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  1. I’ll get most of it back after write offs for work, travel, kids, day care, mortgage, losing lottery tickets, etc
  2. Lol I know when I’m defeated, I MFF’d out like Lee
  3. You know when I HEW? When Wes Hand beat me to death “drilling” after having spent the summer bouncing at a strip club rather than training.
  4. Ain’t no one making any real money in the boonies. I’d love nothing more than to be back in Blacksburg, out on the New River on my boat, in the mountains with my bow. Problem is I’d make 60k less a year.
  5. I like that we can rib each other. I will agree with you I believe we have a live one here. Elevator doesn’t work often and when it does never reaches the top floor. crazy knows crazy and what we have here is a whole lot of crazy.
  6. Now I would pay good money to watch his mom kick Tbars ass
  7. While I agree, are you Spencer’s mom or aunt?
  8. Best wrestling name I ever saw was Dick Thunder
  9. I just emailed Beat the Streets Baltimore, they are even looking for a head wrestling coach but it’d be tough getting there three days a week from 230-6PM working 7AM to 3PM. I work 90 minutes from home and Baltimore is halfish way.
  10. Currently live outside Baltimore. Grew up in Philly. Guess google could have done the trick but was hoping there was some little club that could use singlets.
  11. I was thinking them. Is there a city that could use a boost?
  12. A few weeks back there was talk about what to do if you won the lottery, which programs would you start up, etc. Well last night after the gun fire I went to WaWa for some tea and Copenhagen. About 3 hours before my wife and I wrote our New Year’s Resolutions. One of mine was giving up scratch tickets. On my way to the store I remembered I had a $20 winner in the glovebox and figured I’d cash it in and buy one more and call it quits. Well I won $20,200 ($13500 after taxes). I want to give back to the community a little, maybe $500-1000, rest goes to the foundlings college funds. Where would it do the most good? Anyone know any inner city programs or youth clubs that need some help?
  13. If I wasn’t married with kids I’d be throwing gasoline cans into bonfires. I live in the suburbs, you’d think someone would call the cops but everyone just ignores it because it’s New Years. Happens on 4th of July too.
  14. I don’t hate any of you as much as I hate my gun shooting neighbors waking up my infant just now.
  15. I said it with SLee and I’ll say it again. Wrestling is an individual sport and these guys don’t owe the fans a thing. Football is paying their scholarships not some 50 fan upset that he only gets to watch 3 good days of wrestling a year.
  16. At least we won’t see any ducks since there is no one worth ducking
  17. Imagine if LSU only played I-AA teams until the SEC championship. Now I’m not saying the Wilkes open is as bad as JMU football but it’s close.
  18. So we know he’s having surgery?
  19. Lee doesn’t owe wrestling or any wrestling fan a thing. This is an individual sport and no one wrestles for the fans.
  20. I’ll take McFadden to win it all.
  21. I need to publicly apologize for some comments I made this weekend. I was out of line and took the ribbing much too far. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  22. Ohhhhh, you don’t bother me as much as you use to. Wager? $10 donation to Mission 22, and you can pick your charity as well. https://www.mission22.com/
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