctorate, graduating with a 3.9 (damn longitudinal data analysis and structural equation modeling). if I could do it over I never would have decided to wrestle in college. Between the injuries, memory loss and depression caused by head injuries and going into education rather than pursuing my passion for architecture (can’t be an athlete and be an architecture student as a freshman at VT) I regret it every day.
  21. If not for a headgear pull, he’d only be a 2x finalist.
  22. The Target pharmacists today told an 80 man to go get Everclear or Moonshine since they were out of rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. Grab some before the liquor stores shutdown and have a hygiene party.
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