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  1. Any live or video links for the Women's World Cup in Japan this weekend? How about a blog? Not much on the FILA site besides a basic info sheet. And the Japanese site they reference is not correct.
  2. How about the Women's World Cup in Japan? Any live or video links for that?
  3. Syracuse... the historical factor with Gene Mills and 96 Olympian Jason Gleasman... and PA so close to combine with upstate wrestlers.. win, win baby. And look at the success Bohiem has had recruiting kids from California to play Bball there.. wrestling could do the same. There are a lot of wrestling fans in Section III, IV and V who would drive 60-90 mins for home meets.. image wrestling in the Carrier Dome?? in front of 30000 fans.. Ok, so maybe 30k is wild dream... but home meets could average 2-3k I bet.
  4. As 99% of your posts NJWC you are just trying to rile people up. Not once did I say a female competes with a male. Female vs. female in any sport compared against male vs. male is going to be different - basketball, tennis, soccer, wrestling - whatever. Any sport, female or male, can be fun to watch as long as the competitors are competitive. And female wrestling is rapidly evolving to that.. compared to 10 years ago, most National events are fairly competitive. But just like Burroughs dominates everybody nationally - where it's not even close - there are a few women who can do the same. Now locally it's a different.. a girl like my daughter can go thru a local tournament and pin all 4 girls in a combined 2 mins. So she has to wrestle boys - to get competition. Granted, she gets her butt handed to her on most occasions.. but she scores a win here or there.. and it makes her better to handle the better girls at national level events. Boys are stronger, faster and more willing to take chances.. and when she wrestles the state champion boy on her high school team who is within a few lbs of her.. she knows.. even if she makes it to her Olympic dream, she won't face a tougher wrestler. So you stop NJWC.. congrats on a being a Div 1 wrestler... but enjoy the girls for what they can do against other girls. It's different.. doesn't make it better or worst.. can't compare an orange against an apple to which is better.. but you have all the right to say which one you like better. No PC here.
  5. As the father of a female high school I say most definitely there should be NCAA D1 Women's wrestling. It would help to grow the sport even faster. There are literally tens of thousands of girls who would immediately start wrestling at the middle school and high school levels just because High School coaches would no longer be able to deny HS girls the opportunity to wrestle. Just like anything else in life, there are people who want to deny people opportunity. And it is the HS coaches who want to have nothing to do with girls wrestling that are limiting more girls from wrestling. There are good coaches out there who support girls wrestling. But for every 1 club/middle school/high school coach who supports girls wrestling... there are 10 coaches who won't or deny or bash or even forbid girls wrestling. That's wrong! They need to grow up! Yes, even the old timers - the well respected coaches - the state champions - the state chairmen.. GROW UP! As a lifelong fan of wrestling - mostly American folkstyle wrestling - I do worry about how it will affect our D1 Men's programs. However, I worry about a lot of things that might have a negative affect on those programs. What I've come to realize is that there are more positive and potential positives to the men's programs then negatives. With a women's program there is a less likely chance to cut a men's program, there are opportunities for more coaches, there are more $$ for training facilities, there are more revenue opportunities (duals would include both a men's and women's dual, therefore bringing in more attendance). Is the quality the same as men's wrestling? Who is to say.. it's different. All women's sports are different. Doesn't make it better or worst, just make's it different. That's what sports are about... every single sport has a difference in the men's and women's side. Are women's sport ever going to be as popular as men's sports - beside gymnastics, ice skating and maybe tennis, all women's generate less interest TODAY then their men's counterpart. But who is to say that will be the same TOMORROW?? The world is changing. But the real piece of non-sense in some of the comments (besides the mud junk) above are about the efforts of training of the women wrestlers. If you haven't seen some of the top girls train, then you have never seen a top boy train. They train the same... and when you think about the physical differences.. especially how the amount of testosterone makes training, recovery and the ability to gain muscle and strength so much easier... the girls are actually working harder in a lot of cases. A boy can learn to do 10 pushups after 4-5 sessions of pushups in a week, maybe 2.. it might take a girl 40-50 sessions over 3-4 months to do that.. think about that. The only thing a girl might have over a boy naturally is flexibility. So yes.. even after having all kinds of fear watching my daughter chose the hardest sport on earth.. get beat up by all kinds of boys.. I've come to enjoy a different type of wrestling... from a different kind of athlete.. Folkstyle is different then freestyle which is different then Greco-Roman which is different then Beach wrestling which is different then Sumo wrestling which is different then Women's wrestling. Appreciate all that this sport has to offer.
  6. Plus one. The champions of D2 and D3 would make the tourney even better. Plus 2, 3, 4... 1 million... definitely miss the best wrestlers coming up and taking on D1!
  7. No offense to Cam.. but I'm hoping tOSU stays with Paddock. He deserves it.. with all that he and his family has been though the last year. He is a hard worker & leader.. hopes he can bulk a little and make a run at AA or even the podium.
  8. Try here: http://www.themat.com/usawrestling.org/nationalteams.php?page=display&ArticleID=1 links on the right have applications to train at the OTC... and additional info on the RTCs..
  9. So there will be a "Selection Sunday" like there is for NCAA Basketball? that could bring some more press.. waiting to see who is selected.. and who is left out. Every sport needs a shakeup now & then.. this will be interesting.. and hopefully revenue generating.
  10. Just flipping though channels and noticed they are replaying the NCAA Championships - 3 hours - right now 7:30-11:30AM EST and again on Friday 1-4 PM. Set your VCRs..
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