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  1. Who is Zemua Baptista? He wrestles for Nebraska
  2. I thought Hall said he would never wrestle 74 kg again
  3. Ive been sitting in a suite the last several years. The front row of the suites in Cleveland there wasn’t enough leg room. (And I’m not a long legged guy). The amount of bars/restaurants close to the arena in Cleveland was a plus. My vote would have to go to St Louis between the two
  4. It depends on your school district/state when you can start kindergarten. Where my kids started school you had to be 5 before September 1. Both of my kids turned 6 within the first month of starting kindergarten.
  5. This year will be 12 years for me. I’ve been to the D2 championship around 6 or 7 times
  6. dtl38


    Agree. They get there fair amount of crap on here but I think they do what they think is right to try and grow the sport.
  7. I agree. Of course some of these guys are legitimately hurt, there has to be a way to use these MFF as a way to hurt the seeds at Nationals
  8. Thanks superbowlhomeboy. I laughed the whole time I read through that
  9. I agree he needs to not wrestle so many matches year round. His NCAA season should have been more limited than it has been/ or don’t go to Yargin. Although I think he still will win NCAA’s
  10. Except for the fact that you can weigh less than 197 to wrestle 285
  11. When has Snyder ever wrestled a Snooze fest? Were you snoozing when he beat Sadulaev? Exactly Snyder always gets after it
  12. It’s tough to cheer for BoJo. At CKLV he had to wrestle after Zahid got the big lead. If it’s a close match he does nothing. It’s almost frustrating to watch him wrestle
  13. Wow no wonder he’s such a good wrestler. Kindergarten was the toughest 17 years of his life.
  14. I wonder if he wouldn’t have repeated his freshman year if he wouldn’t of won it last year
  15. He gave up. He was pinned. I’m not a Hawkeye fan
  16. I looked the other day and Kris Williams is on the roster. Actually I was wondering myself.
  17. I’m not an OkSt fan but I’ve always respected Coach Smith. Nothing has changed with this interview, but I agree he looked disappointed with his teams performance.
  18. According to Nebraska’s twitter Renteria got a pin today
  19. So you are implying that Nolf can be compared to Lee Kemp?
  20. I 100% agree with this statement
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