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  1. You’d shatter your hand on that dome
  2. Iowa would still win it this year.
  3. I’m so lost. I could have sworn before Christmas people were saying Shakur was a high AA/NC. Where are these people now?
  4. UNC has him scouted to perfection.
  5. Didn’t Schultz just beat Shakur, the PSU savior of 2020?
  6. Beat the brakes off of David McFadden. I can’t believe he is ranked 17th. 21-6.
  7. Other than my own, I have to go with Tony Ramos, he looks so smug.
  8. If a vegan cross fitter who doesn’t have cable enters a bar, which does he talk about first?
  9. VT/UNC this Friday! Also can’t wait for NCState/VT on Valentine’s Day. I guess date night will have to wait. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/January/23/Friday-night-wrestling-on-ACC-Network
  10. DF is the wrestler you’ll want to try your best to be like. A true champion.
  11. 29th, 28th, 51st, yeah they were blowing the doors off....
  12. There is something you didn’t hear often in the past, I like it!
  13. Guys wrestling 184 should be over 200 lbs naturally. We had a 189 lber cut to 157 and 215s wrestling 174-184.
  14. No it was VT, until Mourlam started there In 99 the head soccer coach was also the head wrestling coach. The pay was so bad for Mourlam he had side jobs to offset an income of like 40K a year.
  15. If it’s MMA then Jim Miller by a long shot. He got beaten so bad in the room he quit and went back home to fight full time I heard.
  16. I’ve been a VT fan since the wrestling coach was also the soccer coach, beat that.
  17. Hey man I’ve been a VT fan since 1993, and athlete from 2000-2005, been through ups and downs, don’t take it so serious.
  18. Maryland is garbage, MSU is less garbage
  19. Yes it’s possible but you have to be accepted to a school based on your academics. I believe you’ll also have to take some English as a second language courses to qualify for admission.
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