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  1. Sgallan and superbowlhomeboy, thank you for the explanation. Do you think that is how they will call it at Worlds?
  2. It looked like he went the other way with the arm trapped.
  3. I just saw the replay on twitter of the gut Dake hit on Valencia. Why did they not score the next two guts he hit?
  4. We were attending the Dan Gable Classic in 1999. The USA was wrestling Iran. There was a large contingency of Iranian media, presa, and fans. The Iranian press saw Dan Gable at the end of the gym. A crowd of about 50 Iranians gathered around Gable. We went down to check out the action. We walked down with an older gentleman who we were sitting by. The older gentleman was Doug Blubaugh. As we stood with Doug watching the Iranian reporters interview/mob Gable. One of the reporters, probably about 30 years old, caught a glimpse of Doug Blubaugh out pf his peripheral vision. The Iranian reporter turned and said, "Blubaugh?" At that point every Iranian's ears perked up and turned to Doug. Doug nodded yes. The Gable interview/mob was over. They were so excited to see, meat, speak to the man that defeated their legend. The magnitude of their knowledge and appreciation for the sport and man was incredible. I will never forget this.
  5. Clemsen should be considered for the Edinboro job.
  6. Title IX does play a part in cuts to wrestling programs. But what we are seeing now is the economic crunch of college athletics. If we focus on the scholarship numbers we are fooling ourselves. The primary dollar amount costs are in running these programs. Eastern Michigan is cutting 5 sports (swimming and diving are two different sports) because of the economic crisis in higher education. In order to prevent our sport from being dropped we must support our local program. Whether we are able to attend every meet or not, we need to be buying season tickets. We need to be making donations. This is how the revenue generating sports stay in business. Very few athletic departments operate in the black, but we cannot be one of the non-revenue sports that is viewed as operating deeply in the red.
  7. According to the site, tickets are for the entire event. I can only attend Saturday due to another wrestling event on Sunday. Will there be any way to purchase Saturday only tickets?
  8. How is Suriano's health? I need to pick a 4 seed for my pool. Insider information appreciated.
  9. Who gets this spot? Hildebrandt from Central Michigan or Baughman from Cornell.
  10. Motown98


    does the mac have a true 2nd
  11. Dual meets being regularly televised in tthe Bog 10 Network and regional Fox Sports are also drawing people in to the point where ESPN had a prime time dual on Sunday night. The NCAA Tournament is amazing but dual meets will save our sport. Casual fans can follow a team and then get hooked.
  12. Who won at 125? Twitter and track had opposite results and not even the same wrestler for Mizzou. Mizzou's twitter feed had McGee and track has Assad.
  13. HELP. I have purchased the live feed. How do you watch the matches? I am on the dashboard and can only view previous matches?
  14. Your example of Palacio is what I am looking for.
  15. Who do you think is underseeded? In 2015 Cody Brewer rolled through the bracket as a 13 seed and everyone thought e was underseeded from the start. What are your thoughts this year?
  16. The Iranian fans travel very well. Many years ago (1999) at the Dan Gable Classic, it seemed like half of the fans at the dual were from Iran. Several members of the Iranian media were conducting an interview with Dan Gable when one of the reporters thought he recognized an older gentleman in the crowd. The reporter stopped mid-interview with Dan Gable and asked the gentleman if he was Doug Blubaugh. The older gentleman replied that he was Doug Blubaugh. The Iranian reporters became almost giddy as they started asking Doug questions. Doug Blubaugh had defeated the Iranian wrestling legend, Emam-Ali Habibi in the 1960 Olympics. Their knowledge and sense of history were amazing.
  17. Great match. Proper review protocol at the end.
  18. Wanted a more favorable semifinal opponent.
  19. Maybe UZB does not have the $$$$ but Russia does.
  20. Where was the referee (old man, white hair) from? The female official was the only one who had the integrity to do what was right. She kept raising the blue 2 point paddle to no avail.
  21. Folkstyle doesn't seem to be hindering Gomez or Novatchkov
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